APERTURE explained (in 2 1/2 minutes) Photography Beginner Course Lesson #3

APERTURE explained (in 2 1/2 minutes) Photography Beginner Course Lesson #3

exposure is made up of three components aperture shutter speed and
ISO sounds pretty complicated but these are nothing more than overly complex
technical terms for totally logical things let’s start with aperture aperture is an enormously sophisticated
word for a hole yes, a hole in your camera’s lens the great thing is your camera
electronics allow us to make this whole big letting more light in making your
image brighter or small making your image darker to easier understand that let’s compare it with the window on your left side we have the aperture of your camera on the right side we have a
window with blinds the only difference:
the window is rectangular the aperture is round but both are holes if we close the blinds
half only half as much light gets into the room making the room darker and it is exactly the same with the aperture close it half and only half the light gets in making the image of your room darker close it ninety percent and only ten percent get in making your image pretty dark it’s as easy as that let’s repeat that close the aperture and your image gets darker open the aperture and you image kids brighter now you understand how the aperture is
determining the brightness of your image and white is one important component of
exposure next up is shutter speed watch it now or later but make sure to
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