ASLI MARD Chapter 3 Ft. Raftaar & Ashish Chanchlani | Web Series Finale | Salil Jamdar & Co.

ASLI MARD Chapter 3 Ft. Raftaar & Ashish Chanchlani | Web Series Finale | Salil Jamdar & Co.

In Asli Mard Chapter 2 you witnessed That due to watching porn, the Kaamdev (Indian God of Sax) of Modern times Had not just got ED aka Erectile Dysfunction But had also been diagnosed with PE aka Premature Ejaculation When his 6 hour long control had come down to 1 second Instead of trying to make his “instrument” erect again He thought it was better to jump from his building’s terrace You’re anyways not gonna do it Jumping is easy, but flying is difficult And to make “it” fly is even more difficult Who are you? Original Kaamdev (Indian God of Sax) Lord! Can you for once, make me the “real man” once again? Chapter 3: The Real Man New Chapter New Location New Looks! Ok Lord What is this Lord? THE CONTRACT TO REAL MANHOOD! As soon as you sign this contract Your “instrument” will begin to fly once again *Lyrics to a Bollywood movie song meaning Fly higher higher higher* The contract to real manhood 150 days No P*RN Challenge What is this? Don’t watch P*RN for 150 days And you will transform from an impotent to a real man Hahahaha….150 days Don’t joke Lord I can’t control myself for 1 hour And you want me to do it for 150 days…Hahaha Prabhu has gone mental He says 150 days We can’t even control ourselves for 1 hour You aren’t aware of the fact that kids these days Have so much of stress, depression, and anxiety Which is the reason why we watch P*RN The doctor had also said the same thing And prescribed medicines for it too What?!! In Chapter 2…You had sung a song, right? I got deceived What was the first line of that song? The cursed days of 6th grade those were Was sitting quietly enjoying my lollipop When my senior said, “Look kid” This is how your ‘instrument’ is to be used Wow So when that 11 year old kid was enjoying his lollipop Was he stressed at that time? Or depressed? No no…He was totally chilled at that time Then why did he start watching P*RN? And when did the stress begin? When I realized that real life is totally different from the world of P*RN So what should you conclude as the actual reason for your stress? Because of the people in real life It was because of P*RN you idiot! In fact using stress and depression as an excuse to watch P*RN is also a sign of impotency But P*RN provides you with sex education…Right? I had seen it in Ashish’s video (Ashish Chanchlani – One of India’s topmost YouTubers) His dad wished to give him Sex Education But he had already learnt everything by watching Naughtyy America #GuptGyaan (Secret knowledge – name of the video) What an awesome video it was, Lord I went Lol lol lol on watching it Then tell me one thing Even after watching 80000 GB of it Why are you still a Virgin? But…If we don’t watch P*RN Then how will we know where to “insert it” Dude how do you think dogs know it How did your forefathers know it huh?! Ashish Chanchlaniiiiii Ashish Chanchlani Views! Hey Lord Why are you repeatedly showering lightning Is your dad gonna pay off the electricity bill? Now tell me what’s wrong…Why are you screaming? What have you come here for? This is the “50 Million” zone Ashish Chanchlani…Why did you fool me? Why did you tell me to learn sex by watching Naughtyy America You stupid piece of shit That was a joke! What the fuckely phuckety fakfakfakaaakfak fakk Don’t you guys understand a simple joke? Why do you guys come up with random conclusions from each of my videos That poor dad in the video Is trying to give Sex Education to his child And as usual that kid thinks he knows everything Just like every kid does When did I say That by watching P*RN you learn to have sex? What Dude P*RN is not sex education P*RN is rape education Do you know That when 90% of the rapists are interrogated after the crime It is found out that They were inspired by some violent or extreme P*RN All they show in P*RN is that These girls who are a part of it are super horny She is always ready, be it the day or the night She is ready to f*ck Be it a plumber, a milkman, or even a dog Even if 10 guys come together at once, she is happily ready to G*ngbang too This very same G*ngbang turns into a gang rape in real life Thanks to P*RN overdose every second child Grows up with the very same mindset that Every girl is ready to get laid here *Recollecting a scene from Chapter 1* And when this situation takes place in real life When these assh*les try to rape a girl And she resists That hurts their ego They end up getting frustrated thinking that Why isn’t she enjoying it? I am gonna beat her up really bad I am gonna beat her up, burn her, and insert a rod into her There is definitely a problem with her. She must enjoy it What unbelievable? What you did with Mia at the end of Chapter 1 That too was almost rape you idiot Do you know when the Priyanka Reddy rape and murder case happened What was one of the most searched term on P*RN sites after that? Dr Priyanka Reddy Leave that…Do you know almost 40% of P*RN Is a form of rape only These people who are addicted to P*RN They don’t enjoy watching normal P*RN after a while They want something different Something creative Something ‘Forced’, ‘Extreme’, ‘Violent’ And regular P*RNstars cannot perform any of these So to fulfill this demand of theirs, P*RN firms indulge in Sex Trafficking Young girls are kidnapped Are forcefully induced with drugs, are beaten up And are made to perform these scenes So most of these scenes that you watch of ‘Bondage’ and ‘Slavery’ A lot of times these are real They are