Adam and Steve (An LGBTQ+ Christmas Short)

Adam and Steve (An LGBTQ+ Christmas Short)

Are you sure about this? Do we have to do this? It’s your family, not mine! Yeah, I know. It’s got to be easier to just tell them. It’s really not. But what would you know about that anyway? Look, uncalled for. Right! I’m sorry Like, I get it. If we came out, Grandma would die. No, she would die. It just sucks you know? I’m sure it’s not that bad, even my family when I came out- shhhh! well, fuck my drag right? What are you doing? Mary, I will kill you! oh, please do. So… how are you guys? Excited?! Yeah, can’t wait to finally use my drama degree that’s the spirit Right, show’s about to start
lads, we all ready? Adam, Christine, you first. Why do we have to go first? Because it was Adam’s idea! Love you. And you and I, babe, go right behind. Oh golly babe Hey kids, grandma is in the living room, I’ll be with you in a minute! Ok mum – yeah, coming. Oh, Adam darling! And dear Mary. And who are these lovely chums you brough with you? You must try one of my scotch eggs, dear. So, Mary dear, how is school? Oh, it’s going really well, grandma! And, this lovely young man? Where did you two meet? a bar/in a library. The library’s bar! A bar?In a library? That’s a rather liberal concept, don’t you think? I suppose it’s that muslim mayor’s idea. I – I don’t think muslims really drink – Ah, yeah, probably! Oh, let’s not talk
politics, it’s Christmas! So, how long have you two known each other? Oh, uhm, six months! Six month. Six months? Any sign of wedding bells, or the pitter patter of tiny feet? Oh, in THAT order, of course. Oh, it’s none of my business! But I’m sure you’ll make an honest woman of
our Mary very soon. C’mon, you can give her a kiss. Oh! I must see to the turkey. I don’t care how good your blowjobs are, I’m not spending another minute with that woman! Bless, o Lord,
this food for our use, and us your children ever mindful of the needs of others. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. Amen. Nice…bread? Oh, do you like it?It’s from a new place! You’ll never guess what happened, Sarah, what I found out: our baker, he’s one of those Homosexuals! I’ll have to go somewhere else, I mean, I don’t want AIDS in my baguettes! Oh, and those foreigners
down the road, you know what the y’re like, they go on and on and on, [words become silent
as a Christmas choir fills the room] …and that’s why they should all be sterilized! I’m just gonna go for a pee – just gonna go to the little boy’s room. Oh, we’re out of wine Steve, wait! Wait for what? Just a little bit longer. This is madness. I know. Adam?Adam,
darling, have you seen my glasses? Oh, silly me! Here they are! Did you hear something? No Did- did I…? Think ya did. So, Christine, what is it that you’re studying? Oh, I- I do film. Ah. Very interesting. Wait, I just need to- oh fuck’s sake And – uhm, do you have
a back up plan? Like, if that doesn’t work Ehm, not particularly, no. Ah. I see. Actually, mum, Christine’s been in the uni newspaper a couple of times. I’ve read some
of her work – it’s quite good, actually. That’s good! That’s very good. I mean, well. I guess, worst comes to worst if it doesn’t work out at least Adam is studying law. What’s
wrong? I don’t know, it’s just stuck!, Steve, let go. Let me do it. You need to chill. Look Steve, I’m up to here, ok? I’m already fucking stressed and now we might have killed my fucking nan? Hold on, hold on, we? No, no. You did this. You grabbed the pan. This is
fucking ridiculous. Listen! No, you listen to me. Cause right now we could be drinking mulled wine in Hyde Park, but no, I’m pretending I’m not a fucking faggot for your homophobic
family! Yeah, you know what? It is my fault. I didn’t check the label for Homophobia when
I bought my family on Ebay! It’s all my fault that you’re here and you’ve done nothing wrong! Don’t you dare turn this round on me. Look, I’m not like you, I can’t avoid my family, I still
need them! Do you?Do you really need them? Do you really need uptight, homophobic conservative bigots who’ll only love you on their own terms? Oh, will you boys be quiet? I’m trying to watch my Christmas special! What on Earth is going on here?! Are you telling me that you’re
a fucking fairy? He is, I’m his boyfriend. I can explain, mum! Yeah, you better! No, you can’t. What have you got to explain? It’s a misunderstanding! Your dick in my mouth was
not a misunderstanding! Either you talk, or I’m gone. For good. I – I can’t. Well, that’s
it then. Heya, Merry Christmas! Uhm, mum? I need to tell you something.

18 thoughts on “Adam and Steve (An LGBTQ+ Christmas Short)”

  1. The idea is a bit dated. While there are still gay guys in the closet, I think there is a lot less of those like the guys in this story, especially young guys. I think youger gay guys would not give up on a boyfriend so easily…especially since the info is already exposed to mom.

  2. needs work, script needs more refining. this type probably needs to be a bit longer to have it make sense. spent to much time on showing grandmother, saying dumb stuff.

  3. He done that for his family in front of them !! Can't they do an effort for him too and at least try to accept them…

  4. You should remake the movie

    When a boy/girl bring their partner home to the parents, they normally either leave together or standup for each other – dont end up with a bj… For after that outing each other to split

    If it should be a dream sequence make it more clearly

  5. This needs to be recognized.

    There is room for improvements and it's really really good. I love it.

  6. The frying pan was too much. He should grabbed and broken her glasses and then come up with lame excuse. Assault and attempted murder just didn’t fit the narrative. The slap was proportional violence and fit better with the characters. Otherwise I liked it.

  7. I know its all in the art of film that we leave the story on mysterious note, but, I need a sequel……PERIOOOODTT

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