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  1. Thanks a lot for all your job and content. I am a big fan!!! It is very helpful. I just have one question: is it possible to run a SEO campaign (on page, social media and web optimization) without any paid tool and any team? I mean, is it possible for one single person to run everything by itself?

  2. I'll try a different method to get backlinks. Somehow your method, which I'm sure works, felt too much like cold canvasing, something I'm not comfortable doing.
    My site speed was fine, which considering it uses multiple graphics and videos, surprised me. So thank you for pushing me to check that out.
    I will create better, shorter, URL blog headings, and build the reading content up to near 2000 words. That I'm comfortable doing. I attempted to use SEMrush but did not like having to deliver my card details for a 7 day trial, nor that the following charge of $100. came without any information to say if that was A$ or AU$ (my country) dollars, or if it was for a week, month, year or lifetime use of site. So. I decided that meant that site fitted my idea of beware-PROBABLE SCAM. If they are not a scam, and you have contact with them, suggest more clarity at the checkout is required.
    I will continue to work through you advice, doing what feels right for me.

  3. Brian is indomitable! Tons of practical tips some very unique! Let me apply and get ranking ,then I will return. Thanks

  4. Hey my SEOman. I miss u. I love you brother. Upload more videos. I do not feel sleepy unless I watch you. Plz I am addicted to listen u and one another person. I do not know but you are a medicine for me. I take everyday before night.

  5. Hello Iam Robert from Uganda tour consultant, please i have been trying to optimise my site but all in vain i have installed Yoast SEO. My question how can i optimise all my pages page by page

  6. +Brian Dean is there anyway I could get into contact with you I’m in the process of making an e-commerce website with amazon affiliates and my niche was Alexa smart home products and things compatible with Alexa cause I thought it would be easier that way than just adding a bunch of electronics all into one site so if you could just reach out to me thru comments or any other method please let me know, thank you

  7. Doesn't 'google suggest' take into your personal histories into account to customize your search results ? Its not the same for everyone !

  8. a lot of the google search console and items are no longer available, this is a great vid but it's getting old, please do a new one.

  9. Guys, my Google sitemap.xml is on pending stage and now it's been 3 months now. Anyone knows what should I do. I have already tried submitting it twice.

  10. Hi Brian, This is probably my third deliberate and sensible "Subscribe" since YouTube. You're Outstanding! Keep up the good work.

  11. Excellent video… Would love to have more on this topic as I have just started to write blogs and this was really helpful…

  12. Important question plz answer.

    Thank you for your awsome videos.
    I follow your work everywhere but im afraid of using your tips because our website is in persian language wich i heard persian google updates is way behind english and new seo tips even tips from around 2016 or so does not work on these languages is that true? And if it is true do u have any advice?
    Thank you in advance.

  13. published on 2017 and changed the video name 2019 here you go! easy money! not cool so not cool👎 dislike and unsubbed bth

  14. Hello, Brian Dean, its a nice video on advanced SEO. It is really helpful. can you provide a video on social media marketing tutorial for beginners?

  15. Are these techniques still valid in 2019 I want to take seo as career just have knowledge of some basics of seo will like to hear from you !

  16. great video Brian I learnt so much I going to check out your other vids right now Thank you so much

  17. Thanks Brian!! Your video is fast and to the point with so much information!! Easy to understand, precise info in a short time… AWESOME!! GREAT RESOURCE!!

  18. Your videos are amazing. You have never let me down with your creativity. I always try to watch them all.

  19. Thanks, Brian for a great video – again! Should update it though – Google search console has changed now and though your title says 2019…it was published in 2017…needs update…
    Will use both Site Speed improvements and Broken Links building – great info!

  20. Thais is the very first video of you I saw. Direct language and info in sticky style. Awesome! Besides, Im a lawyer in Brazil's countryside.

  21. This video is old! Keep your content up to date. This is old news.. Analytics now has an integrated function with a monitoring of all web pages on a domain page speeds now. It uses Google pagespeed insights. Much easier than to put each site in to pagespeed insights manualy..

  22. Awesome list of SEO resources – especially on broken link building. I haven’t explored that area yet and will do so from now on. Thanks for that!

  23. This man can't be beat. Everything, and I mean everything this man said should be weight in gold. Thank you Brian for sharing your insight.

  24. Am strugling on building my seo startegies for my new website until I discover your channel .thank you so much for sharing 👌👌

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