Beginning Photography Tips & Techniques : Loading Film in 35mm Camera

Beginning Photography Tips & Techniques : Loading Film in 35mm Camera

Hi, I’m Scott Vallance on behalf of Expert We are going to do a video clip today about loading film in a 35mm camera.
All cameras are a little bit different. Most of them have the release for the back over
on the slide take up spool. Just open the spool, it has a lever in the middle, and then
pull it up and the back should spring open. At this point, hold it upside down; blow in
it gently to get any extra dust out of there. If you have one of those manual blowers it
works real well. Take your film out of the canister that holds it. It has a leader on
it. There is a sprocket over on the left hand side of your camera, right hand side as you
look at it. Stick the leader into the little slot, about a ¼ inch, advance your film advance
lever, fold your film across, make sure that this spot that holds are lined up with the
spot that is on the gear drive, fold your film across, drop into the slot, turn your
film take up wind lever down on it, close the back, leave the little lever up on your
film wind lever and then advance it a couple of times and watch and make sure that the
little handle turns. If it does not turn, your film did not load correctly. Shoot a
couple frames, tighten that up, set it down and you are ready to go shoot.

8 thoughts on “Beginning Photography Tips & Techniques : Loading Film in 35mm Camera”

  1. I have one of these camera at home. Do I need a battery for it to work? Cos I can't find the battery anywhere. I think it's too old school, hence not available anymore. =(

  2. not exactly true, there are several full maunaul camerea like AE1, K1000, etc that use a battery, but only for the light meter. U can still operate the camera and take pictures without a battery, just won't have exposure meter at the ready on certain models. Pre EOS days

  3. That helped a lot! I have FM10 Nikon, and this was my 1st time to load it, and it was perfect! Thanks so much 😀

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