20 Photos That Were PERFECTLY Timed

20 Photos That Were PERFECTLY Timed

a photo can capture any moment in a fraction of a second it gives us the chance to see things we would have missed if we blinked and sometimes we just see things in a new perspective this is how we end up with hilarious pictures that will last forever are you ready to see the results wait until you see the woman who seems to be playing with a miniature human at the beach if this is your first time visiting our channel don't forget to subscribe and please give this video a big thumbs up today we're showing you 20 photos that were perfectly timed the stork bird if your parents ever tell you that starts to livered babies when you were a kid this theory never made sense even though we would never dare to question them but now they can show you the proof that they were right look at this baby falling from the sky in the arms of his father we thought that this bird's delivery would be a little smoother most of us thought about finding a baby at our doorstep and not randomly catching one when we didn't expect it but it seems like we were all really lucky to have the best father to catch us this super eagle do you know why the national animal of the United States of the bald eagle no it is not because Americans are losing their hair it is because of its long life great strength and majestic look if you want to see how powerful the bald eagle is just take a look at this picture it appears to fly so fast that it leaves a white trail behind it just like an airplane and eagles truly are incredibly skilled with a wingspan of 6 to 8 feet they can dive at up to 100 miles per hour but this bird's greatest power is certainly its freedom and liberty in the sky we couldn't think of a better animal to represent the United States of America than the king of the birds the tall giraffe this animal is known for its really long neck but do you know how tall it can be if you take a look at this picture you could believe that this giraffe is tall enough to touch a plane we bet the people in the plane were surprised by the view when they looked out the window we just hope that the animal didn't cause the plane to crash it would be hard for the pilot to explain this story but let's be serious even if it doesn't touch the sky the draft is still the tallest land animal alive it can be up to 18 feet tall the jumping dog we all know that looking at a cute dog can make our day no matter what they do they will always find a way to make a smile even if we're having a bad day when we think that we have seen everything this dog is here to surprise us just look at this strange creature is it a mop with eyes or maybe it's a dog with no legs what you are looking at is a dog breed called the Puli it is easily recognizable but it's long corded coat similar to dreadlocks but what we love the most about this unique dog is it seems to have so much fun jumping the hidden cat cats love to play and they are so fun to watch but this time you won't be able to see the feline it is playing hide and seek can you see it yes this game was easier than we would have thought we have to admit this cat didn't find the best place to hide with the picture on the frame it looks like we can see the whole animal but this cat had a good plan he tried to escape in the 2-dimensional world unfortunately it forgot its tail outside this parallel universe and its owner easily found it is there any weird place where your cat likes to hide don't forget to tell us in the comments we would love to hear from you the cyclist we all smile when we look at pictures of the countries we visited but this tourist can make anyone laugh by showing them this funny picture well this man was posing in front of the Vienna State Opera a cyclist came out of nowhere to photobomb his picture actually we could guess he probably didn't mean to do this if we take a look at this photo he just drove his bike straight into the pole the tourists didn't even realize what was happening while he was posing we just hope that the cyclist was okay after that incident and then he had the chance to see this photo online laughter is the best medicine after all the falling lady you remember the time when your parents asked you not to run or stay too close to the pool there was a reason for that and this woman learned it the hard way once again a man who is just trying to casually pose for a photo when a woman in the background stole the show she was just about to fall into the pool with her clothes but the funniest thing about this picture is that neither the man the woman or her friends realized it when this picture was taken she was just at a weird angle and not ready for what was going to happen less than a second after the breakdance Jesus used to turn water into wine and walk on water thousands of years ago but now that we're in the 21st century he found another way to impress his disciples the Christ is now breakdancing on the water just look at this man showing off his skills on a lake we bet that his father is watching these impressive dance moves from the sky but there's one thing we are thinking about why isn't he sharing a message of love even though he has secretly been on earth for so many years let's give him a break the Son of God can take some time to have fun too the perfect selfie we all love taking pictures of ourselves but some people wanted to take it to the next level they didn't want to be admired for their looks but for their sweet skills this is why the new trend is now taking a selfie while high-fiving yourself how is that even possible just take a look at those who already succeeded to see how it works you need to use the timer drop your phone at the right moment and clap your hands as fast as possible many people tried it and hilariously failed but this is what makes this picture even more perfectly timed the last drink we know that alcohol is bad for our health but most of us drink anyway however this time the universe wanted to protect two friends by making sure they wouldn't be able to take a sip of their beer just look at what happened the man's glass broke into pieces and the beer spilled everywhere this poor woman was probably so disgusted that she went straight to the bathroom and didn't want to drink her beer when she came back at least what could have been a