10 thoughts on “Artograph Prism Series Projectors”

  1. @MrGimpyLoser No – not loud at all. If you watch the entire video, the projector is turned on while the demonstrator is speaking.

  2. How long can you let them run for before they overheat? Can you leave them on for hours while you paint?

  3. For specific questions on the Prism Series Projector, please email our product information experts at: info @ dickblick . com. Thank you!

  4. I call bull$%@ on this video, you show us one projector in use without being able to see the other projector in action to tell whether it is worth spending $100 usd more on the color lense

  5. I just purchased one but I can't see the image? Does this have to be turned on only in a dark room? I just see a white circle, like it doesn't show the image at all? Please help? :/

  6. For product assistance, please contact our Product Information expert either by phone – toll free 1-800-933-2546 or email – info @ dickblick . com. They can help you with any of your questions.

  7. The mirror inside my Artograph Super Prism Projector is chipped at the corner where do I get a replacement mirror? Or given the correct measurement I could have one cut to the correct size…please help,
    Jeff Mercer

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