A Hand Model Explains What It Takes

A Hand Model Explains What It Takes

– I’m Ashey Covington and I
make my living doing hand jobs. Get your mind out of the gutter. I’m a hand model. (soft music) You need to be born
with good looking hands. That’s pretty much the
standard and the baseline. Nice, long, straight fingers, sort of a gentle curve to the nail. Lack of visible cuticles. You don’t want knuckles that protrude. No hairy hands, although
there have been hand models that are specifically hired because they have hairy hands. You need to be able to
have really steady hands. Like your hands can’t sort of shake. Perfect tiny motions, over and over. If they want your hand in the shot, my head might be in the
way and they don’t really want that, so you kinda
have to be a contortionist, and be able to stay in
really crazy positions for long periods of time. So, my skin care routine
is pretty intense. I am constantly thinking hands first. So, I moisturize, gosh, maybe 20-30 times a day. It’s constant moisturizing. I have stuff in my bag,
I have it on my desk, I have it in my car,
just always grab a little and constantly throwing it on. And then I use natural soaps. I wear gloves a lot of the time. You have to, because if
you get sun or you get a slight little scratch
or an imperfection, that can cost you a job, so you really have to
think about hands first. It’s a very interesting career. The best part, is that
I get to be the model who enjoys craft service. Because while everybody
else is worrying about whether they’re gonna fit into that dress and how their silhouette’s gonna look, I know, my hands look
great when I’m a size 8. So, if I go below a size
8, my fingers start to get a little bony and they just
start to look more knuckly. And the reason I get
picked, is because my hands don’t look bony. So therefore, I get to be the hands on top of all these amazing,
gorgeous faces and all of that and holding the beauty products,
but that’s because I also get to enjoy craft service. – [Woman] Perfect. (woman laughs) How many times can I say hand job? Hand job, hand job, hand
job, hand job, hand job. (Ashley laughs)

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  1. Teacher: "What are you doing? Your supposed to be writing that essay. Don't you want to get good grades, and a job."
    holds up hands
    "This is my investment. Therefore, no can do."

  2. My Spanish teacher told me I have hand model quality hands I'm starting to consider it now that I'm done with Highschool and broke

  3. I think I have what it takes to be a hand model although I'm waiting for this one bruise on my middle finger to grow out.. For now I'll just keep dreaming ;(

  4. Well apparently I have boney hands, they are skeleton every bone in my hand is obvious lol I am not for this job I guess although I wouldn't mind it

  5. Used to have nice hands. Then one of my pinkies is so stupid that it decided to get stuck in the swing at the playground. Needless to say, it’s still bent.

  6. People tell me I have beautiful hands. Glad I got my other relatives hands and not my moms, my mom said I could probs hand model, my full height won't make it to the full body modelling 😂

  7. PhalanGEEZ! this seems like a pretty wRISt(k)y job to HANDle!! I really didn't NAIL that pun series. but ill just let that HANG(nail) there. ;/

  8. The next one will be penis model or vagina model or ear model or eyes model or nose model or pubic hair model or buttocks model

  9. I have pretty hands but since the age of 2 i have a really big scar on my right hand (between my thumb and my index finger) so i guess that's it

  10. some guy at my job grabbed my hand today and was like OH MY GOD you have the most beautiful hands ive ever seen…. and told me to go into hand modeling. Uhhh

  11. I was actually really interested in this kind of job, I really love how my hands and nails look, and Ive gotten many compliments regarding them, but unfortunately I had an accident a couple years ago that left a scar on the inner side of my thumb…

  12. My hands/fingers are getting uglier as I age 😂😩😭😭😭😭 my son said I have hobo hands yesterday 😪 he said it looks better with long acrylics 😂 he’s right tho

  13. people always tell me I have nice hands especially when I'm getting my nails done… wonder how I can get into the hand modeling business ??

  14. I get compliments on my hands every day. I have really long and slender "piano" fingers. My nails are naturally a French tip. I want to look in to this

  15. The hands of a man. It's like a creature out of Greek Mythology, I mean, she was like part woman, part horrible beast!

  16. So many envious comments.smh Someone has to do it so it might as well be her. All the people that are putting down her hands are clueless of how the biz works. Your beef is with the clients that are willing to pay her big money to model their products, etc. All you people that think your hands look better – get up off your a** and computer, get your hands and nails in tip top shape, get professional pictures taken, submit to agencies, go to open calls, pray you get an agent to rep you, continue to keep your hands perfect(you are on call 24/7), then there's cattle calls and go sees and if you finally get a job – your personality and professional work ethic can make or break any job you get. No matter how flawless your hands are – no one wants to work with nasty people that put down others(put your hands where your mouth is). The only thing that didn't make sense in this video is that she said that she can enjoy Craft Service which is not true because she said that she has to keep her size to an 8(or her hands will change. Bony, etc).

  17. ironically i am a hand model for adult products because i have such long nails so guess id be consider as a long nail fetish hand model ! in other words im maybe on the wrong side of the industry ??

  18. I’ve been told that I should be a hand model all my friends say my nails r so nice and I have slim long fingers 🙂

  19. everyone compliments my hands and it’s literally my only good feature. So I think hand modelling would be the perfect job for me uwu

  20. I've always been told I have beautiful hands and I should do modeling, but I have a VERY tiny red dot on one of them and worried that'd be something that disqualifies me.

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