disastrous dinner turned out to be an incredible story to tell with this picture the smallest soldiers things that are far away from us look so small compared to what is right next to us who mix the two together we get incredible results this soldier had one great idea in mind when he took this picture he made sure he was perfectly timed when other soldiers came off the helicopter from this perspective it looks like they are falling directly into his mouth or maybe this is a new tactic to get rid of his enemies by eating them the flying president have you ever heard about the theory that Barack Obama is not American some people believe that he was born in Kenya so he was not eligible to be President of the United States and even though Obama published his birth certificate it wasn't enough to make them stop but now we know that Obama is not American he comes from an Arabian country just look at him flying on a magic carpet just like Aladdin did when we take a closer look at this picture we understand that there is simply a shadow on the ground next to the carpet but it is still fun to imagine that being the president of the United States comes with the ability to fly the highest jump how high can you jump most people can jump higher than a few inches above the ground this is why you will be impressed to see that this man can do a front flip over a plane we have the photo to prove it okay he might not be able to jump a hundred feet above the ground but do you know how high a man can jump the world record for the highest jump without using any kind of assistance is more than 8 feet high this person would be able to jump over another human being even though this is probably not what happened in this perfectly timed picture we can still be impressed by his awesome skills the giant seagull we have heard about giant gorillas like King Kong and giant monsters like Godzilla invading the city but who thought that we would one day have to face enormous seagulls you can see one of these specimens in this picture a man was walking right next to it and he didn't even seem to notice what was happening or maybe he was simply paralyzed by fear at least these birds don't seem too dangerous they might want to steal our french fries but that is not the worst thing that could happen we are ready for the day that giant seagulls will take over the world the tiny woman the beach is one of the best places to go to have fun with our friends we love to swim make sandcastles or simply relax and sunbathe everyone can do any activity they like even when there are tiny human beings just look at this woman playing with her friend there looking at this picture we might think of this beach goer is helping her tiny friend jump in the air or maybe the woman sitting on the each is a giant and the one who's jumping is as tall as we are we have to think about it for a second understand that they are actually really far away from each other and even if they are giant tiny or simply normal we'd love to see friends having fun on the beach the runner winning a race is difficult you're competing with great runners and sometimes milliseconds make all the difference but this man thought that this competition was not hard enough for him this is why he decided to run on his hands unfortunately the other runners weren't interested in this idea and decided to stand on their feet but no matter what we can admire the courage of the runner who is now upside down in this picture even though he probably didn't mean to be in this position right now he got back up on his feet and never gave up the figure skater figure skaters always impress us with their acrobatic moves we keep falling when we're standing on our two feet on the ground we can't even imagine what it would be like to do these acrobatic moves while standing on one foot on ice but this time these athletes surprised us in the weirdest way a woman coming out of a man's bottom is not something we expected to see at this competition this real move they were trying to do is probably gorgeous but when we look at it from this point of view we can't help but laugh these two figure skaters at least deserve a medal for their creativity the swimmer we are so captivated by the speed of these swimmers that we don't even pay attention to what they look like but when we take the time to capture this moment were fascinated by these pictures this is Olympic swimmer Tyler Clary just before he breaks out of the water and he is not the only backstroker who looks like that when he's emerging from the water with all this tension on the surface it looks like they're back in the womb we just hope that they still had time to breathe and win that competition and the photographer deserves a medal too the headless player we are always impressed by football players strength you have to be tough to play that kind of a sport and also have the right equipment to protect yourself but now we understand the real reason why these athletes wear a helmet it is not to protect their head it is to make sure it stays on their shoulder just look at what happened when this play fell he didn't only lose his helmet but his head came off too we know there's a head hiding somewhere on this man's body but we just can't see it or maybe he's just a turtle hiding his head in his shell when he's afraid we would understand him football is a dangerous sport the gymnasts we are always impressed by gymnast their bodies are so flexible that they seem to be made of rubber they are stronger than anyone else we know and we admire their courage they have to do backflips but what surprised us the most was to see that a woman was able to do this even if she had a foot on her shoulder is difficult to see and to find balance when you don't have a head but this young woman became a gymnast anyway we know there's a head somewhere on this woman's shoulder but we are still impressed to see that she is so flexible that we don't even see her head when she bends over backwards and that's it for 20 photos that were perfectly timed did any of them make you smile if so don't forget to like this video and subscribe to our Channel and if you just can't get enough of these photos make sure you watch ten pictures taken at the perfect moment thank you so much for watching bye bye

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