5 Scary Ghost Videos That Will Give You GOOSEBUMPS !

5 Scary Ghost Videos That Will Give You GOOSEBUMPS !

top five ghosts caught on camera graveyard shift tic toc user security 1275 works the graveyard shift literally he works as an overnight security guard and a cemetery in Savannah Georgia this is supposed to be the most haunted cemetery incident it turns out that being an overnight security guard at a haunted cemetery is just exactly as scary as it sounds so I'm actually hearing something banging on the door I'm hoping I'm gonna catch it bear with me guys okay I'm back door was open again hello security okay oh how the hell they keep opening these hello yeah hey you need to come out I'm not playing anymore I don't know where the hell these people are a word Christ all right cop it sounds like a small child is running around in one of the burial crypts a security 1275 can't find the intruder he gets cut off by tik toks one-minute video upload limit as he decides to just exit and leave the matter for the Savannah police what security 1275 didn't notice however is that he also caught something else on camera what looks to be a young child is standing behind a wall near the crypt bare with me guys security 1275 posts a follow-up video soon after this that is just as chilling all right guys there was somebody standing in the corner I just saw that with my video uploaded and the lights are flickering on and off hang on a second guys so don't know what the hell is going on here but I'm about to check this out okay guys I'm really not sure what's going on here yeah I'm done this is some spooky going on here nope this is why my security officer being quit just so y'all can be witness here I'm checking all this I'm getting the hell out of here that's my day off I here leaves Crick learning there was a kid standing somebody was standing right over here when I walked right past them to the left so is this a child ghost caught on camera running around the graveyard or is it all an elaborate hoax as always you decide you can keep up with security 1275 s continuing spooky experiences by following his tick-tock at security 1275 or his YouTube channel security 90 886 Dora the horror reddit user enigmas Lite 209 says that years ago his sister had an electronic moving Dora the explora doll that she took everywhere unfortunately his family was experiencing a hard time financially and just couldn't afford to constantly replace the dolls batteries so instead they removed the batteries entirely his mom caught this video of his sister singing and playing with the doll [Laughter] a Ning was like too old my insistence the toy was checked after they rewatched the video and no batteries he says his dad threw the doll in the trash that night a doctor in the house the YouTube channel the proper people is not really a paranormal Channel in fact most of their videos are simply devoted to exploring strange abandoned places there's no ghost hunting no EMF meter's and no EVP recordings however over the channels 5 year history they have explored a few allegedly haunted locations now both Brian and I are consider ourselves to be skeptics we've never really experienced anything paranormal ourselves in this video they're exploring the supposedly haunted Desharnais asylum before this mental hospital was closed down it is said that the asylum founder dr. Joseph de journee performed many dark and inhumane experiments on his captive patients so they say this hospital is haunted by dr. – Arnett himself and supposedly you can still hear him wandering the halls dragging chains that he would have restrained patients with soon after you guys experienced something absolutely terrifying so I heard something really yeah what it sound like like but steps I mean we've already been all through here I know I didn't see any all right let's get out of here that's why this one right being skeptics the to assume that they might have stumbled onto a homeless person living in the abandoned Asylum as a person banging I got homeless person or something I mean it was a lot there are a lot of footsteps now those footsteps were super loud maybe they were dragging something proper people investigate but find no one in the building assuming the whole incident to simply be homeless people who are now hiding from them they decide to make their exit however YouTube commenters noticed something a bit strange in the video some background noise that sounds a bit like whispering occurs right before the creepy footsteps I mean we've already been all through here I know I didn't see any now obviously neither of the guys would be lightly whispering incoherently so just what is their camera picking up some of their viewers believe that they did have a paranormal encounter after all but what do you think you can see the rest of this video including their investigation of the upstairs footsteps over on their YouTube channel the proper people room with a view the manager of an apartment complex sent in these next spooky clips she says that she often hears office doors open and close even though she's working alone even creepier she says that once when her son came to visit her at work he went off exploring only to come back screaming and in tears because as he put it quote something is whispering my name building residents have reported similar chilling stories one day they catched something very bizarre on the apartment complex CCTV cool oh we missed it we're going back there was that 1:21 right thanks there it goes that was crazy right here yes it was crazy and the crazy just gets even crazier another day and the CCTV captures this in the same area some dark mass seems to form at the doorway and then it looks as if something exits the room and disappears the building manager says that the building is a fairly new construction and she's not aware of any dark history but nevertheless the strange occurrences continue to this day in over his head Dennis domion is a croatian youtuber who does a little bit of everything on his youtube channel including an occasional bit of ghost hunting in this video his friend tells him about her creepy experience in an abandoned haunted house she mentions that the house has an incredibly haunted spooky attic she says that she and her friends were too afraid to even enter the Attic after they heard bizarre scratches on the ceiling so Dennis decides to explore the place himself including the Attic that he was told was to haunted to enter it doesn't go well many summers turn to men in the corner – chica is a city clerk in the Pilate okay always a brownian illuminance of sufficient time ago as Dennis ascends the stairs you can actually hear heavy footsteps running toward him across the attic floor in a screams and the group flees the house in terror Eastern resolute is not she Davila AMISOM nyagora Pretoria bukistanian idoney pro strokin Samia Nicaragua so Dennis catch a ghost or a demonic entity on camera was there something evil in that attic let me know what you think thanks for watching if you want to submit a video go to facebook.com slash nooks top 5 and hit the send message button also follow me on Twitter or this week I'll be debunking that Thailand graveyard video that's going around see you next week [Applause] you

