34 thoughts on “8 Reasons Every Photographer Needs Polaroid Cameras”

  1. I still have mine from 35 years ago. Even then the cost was prohibitive. In 1983 I remember paying $15 for a pack of film. And I can't say the quality was all that great. Was a cool novelty at the time considering digital cameras didn't exist yet. They had no "basic" features such as zoom lenses and focus. Today pay 1 time for a good digital camera and take all the free pictures you want–no flash bulbs and their high resolution. If ya need physical prints grab the laser printer with some photo paper and zip em off.

  2. i hated this video so much that i tapped on the "full-screen" icon subconsciously thinking that it was a shrinking icon

  3. This camera is ok for TimePass not for serious photography bcuz today is time of DSLR & Mobile Cameras. if this camera came 15-20years back it would be very useful & demanding. Today only people who want timepass photography will buy this camera.

  4. Great video Josh. I myself have a few Polaroid cameras at home. Heck, i even have 2 Polaroid Land Cameras & Fujifilm 100C film packs from B&H 😀

  5. "few poloroid cameras" one of the cameras you held up is made by fujifilm. Instant cameras are what you bought and held up.

  6. Dude, great channel !! You should check out the mint instaflex TL70. I've just ordered it from HK. It's the first twin lens Polaroid camera in the world…and you have full aperture control from f22 to f5.6 and different ND filters, plus a detail shot filter. I bet you would love it.

  7. ahh i love your vibe and personality! love to meet new people/strangers, love being a part of a little community, love little adventures, and love the rush, authenticity, and challenge of polaroid cameras! you seem so sweet! thanks for this video 🙂

  8. "It's super cheap to get into!" says the person who got ripped off by buying a $140 Polaroid camera from Impossible.

  9. Hey Josh, could you possibly do a video with your opinion on using watermarks on your photos? Right now I'm struggling to decide whether or not I should use them and I could use your input. Thanks 😊

  10. Hey Josh! Just wondering if you ever decided on any decisions to move towards a full frame camera? I remember you reviewing the Canon 5D Mark IV. Thanks!

  11. okay but every time he says 'polaroid' and he is talking about the instax i cringe and die inside

  12. How do you sell your photos? I want to sell my photos (: @noah_tassalini_photographer (Instagram)

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