induced with such large amounts of drugs They don’t realise what is happening with them ‘AN*L’ is your fantasy, right? Do you know how their ‘AN*L’ videos are made? Cocaine is put into their ass So that it becomes numb and they can’t feel the pain Mia Khalifa is your favourite right? I’m sure you watch all her videos But have you watched her recent interview? In which she has exposed the whole P*RN industry There are so many of such Ex P*RNstars Who have come out with their real life stories They have been beaten up so hard with whips They ended up having permanent marks on their thighs Who knows what sort of objects have they inserted in different parts of their body That has caused damage to their internal organs too A lot of them even end up breaking their jaw Bro the girls who face such torture Don’t they complain about it to anyone? After every P*RN shoot an ‘Exit Interview’ takes place Where these actors have to say that whatever has happened with them Has happened with their wish, their consent And that they have enjoyed it too And if they refuse to say so They don’t get paid So basically, all these P*RN scenes that you guys watch Won’t even give you the slightest of idea That were they consensual, or a form of rape Give me the Contract to Real Manhood! Lord He is ready I vow to not watch P*RN for 150 days I’ll die but not watch it Even a single thought about it and a Sax Toy in my ass Good child Now I’ll have to fap using my imagination everyday lord Who told you masturbation is allowed child? What?! You should always sign a contract only after reading it completely The useless Kiki Challenge The useless ice bucket challenge The useless tikthok make up challenge made for eunuchs Useless Bottle flip Challenge It’s time the boys of my country No P*RN for 150 days Prove yourself by doing this challenge Leave your impotency behind Prove yourself as a real man Kill your inner enemy Give your instrument some cooling If your fingers wish to fidget Screw you P*RN Screw you P*RN Screw you P*RN Damn you P*RN There is only 1 solution to get rid of your addiction Bear the torture There is no other option Meditation in the morning Do the Kegel’s Exercise During the time you pee With time you will get rid of Premature Ejaculation But it will not be as easy To get back your erection Screw you P*RN Screw you P*RN Screw you fapping Do not masturbate What’s wrong in fapping If I’m not watching P*RN What’s wrong in masturbation? You thought this series was on Porn addiction The real motive of it is way beyond that What you drain away in the bathroom just like urine Come let me tell you what all you lose because of it Lord…Lord You’re going a bit off beat You’ll have to rap a bit faster Yeah you know I’m a singer and not a rapper so… But I wanted to speak about a lot of things so..I thought that Maybe I should quickly rap and say it…yeah Lord considers himself to be Raftaar Raftaar bro (One of India’s topmost rappers) You thought this video was on P*RN addiction But its real motive is way beyond that What you drain away in the bathroom just like urine Let me tell you what all you lose due to it Semen, your life giving energy Unnecessarily draining away your energy is your fault You are Thanos, this is your infinity stone If you lose this, you lose everything 80 drops of blood make 1 drop of semen 30 kgs of food create a 15 gram drop of it Too much of fidgeting with it causes it to swell Yet these foolish people don’t wanna improve When semen is created, your fuel gets stored That helps your engine run, makes you He-man Your ‘gun’ starts working, makes you Human Else how will you reproduce further? Steve Jobs and Tyson conserved it Da Vinci and Newton conserved it Vivekananda preached everyone How your inner energy is to be conserved and enhanced So for once, you should stop too Care a bit for your body as well Conserve your semen to experience your full potential Choose now what you wish to do Red pill – No P*RN no fapping, Blue pill – No P*RN mild fapping Dark circles began to reduce Muscle weight began to increase White hair began to disappear Started sleeping peacefully Focus and memory improved Depression, Weakness and Stress began to disappear one by one And then I was shocked Girls started looking at me My instrument began to fly too Felt connected with God too Revolutionary innovative ideas Started forming in my mind Opened a channel on YouTube, and began cleaning its unpleasant elements I became a dude yeah A totally cool dude yeah Impotency no more yea yea yeaah People say My India is an upcoming superpower Coz the population of youth is extremely high over here But when everyone is busy fapping How in the world will we be a superpower We will make survival impossible for you 150 days If you won’t watch it Their business will shut The root problem will die And ‘instruments’ will fly I don’t want the government to ban P*RN I want us to stop P*RN If you are a real man then prove it by taking up the 150 day #NoPornChallenge Hello guys so please like ‘Asli Mard’ Chapter 1, 2 and 3 Share it so that this message reaches maximum number of people And most importantly subscribe to my very talented friend Salil Jamdar And most importantly if you wish Salil Jamdar continues to keep making such amazing videos Then head onto his website SALILJAMDAR.COM And send him monthly support for his videos Or one time support for his next video Google Pay and PayTM number has been provided and along with that there is a PayPal link too And if you wish to know why should you support an artist like Salil Jamdar Then watch his ‘Salil Jamdar Endgame’ video