47 thoughts on “5 Scary Ghost Videos That Will Give You GOOSEBUMPS !”

  1. I shit you not they need some rules about ghost if you’re security guard at a cemetery. Man I think I’d make sure their an occultist so they have proper protection and a little more sympathy for someone who is dead! This guy gets scared and calls the police, sometimes it’s paranormal and it’s understandable why someone is doing that I’d fucking comfort them I’d give offerings and put some rules down, there is no place for fear just be respectful and understanding. I think I’m gonna do that at 18 with my witch ass

  2. Nuke!!♡♡ another good one. That savannah GA one got me. I have been there and I can say, imho it's one of the places where there are so many haunted places ..I think that is a legit one… it creeped me out

  3. when a video is from Croatia and you are fr Serbia but its the same language so for the first time u dont need captions HAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH

  4. I saw legs on the first part of the video when he went to go check out who is slamming on the doors at the cemetery

  5. BRUUUUH, the sound affect after the security guard walked in with flickering lights sounded like A g-mod monster. 😂

  6. I'm having a hard time believing that the security guard DIDN'T KNOW that guy was there. He tried to keep him out of the frame and when people saw it he had to do a follow up.

  7. At 3:28 you can see something swoop across the glass window as the lights are flickering too. It’s kinda creepy and I got chills

  8. When you are home alone late at night and go to the bathroom. You sit down on the toilet and the seat is warm.

  9. Nobody:
    Not even a security guard:
    Some random Arab on youtube: kicks doors in and rushes into area where creepy ghost stuff is happening BISMILLAH!

  10. Which graveyard was the guard working at? I've lived in Savannah when I was in grad school. It looks familiar… 🤔

  11. As a devout paranormal/researcher for over 30 years, I have experienced many many things in your videos firsthand. So I would say that a majority are real with very few exceptions.

    Need to also say how much I enjoy this channel and always look forward to your new uploads, many of the vids sent to you I have seen but also see many I haven't came across before, so I salute you from the researcher side of me and again, Thank you 🙂

  12. At 0:43 it looks like theres a kid standing right around the corner of the big white structure to his right

  13. What is the white flash or reflection on the top of the ghost child’s head in the first video? If you pause it at the right time at 3:16 you can catch it but it disappears so quickly it’s hard to catch. Thought that was weird since there shouldn’t be anything there to cause it…
    Also the Dora doll’s mouth looked like it moved at like 4:28 a little after it’s head moved. Weird.

  14. Ghosts dont mess with me that much especially when my house is protectes by god

  15. 4:20 I have a bad back story with ANY Dora doll or toy, when I was really little my sister bought a HUUGE Dora toy that she barely ever used and we kept it at the edge of my sister's bed. It stayed there for about two or three, possible even six years. My power out went in the house and me and my family had to sleep downstairs with us because I was too afraid to sleep upstairs by myself just because I was terrified of the dark… when morning time came around I went upstairs to use the restroom but first I decided to go in my room for my toys and then the Dora toy, literally just standing behind the door with one arm up and a tilted head made me almost have a little kid heart attack, I couldn't even move, I was too scared! Afterwards, me and my family threw the Dora thing away. I never want to see a Dora toy or ever want my kid having one… 😭

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