📸 OnePlus 7 PRO vs. Xiaomi Mi 9 | Camera Comparison Review!

📸 OnePlus 7 PRO vs. Xiaomi Mi 9 | Camera Comparison Review!

hey everyone its Martin and today we're going to compare the cameras from these two Chinese flagship smartphones the oneplus 7 pro against the Xiaomi me9 who will win let's find out let's get started let me get started with a brief summary for both phones regarding their cameras so the oneplus 7 pro is equipped with three cameras a standard 48 megapixel lens an ultra wide-angle lens at 16 megapixels and a 3 x zoom lens at 18 megapixels and the selfie camera is 16 megapixels the Xiaomi me 9 sports a 48 megapixel camera as well a 16 megapixel wide-angle lens and the zoom lens is 12 megapixels 30 selfies are made at 20 megapixels now please keep in mind that both phones are updated to the latest software available and that all the photos and videos are taken at the exact same time at the exact same location and with the same settings as far as that is possible now if we take a look at the first picture we don't see a lot of differences between the two only if we zoom in at 400% there is something subtle noticeable but it's just really small this picture over here looks at first quite nice but the moment you see the picture taken with the Xiaomi 9 you can see that it has a difference in color temperature as well as the amount of contrast the moment we go to the wide-angle lens you can see that the color temperature for the 1 + 7 Pro is even more colder than the Xiaomi me 9 and if we zoom in at 400% we can see that there's definitely some chromatic aberrations happening at the tree on the left side but it's pretty well minutes on the 1 + 7 Pro well on the show-me midnight there is yeah quite a little bit more noticeable if we take a look at dynamic range you can clearly see that both pictures look very similar but the 1 + 7 Pro wins over here because it can express and show more details in the picture especially if you look at the lower side of the picture on the Xiaomi me 9 it looks a little bit washed but the moment we zoom in twice with a telephoto lens the images looks very similar the difference however comes when you take a good look at 400 at the menu card because you can see that on the Xiaomi 9 you can easily read it well on the 1 + 7 Pro it looks a little bit that's the same with a card at the rear of the image that issue is mainly under one plus seven Pro because it has some focus issues which I already mentioned in my one plus seven Pro review linked here in the top right corner because first of all it's not focusing on the gloss then it's not focusing on the beard gloss it's focusing at a very strange point at the sugar or salt it is doing a really good job with backlight as you can see over here it all looks pretty sharp it's in focus it just looks pretty good and if you compare to the Xiaomi 9 it's picture it has a lot of lens flare it misses some contrast and sharpening and it just doesn't look as appealing to the eye as with the previous image with a 1 + 7 Pro now if you enable the wide angle lens you can take even closer pictures and with the standard lens you can take some really nice macro shots and what I've noticed is that what the mean eye and you can go go closer to the subject then on the 1 + 7 Pro obeah that's just a couple of centimeters if we're gonna take a picture indoors then you can see that the 1 + 7 Pro has a more lively image it has more details and it just doesn't look as soft as on the shell memory 9 and as mentioned before in this case you can clearly see the end the 1 + 7 Pro prefers to have like a cooler color temperature than the mean 9 which is more into the warmer colors now if you're going to take a bucket picture of portrait picture it's the opposite because on the 1 + 7 Pro it's for sure a bit warmer the whole image but also the focus is not always correct and in this case it is soft it doesn't have to find detail while on the me 9 it just looks so much better just the face is a little bit more pale but it is something that we can just impose easily as well on the other hand if we have enough light and you take a picture with a 1 + 7 Pro it looks really nice the the blurry background is all minutes really well but the colors could pop a little bit more but on the Xiaomi 9 you can definitely say that they added too much contrast too much contrast and there is also with high contrast images so for example this is nyla and you can clearly see that the me 9 is struggling with a lot of bad light well on the 7 Pro it's really well minutes with two lenses with selfie pictures we see the exact same happening us on the rear camera the pictures on the womp Pro are a little bit too bluish on the midnight it has a more accurate white balance and also if we zoom in at 400% you can see that both phones they struggle with the portrait and the lines around my ear if we take a selfie picture with the horizontal layout and I really like the 1 plus 7 Pro it's picture but I do slightly like the me 9 it's picture more even though it's a little bit more cropped but the background is a little bit more blurry so the focus becomes a little bit more on you now before we continue with the low-light shots on the 1 plus 7 Pro in the show in mid 9 I would like to ask you to subscribe to the channel and also don't forget to click the bell icon so you get notified whenever there's a new video posted and now that we have that out of the way the results for low-light pictures are sometimes very similar but also sometimes very different and in this case I took the worst of the worst light conditions because that really shows the true nature of the camera and in this case you can clearly see the 1 plus 7 Pro is the winner over the xiaomi mid 9 and especially if you turn on the night mode or the night scape on the 1 plus 7 Pro you can clearly see the difference between the two they're not bad photos at all and it's really poor with the light conditions but overall I do like the 1 plus 7 Pro more in one case I do like to share with me 9 more and that's with the night mode if there's a really yeah like a little bit more light than when you have really poor lights and I think until you see with this mirror over here it looks more pleasing to the eye then on the 1 + 7 Pro which has this again bluish tone over the image like the image is a little bit too cool in my honest opinion that the same is happening with these selfies you can see that the 1 + 7 Pro tries to increase the highlights to make your face brighter but it also increases the amount of noise well the showing me 9 it looks a little bit darker but it corresponds more to the environment that you're in in a poor and low light condition so far you've seen both phones performing in all kind of conditions but I also want you to be the judge around today so let's fold up over here which one do you think is the winner or if you want to elaborate your answer a little bit let's go to the comment section down below I'm always very active down there so let's have a nice discussion going on now it's time to go to the video and both record of course and 4k video but there's quite a difference between the two so let's check it out so here we have some footage with the 1 plus 7 pro and the xiaomi me9 and we did a little stabilization test while runnings less walking and here's a little microphone test and let's do some panning because with the Y devices that I had in the past and also which show me a little bit there was a bit of panning stutter and it's difficult to determine by looking at the screen right now if it has but I'll tell you in the review from my point of view the 1 + 7 Pro is experiencing more panning stutter than on the main line and if you take a look at my doc over here you can clearly see that a 1 plus is doing a better job than the midnight where all the colors are at like a little bit washed focus so regarding the focus both phones they do a really good job I feel that the 1 + + pro sometimes a little bit slower with finding the correct focus and also the dynamic reigns in the me 9 is a little bit better because you can see that in the sky it becomes more visible than on the 1 + 7 Pro so here we have it the selfie footage with the 1 + 7 pro and she'll miss me 9 as you can see there's just a huge difference between it – and the footage is of course hand health and that's not the only difference between the two the other one is the light that is reflecting on my skin is really sharp and also it's pretty dark in the room itself so the situation with the light is very difficult and therefore you can clearly see that there's a huge difference between the two and of course I liked more brighter image from the 1 + 7 pro but in terms of details and the amount of noise it is tricky between the two so let me know in the comment section down below which one deep firm or table 7 pro or – show me me 9 so as you just heard the audio with the 1 + 7 Pro is just terrible and it's only half with the selfie camera and I'm just I have no clue why oneplus didn't fix this yet just like with all the other footage we have a huge difference in color temperature here as well the mean eye looks a little bit more yellowish while on the oneplus impro it looks a little bit too cool compared to the environment that were in a low light situation put pretty warm lights in terms of focus they both do a very similar job it's only on the Xiaomi 9 that you can see that the image stabilization is having some troubles in low-light conditions other than that I think the results are pretty similar for a low-light condition so that is it the camera comparison between the oneplus 7 pro and she'll miss me 9 and sometimes there is a huge difference between the two but sometimes differences are also very minimal anyways let me know what you think in the comment section down below it's the winner over here I think it's very difficult to say but sometimes it's a bit more easy so I want you to be the church around because basically you're doubting I love both phones but it is my personal opinion and maybe you'll find photos more important than video and in the end I can't look into your wallet because this one is of course completely differently priced under 1 + 7 Pro now both phones deliver great results don't get me wrong over here but I also think that there's still a lot of room for improvements and in the end it's up to you to decide which one you're gonna go for because we've discussed everything in quite a bit of detail which one you might find more interesting thank you so much for watching this video I hope you enjoyed it don't forget to give the video a like subscribe if you haven't already and then I hope to see all of you in the next one you

