15 Pics That Show Photography Is The Biggest Lie Ever Creative Ideas

15 Pics That Show Photography Is The Biggest Lie Ever Creative Ideas

50 thoughts on “15 Pics That Show Photography Is The Biggest Lie Ever Creative Ideas”

  1. Totally agree, # 11 for example, the cost of a dive, a willing model, bloody well done guys, for the sake of sharing something surreal and magical with the World.

  2. Its their work dude don't make them feel bad that they are cheating………… the point is you do it you dont also know how to do the cheat 😂 😂 😂

  3. How are these lies? They're just staged. That's how most photo art is made, you imbecile. Clickbait.

  4. these are not the biggest lies or what ever you want to call it these people are being vreative and are way more talented then you so stop

  5. It's not a lie it's talent something you can't understand if every photographer took a picture the same way it would be breath catching now would it?

    Just because they took it differently doesn't mean it's a lie. Photography is creative not talent.
    It is an art that can be viewed in different ways and can still be breath catching.

    Even as a beginner in photography I know that.
    (I'm aware my grammars and spellings are off).

  6. NOOOOO i can't believe it! my cock is so tired and i can't masturbate myself at the moment.. stay tuned for more infos about me and my little biggie dick

  7. So much of this video is fake and photoshopped…. take this for example, at 1:45 that man isn't actually jumping in the water, you can tell because he is in the same position in and out of the water.

  8. its called creativity …..not a lie i mean ive never in my come accross a floating woman ..in we all know this in the back of our mind .

  9. These pictures are NOT lies, those pictures are what you would call CREATIVE . Photography is a way to be creative and view the world a different and unique sight. I respect all the photographers that took these photos because pictures take a lot of skills, talent and time to make it look AMAZING .

  10. The wedding ones are not lies. That's called a good and creative photographer. And the fox close up is you know a close up of a fox?….

  11. This makes me mad as all hell. This video just shows to what lengths a photographer will go to get the perfect shot. And some of these are false.

  12. This actually makes me so mad. I'm a photographer myself, and I take offence to the title of this. Photography is in no way, a lie. Those are techniques photographers use to achieve those photos. If you can't achieve a good photo, then it is your job as a photographer to use other techniques. I can guarantee I am speaking for most photographers, that this video is disgusting. You basically just dissed photographers around the world. Photography is an art. Not a lie.

  13. Wth. You think these things can actually happen without effects and photo shop? No, Plus alot of work goes into these pictures so i mean if you got a problem f off.

  14. I don’t see the relevance in this video. Photography is art so you can’t say there’s a right or wrong or a truth and a lie. These are just simply the use of props. “Girl enjoying rain” who exactly is going to go outside in the actual rain with a model in nice clothes- BETTER YET- a very expensive professional camera just for a few pictures? All of these things are simply creativity, not lies

  15. Photography is not a lie! To be honest, you cant even do any of these, they work there hardest doing this!

  16. What did you actually think we did to take optical photos? Use a laws of physics machine?

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