Ajmal Bismi Plus Two Class | EP3 | Sunimon | Mini Webseries | Karikku

Ajmal Bismi Plus Two Class | EP3 | Sunimon | Mini Webseries | Karikku

Stop! I gotta tell you something!
– What’s it? I know who took
your maths notebook! Huh? Who? I’ll tell you. But you have to
buy me a Sharjah shake! Why do you want that? We don’t have to waste time then!
We can discuss while drinking it! I’ll get you whatever you want!
Tell me! Come on then! Not there! This way! Come fast! Else the ‘Tutti frutti’
will be over! Duty free?
– Yes, there’s such a thing! Give me a shaving set
and a shaving cream! You want candy?
– No! Nuts? Are you gonna shave with this?
– What’s wrong with this? You’ll cut yourself!
Brother, give him a Gillette Mach 3. Is this good?
– It’s awesome and smooth! No more cuts! Do you use this?
– Yes! Hey, can you give me
your chemistry record? Excuse me?
– Chemistry record! Why should I give it to you? To copy the drawings!
What else it’d be for? No! I won’t give!
– Such people! Hey, give me yours! See, Eldho! Don’t damage it!
Don’t give it to anyone else! Never! – If Jackson asks for it,
give it! – Deal! [Random song] Listening to my song,
you got into the mood, huh? Shut up, you loudmouth! I’m unable to draw
because of pain in my hand! What’s it? Tell me! A slight pain on my hand.
That’s the problem. Oh, no! What’s it?
– What happened, bro? While playing cricket, I dived
to catch the ball. My team won. But my hand’s paining! Playing cricket? Bullshit! The new guy
gave him a handshake! His hand has turned to wet rags! Who? That old hag?
– Yes! Is that so? I had lunch box in the other hand.
It would’ve been different otherwise! Did he really beat you down?
– No way! He would’ve died then!
He got only a handshake now! He’s such a show-off!
I’m gonna show him! Buddy, we can’t leave it like this!
We gotta ask them! You wanna hit him?
– We’ll be with you! As if you’ll be with me! Last ‘Onam’, that Bijeesh from commerce..
– P. Bineesh. – Right! when he called me for a fight, these guys
promised to be with me. But.. they watched me getting beaten up,
shot the video, added music and posted it to their status!
Such losers they are! As if I’ll trust them again! Buddy! Don’t say that! What did you say then?
You’ll go and ask first.. And when you make a sign,
only then we should join, you said! To not spoil you build-up,
we waited for your signal. Yeah! When they’re beating the pulp
out of me, I’ll give you signals! You didn’t hear my helpless
screams! Bug off! Buddy! This is not like the last time!
We’ll ask them, and may hit them too! No!
– Buddy! – No! Let’s ask them! – No!
– We’ll be with you! – No! Do as you wish, then! We’ll do whatever is necessary,
got it? We? He’s as old as my dad!
Whatever! I’ll do whatever it takes! [Random Arabic song] Hey! Anyway I’m gonna buy
you the shake. Tell me who it is! No way! Trying to trick me
once I tell you the name? Sharjah first. Name later.
Come on! “You’ll return..”
I’m shaving in that hope! We don’t have many girls in our class!
Usually the science class has more girls! What to say, brother.. I too opted science
in that hope. But they all chose commerce! Don’t call me ‘brother’ in front of girls!
You can call me my name! Seeing your face, how can I call you
by name, brother? You remind me of my uncle! This is so smooth, brother! Hey, Jackson! Where are you headed to,
with this jelly belly? He knows who took my book!
– Huh? Who? He’ll tell me if I buy him
a Sharjah shake! Sharjah?
– Wow! Blackmail? Hey! Come here! No!
– Come here, you! To give me a handshake? No way!
– Don’t you want the Sharjah? Come here! Come on! Let me ask you! You’ll tell him the name only if
he buys you a Sharjah, right? Ouch! Stop it!
– Tell us who took the book! I’ll tell you!
Let go of my ear! Unni!
– Who? Unni! He? Why would he take my book? Whatever happens, he shouldn’t
know that I told this to you.. Because he’s my best friend! Such best friends! What are you waiting for? Let’s smash his nose
and get your notebook back! We can’t go and take it directly! What’s the issue? There’s a small issue.
– What’s it? Why are you standing here? Go! But, Sharjah?
– Go and drink Sharjah with your mistress! Use 2 more straws and pump it into
your nose! Let it choke you to death! So you were tricking me? No, I was cheating you!
– Get going! Go! You’ll all die of hunger!
– Run away! Go! Tell me, buddy!
– Remember our anonymous letter? To principal, or chairman?
– Principal! Oh, about maths teacher!
– Anonymous letter? Nothing much! We wrote a
letter to the principal, saying that the maths teacher is
bad, she sleeps in the class.. and throws us out of the class
if we ask doubts.. – Then? Then what? It didn’t work out! Later we came to know that the new principal
is maths teacher’s cousin! But that was a while ago!
We weren’t caught! We weren’t caught, but we’ll be!
– Why so? Before typing that letter.. I had written a sample
behind my maths notebook! Is it still there?
– Yes! Did anyone see it?
– How do I know? It’s with him! If anybody sees it, you’ll be thrown
out of the school for sure! How will I write the exam
without you? How will I sit alone
in the last bench? I feel a bit relaxed
because the brother is here! You won’t be alone, he will be!
– Why so? If they catch me, I’ll tell your name too!
– Crap! Buddy, I’m the one who followed you
