Before You Buy a Camera… WATCH THIS!

Before You Buy a Camera… WATCH THIS!

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  1. Video tip! Use to hand transcribe your videos for $1 per minute. Otherwise people might think they are watching Pink Media. 😉

  2. Canon m50 purchased in dec was using iPhone XS Max previously…!! Was reluctant to get into camera but wanted to level up my overall videos

  3. Great advices for beginners although stabilisation and slow motion is kinda big deal nowadays with all those genius filmmakers

  4. Your YouTube card that talks about shooting with smartphone didn’t show up 😢 could you post it again please?

  5. Right information, I bought the Canon M 50 last year and I only have the lens that came with it but I would really want a white linens but just don’t know which one ?! Also what is the best lens for this camera for pictures and video that I take a lot for my kids

  6. Loved this video great info I bought an entry level DSLR Nikon 3400 I have no filters for it didn’t even know about them tbh thanks guys

  7. Think Media u need to CURSE! anyway i got Canon M50 on December 2019 and this is the story …
    – I am a MF BEGINNER was looking on youtube to get my 2nd camera ( my first one is a camcorder JVC gy-mh 190)
    – End up looking to buy blackmagic pocket 6k … oh no no in that case i will spend all my money …
    – Then looking for blackmagic pocket 4k … after that sony a7iii, panasonic GH5, panasonic GH4
    – The war began between Canon M50 and Panasonic GH4 … watched more videos
    – For the autofocus + 120 fps in 720 i decided to …
    – Got Canon M50 + Mic thanks to u guys in Think Media … u think the story end up here ? u r wrong
    – I tried it for ( couple of hours ) in my room and i didn't like it and i remembered the people who said the camera is bad in low light … T_T
    – Again watched more videos and now i am reading comments bellow = got my mind FUCKED UP
    – Long story shot , ( After recording 2-3 hours combined in different situations … morning, afternoon, night, inside and outside ) then edited the footage
    – OH MY GOD … THAT CAMERA IS A BEAST even at low light it is good i don't care about you

    *My message for me & all the beginners out there … my brothers
    Use what ever u have and after u master it and using it in different occasions then u will know if u need a better camera or not. Before that SHUT THE FUCK UP and go make videos
    Or are u trying to impress the people who ask u … what is your camera ? oh i got Sony a7iii that i use 1 time/ month and i got gopro 8 that i bought just to unbox it and say i have it

    *My message for Think Media … guys if u r making videos for us the beginners
    U need to start cursing … oh no no … wait what is the point of making the video in the first place ?
    Is to get ur message across right ?
    guss what ? we the beginners don't understand the nice language. As soon as someone said there is a better option we forget all the stuff before
    one more thing, even if we get the camera most of us still thinking about the better choices and not focusing on maximizing the potential of what we got already

    Mark my MF WORDS! u will make another video in 1 or 2 years from now about the same SHIT again but in a different title

    This is a CLOSED LOOP if u don't start cursing or punching people like me

  8. Great video! I use the Canon SL2 for my travel channel and has served me well. I've also invested in a GoPro and Osmo Pocket, and they both come in handy, especially the 4k 60 on the Osmo Pocket. Cheers!

  9. Love this video! I'm definitely going to check out color grading now! I toggle between my iPhone 7 Plus and my Sony a5100 (got both in 2016). Both are great, but I need to free up a lot of memory on my phone so that's been an issue and my Sony overheats very quickly. So, I'm definitely looking to get a camera that I can use solely for my videos without worrying about memory or it overheating :/

  10. I currently use a GoPro Hero 7 Silver to shoot my videos, and it works quite well! Planning to re-invest into my YouTube channel by finally purchasing a proper camera (once I am monetized..98.7% there!). I can’t wait ☺️

  11. Im just starting out and very veryyyyy confused about what camera (reasonable starter budget) i should buy. Please can people suggest? Thanks ❤️

  12. What's funny is I literally came to your channel to find a good camera for YT and this was your newest video haha.

  13. Thank you for the help I stress way to much about what camera to buy for my vlog! this was a great video taking about more than just the camera itself👍

  14. I'm using my phone (Note 10+). As much as I want an EOS R, it's just a want. I really don't see how it would help me much. My next upgrades will be lighting and microphones.