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  1. Awesome explaination bro
    Porn addiction is not good for us I accept this challenge
    Who's accept this challenge
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  2. Yeah i watch porn but after this i am accepting challenge of 150 days and it is easy for me as i watch it once in a week and mostly i play games and so it is easy for me

  3. Bro aur aise inspiring videos bana desh ko badal apne video se good luck bro your videos are amazing and you good singer also

  4. Ashish ek hi dil h or kitni baar fan banne ko majbur karoge…. today the way you represent such serious social bimaari is unbelivable. Hats of tooo you boss.

  5. Challenge accepted …… I also decided to quit watching p*** and at the same day when I opened YouTube this came into my recommendation this may be a sign but I already passed 2 days
    Day 1 βœ”
    Day 2 βœ”

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  7. vai i m surviving till now..from the vedio is being uploaded..😎 but now it seems i will have no control now..please encourage me by giving likes..i will control more days the amount of likes i get..πŸ˜‘

  8. Good message bro .These video is very helpful for teenager .You are fadu artist bro Ty for video bro Please share this videoo

  9. I'm gonna update myself here everyday.
    Day 1 – Done
    Day 2 – Done
    Day 3 – Done
    Day 4 – Feeling urges. But staying strong!!

  10. Accepted #150daychallenge
    2 days to go
    Mujhe pta h bhut muskil h
    10 saal se jo krra hun but ab
    Nai krega mai 😊😊

  11. Sale mai dekhta tha class 6-7 phir uske bad ayaa computer uske sath CSGO phir ayaa COD phir pubg mubile aur sale 5 sal tak dekhai nehi Time kam par gaya game khelte kjelte ab sala iye game khelne ka addiction dur karna hai

  12. U did awesome initiation.This topic is really necessary to bring and the way you thought to bring its fabulous which I feel can be reachable to any level of audience. BEST WISHES😊

  13. Kabhi in 3 ka Collab chahiye
    1. SALIL
    2. SHWETABH BHAI(Aur Londe)
    3. Dino James

    Jab In Teeno Ka Collaboration Ek Video Me Hoga Us Din 2 Nariyal Chadhaunga Bhagvan Ke

  14. Bhai, Huge respect for this video. I have even subscribed your channel after watching this.
    But bhai it's easy to say no to porn or masturbation when you have someone to have sex (consentual) with you.
    In my case, I'm not making it up, I tried many-many times but never ever had any girl in my 26 years of life. May be my under average look is the reason. So to satisfy my sexual need, I started watching porn and masturbating once a week (usually on Sunday) but never had any addiction of it.
    Now after watching your video I am encouraged to take '150 day no porn challenge' but I don't know how long will I last in this challenge.
    So my question to you is that what should a below average looking and an uncool guy do to satisfy the sexual need (marriage is not the option here).
    Also if even we stopped watching the porn, who will save us from the Bollywood's soft porn item songs?

  15. I did it 150+ days in 2k18.. Believe me the quality of semen after 175 days was lit..I was more strong Much memory power but now.. again got addicted…I will do it.. again…and bounce back..

  16. Attention
    Bhai please monthly support wale option me debit card lane ki koshish karo. Zyadatar (like 98%) hum young bando k pas credit card nhi hota hai, debit card ka option waha rahe toh mere jaise bohot koi monthly support kar payega

  17. Ashish no Jo Bola vo bilkul galat tha par Jo raftaar ne Bola vo ekdam Sahi tha kaise to Jake ek baar osho ki kaam vasna se samathi ki aur video dekho Pura khel samaj aayega πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

  18. Bro aap ki video mene watch later ki hui a or aap ki pic mene mere dono 2 or laptop keprofile pe lagayi h i am watching pron more than 8 years 4 hour har roz but ye video dekhe ke baad i except challenge jab me control nahi kar pata to aap ki photo help karti h Or Ager tab bhi nhi control hota to aap ki video help karti h i want upload this comment on your this video but I feel seam par ab i know I can complete this challenge so i don't care my family see my comment or people make jokes on me i love you bhai you give me right way


  20. Please expose sir medical science and doctors on masturbation ye log youth ko kharab kar rahe hai galat information dekar aur aapne faayede k liye aurved is best

  21. Mia Khalifa is just playing a victim card. It was her mistake that she chose pornography. And no, reputable companies don't have underage girls and have registered actresses and actors. They don't traffic any girls. Stop spreading your anti-porn propaganda. If your ISP is not allowing you to access porn sites then that's not our problem.

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