when you left within 5 minutes in the last exam! You lasted 5 minutes
because I sat there for 5 minutes! No! I had done 3 rounds of revision! I swear on my mom..
No, on you! As if you revised! Stop it! You wanna take
the maths book, right? We’ll get it done.
– Is that so? Come on, then!
– Hey! – Yes? Shave and go!
Else it’ll be funny! Hey, isn’t Chemistry the next period?
– Yes! – Okay! The gang is here! What should I do? Hang upside down?
I’m not afraid of anyone! [Chemistry jargon] What?
– What? What’s it?
– Huh? What? Ask him what it is!
– Will tell you later! What the.. Such a nuisance!
Why are they staring at me? They’re crazy! I know what it is! What’s it? I won’t tell you! You made fun of me
in front of the girls! Forget it! After the school, I’ll get you soda sharbat
and meat cutlet! Tell me what it is! Are you sure? Tell me what it is! I’ll tell you then! They are planning
to knock you down together! What for? They say you took Jackson’s
maths notebook! Here we go again! Why would I
take his book? I doubt it would even have papers,
let alone the notes! Taking his maths notebook
would be at least useful! I know that! This is different! You said a stale joke to them
at noon. Remember? They didn’t like it.
Especially the long-haired one. But they can’t hit you
with this reason, right? But in the name of the book,
they can beat the pulp out of you! Idiots lacking humour sense! How do you know this? I hid behind the bathroom
and listened to them talking. Mridul, today evening.. Buddy, you shaved?
– Principal caught me! Awesome! But it’s okay.
You look good. Now you’re indeed ‘Mridul’! (Soft) I doubt my cuteness is
a bit too much! Whatever! 18 years old
cute boy! Talk to them and settle the matter.
Don’t invite trouble. Why? They are planning to hit me
for no reason! I took his maths notebook!
Let it be that way! That’s it! Let’s see if they can take it
back from me! Is your house somewhere around Pallikkara?
– No.. – No? What’s it? His book.. I wanted his book,
for copying the notes. We’ll discuss that later.
Turn around. There’s something going on
without our knowledge! No! Nothing is going on
since some time! There is! I saw them
staring at each other! I guess it’s struggling for breath.. What are you talking about?
What’s this? Sunimon! My pet!
– Sunimon? Give it to me! What’s this? A fruit? It’s moving! It’s a spider!
– Spider.. What’s it?
– A spider! Slender?
– Spider! Why are you scared for that? Catch it and throw it out!
I don’t even like to see them! Catch and throw it outside! You were petting a spider, you idiot? He’s raising a spider
as if it’s a puppy! Don’t worry! Spider is a Chinese food!
It’s harmless! Don’t panic! It’s harmless! When did you climb up?
Get down! Look if it’s anywhere around. Anandu! Get lost, you idiot! In the midst of all these..
– Spider! Sunimon is missing, you idiot! Bringing a spider to the school,
you scumbag? Keep looking! Don’t go away! Hello! What’s it? Nonsense! Look for it! I don’t see it anywhere around. It’s gone without a trace. Gone. Buddy..
– What’s it? Don’t move, okay?
– I will! It could bite you
if you move! Don’t tell me it’s on my head!
– It is! Oh, no! Do something!
– Buddy.. Do something! Fend it off! Don’t move!
– Fend it off somehow! It’ll bite you if you move!
– Fend it off! Do it!
– Don’t move! Don’t hit it! Don’t hit Sunimon! Stop fooling around
and fend it off! Sunimon! Mommy.. Mother.. Somebody take that spider
to the hospital! Is it dead? Where’s it? It fell somewhere!
– Where’s Sunimon? Unni! Get up! There goes your spider! What? What happened here? A giant spider!
– Spider? No, it’s gone! Gone, right?
– Yes. I assure you. Sit down, everybody. Get up! The teacher is here!
Enough sleeping! Get me my spider!
– I’ll go to the roof and search for it! Say something and get rid of her!
I don’t wanna sit and sleep! What do I say?
I’m not getting any idea.. Miss, he has got something to say. What’s it, Arun? Why did you come here
for this period? Why do you ask so?
Isn’t this my period? No, the time table had changed
from this week. So.. This is P.E.T. period. P.E.T. period? It can’t be! Is it P.E.T. period?
– No, chemistry! See? No chemistry!
That means it’s P.E.T. period! Huh? Is that so? Sure? Sure!
– Sure! Sure! All right, then! But, P.E.T. sir is on leave today! He’s on leave. So he told us the other day
that we could go and play! All right. Anandu! Where are you going?
– P.E.T. period! She’ll be back any moment! But, since we all are going.. Come here! How’s your pain? Pain?
– My head’s spinning even now! When I got the first hit,
I thought my head flew off! The spider didn’t die
despite all these hits, right? Who hit the spider? He was hitting you! Me?
– Yes! But.. Who hit me?
I don’t remember clearly! It was Jackson who hit you!
– He hit me? He was the one planning to hit you!
For taking his book! The spider could just be fended off!
Why hit on the head? You’re lucky that
the spider was on your head! If it was elsewhere, he could’ve
turned it black and blue! If he has hurt Unni,
I’ll make him pay for it! I’ll get you punched today! We’re not gonna get bat and ball.
The principal is roaming near the staffroom. Damn! He’s such a nuisance! Let’s go the class then. Why standing here
if we’re not gonna play? Let’s go there and play Bingo!
– Yeah, let’s go! Anyone here to play 70s?

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