15 thoughts on “📸 OnePlus 7 PRO vs. Xiaomi Mi 9 | Camera Comparison Review!”

  1. I have both phones and have been compering camera performance between the two by myself. By latest update OnePlus have greatly improved image quality but I find that Xiaomi still do a better job. Xiaomi has more reliable focus and have better balance of persevering fine details vs noise. When you look at the OnePlus images, zoomed at 1:1 Pixel you will see that images lack texture and fine details because of aggressive noise reduction. That is why I always use Gcam on OnePlus for photography. Highlights reflections and shadow colors are better too on Xiaomi mi 9 images in my opinion.
    I would prefer if images from Mi 9 are less saturated. Biggest advantage of OnePlus camera is Built in camera OIS.

  2. Nice comparaison ! How do you feel the motorized camera? Solid
    Ps: please put your dog on a diet for his/her health :-)) … As a dog owner too

  3. Zal ik de Mi9 SE nu halen, omdat de prijs nu 230€ is of zal ik hij denk je nog meer qua prijs dalen binnen een half jaar

  4. Taking a step back and judging the images based not on sharpness or contrast etc but just on which looked nicer, I preferred some of the mi 9 and some of the one plus. I am surprised that it was about a 50/50 split between the two that I liked and disliked. But considering the price of the mi 9 and fast wireless charge ( in palace of the larger internal battery) I don't think you loose anything by taking the mi 9 over the one plus and you save a chunk of change which you can put towards a new 5G phone next year or the year after when it's fully adopted and has widley available network coverage at reasonable pricing. Thanks for doing this review

  5. Realy easy for me. I don't like curved Edges, I love wireless Charging and I'm don't pay the double Price.

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