  15. Well I didn't even realize I wasn't subscribed but this video push me over the edge . . . Thanks for this video!

  16. SL2 for a couple of years. Wanted the M50 but they’re so similar. I’m ordering the Canon XA50 soon because I do a lot of run and gun news stories.

  17. I currently have a t3i for video. I have had it for a while and want better autofocus. Is upgrading to the m50 in 2020 worth it or should I wait a while?

  18. Just looked at this yesterday and question stabilization. Ive been using my I-phone 11 which has an awesome camera but you hear wind (Cant connect mic).
    AWESOME INFO … I JUST started my channel and could use all the help I can get. Thanks so much! @UCo0DGGiFYSGvQLUf2fa5iXw

  19. I started using a Canon T3i but was frustrated with having to keep turning the recording back on every 12 minutes, so I switched to the Canon Vixia HF R800.

  20. I have canon Eos R with ef24-70mm and also i have dji ronin s with rode mic pro plus also a feel world f5 because I’m gonna start to make a films but I need to know which light should i buy

  21. Im using the camera on my samsung galaxy note 5, its not the greatest but with the correct lighting, it makes a crazy difference in quality like you mentioned. Saving this to my watch later so I can refer back to this video once I get my first actual camera that I can mess with the settings on/try out different lenses and everything. Thanks for another great vid guys!!

  22. Question Of The Day ⚡ What camera do you use for YouTube and when did you get it? Let us know! 👇 ***** WATCH THIS VIDEO NEXT 📣 Learn an easy lighting setup for YouTube videos in this video 👉

  23. For photos, I have a Canon 20D that I bought in 2014. For video, I have both a Canon Powershot SX160IS in 2013 and a Panasonic Lumix FZ40. Thinking of upgrading to an M50.

  24. Currently using my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone for a camera. I've had it for about 5 years. I've invested in a ring light and a lav mic, but the phone itself doesn't have a ton of built-in control. It's an ok camera. My computer webcam is trash, so if anything I'd like to upgrade that at least, then just get a better phone. My phone needs replacing anyways; it's slowing down, hella cracked, and the screen is starting to glitch out.

  25. Was using a Panasonic Camera, then I used my Samsung Note 10+ which worked really well but I finally decided to buy a Canon M50 last week. We have not done any videos with the M50 yet but the first is coming soon.

  26. I use a canon power shot SX10 probably got it many years ago, when I shoot on video mode my video is low pixel quality, not sure if that is my filmora editing or just the camera. I am think of upgrading since I am getting into doing reseller videos and vlogs.

  27. This I a bit frustrating topic, do you really want to use Canon 600d that needs cord to connect it to desktop each time???

  28. Sometimes my camera doesn't turn on, other times it doesn't save videos once I'm done filming.
    I don't think these tips will help…

  29. Dude, thank you for this video! I’m a metal musician and do a lot of up close talking and of course guitar tutorials. I’ve been just using my iPhone 7 with a cheap lapel mic. For audio, I usually record direct through my studio, then dump the file and sync it with the video.
    But I think it’s time to make a few upgrades.

  30. Everyone comments on the impressive models of very expensive cameras. How do you make a lot of money to buy them?

  31. A video the internet NEEDED!! Thank you for explaining that quality content is more than just the latest camera 🤍🙌🏽

  32. I shoot with canon t3i so I am pretty pump to know I can improve the quality by making a few adjustments to way that shoot and edit

  33. So I want to start my channel, I have been practicing my recordings and I just haven’t felt comfortable with my equipment just yet. Although, my mind is set on Sony a6400 that’s the camera I want to invest in, But it is not in my budget. However, I do have a
    A very old camera I haven’t used and it’s collecting dusk. It’s the Canon T3. I got it a long time ago and used it for taking pics as I didn’t know much about cameras.. Do you suggest I keep that and just buy some new lens for it Or can I possible recycle and trade it in and get a new camera? I also have my phone Which is a iPhone XS that I have recorded some videos but I’m not ready to upload anything as I just been practicing recording myself on there. It’s the perfectionist side of me where I want it to be just right before I put myself out there and create some
    Content. I know everyone is not perfect but I want the best for my channel.

  34. Canon sl2 almost year and a half. I want something smaller, more pocket vlog ish. Should I go with g7x ii, looks solid and has great reviews.

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