1 Minute with Willy Ep 18. Panning Shots – Photography Tips

1 Minute with Willy Ep 18. Panning Shots – Photography Tips

Hi, I’m Willy. I’m going to show you today how to do a panning shot. The objective of a panning shot is to get
the vehicle or a subject that is moving, sharp while blurring off the background. To do that, set your camera to shutter priority, start off at one over 60 seconds. Now what you want to do is to ensure that your position, body position is facing the subject directly and you follow through all the way so as
the vehicles is coming by, snap and make sure that your body follows
through. Here’s what happens. So if I’m facing at
this direction and I want the angle of the vehicle to be this, follow the vehicle through
and at the right position, snap and make sure I follow through all the way. You can create a blur-er background effect by
reducing the shutter speed to perhaps one over thirty seconds. and doing the same. It’s harder to keep
the vehicle sharp because of a slower shutter speed but you get a much better background effect when you get it. So you can take one shot, you can take multiple
shots to get it but don’t take to many shots, just one or two shots will be ideal.

19 thoughts on “1 Minute with Willy Ep 18. Panning Shots – Photography Tips”

  1. Quick and easy to learn video. First time i see one of your tutorials and after this one it won't be the last. Let me go check out more.

  2. nice explanation. I've seen other videos where the instructor says to use continuous focus and burst mode as well

  3. Wow, you're a singaporean, aren't you?? I recognised straight away from the accent, and then noticed what you were standing in front of ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. thank you so much>>>>>>>> so easy to watch and very understandable, u r the only one so far that i have subscribed to.

  5. i have been practicing for these shot for long time. if speed of vehicle is 20kmps,then you cant pann effect with 1/60 shutter speed.mostly withangle 18mm and low shutter like 1/20 s then black ground is blur.the reason of taking wide angle is coz if you use tele then there is possibility of motion blur over the subject. and i found also that if your focal length is bigger number than your shutter speed in that case more possibilty of getting motion blur over subject. nothing offense,just commenting my experiences.thank you

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