Best Camera and Tech Deals on Amazon (Best Tech Gifts 2019)

Best Camera and Tech Deals on Amazon (Best Tech Gifts 2019)

38 thoughts on “Best Camera and Tech Deals on Amazon (Best Tech Gifts 2019)”

  1. Great video, Sean ! I need to get a dedicated camera for my videos + lights as the current ones I use from my room are not good enough at certain times of the day and it's hard to use the green screen

  2. QUESTION OF THE DAY ⚡What TECH are you planning on upgrading next? Let me know! 👇🏼 ** Download the FREE Think Media Video Gear and Camera Buyer's Guide here 🎯

  3. I currently have a sony rx100v and planning an upgrading to a canon m50 is it worth it? or to what camera should I upgrade to? thank you!!!!!

  4. Thanks for the video Sean! Next gear up for me is getting a remote control for my M50, light panel softboxes, and light stand carrying cases.

  5. Replay for me. I'm editing on a 10yr old desktop computer and I'm using Filmora9 as my editing software.
    I need to upgrade my desktop and at some point editing software. My desktop also needs to be the family computer so it has to be budget conscious.
    So, as much as I would love to upgrade from using my smartphone to a Canon M50, I would love to hear your thoughts on computers that can edit with a family budget in mind.

  6. Bummed I missed the lightning deal on the tripod! I may still pick one up today for my new camera. Thanks so much!

  7. Thanks for sharing I'm supporting your channel. Working on my YouTube live streaming setup in my Man Cave. Have a great Holiday and Merry Christmas 🎁

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  9. Just upgraded to a Canon SL2 that I actually found at best buy refurbished, open box just missing a battery for 280 and I love it per your recommendation thanks so much!

  10. Just got an m50 + rode videomic pro and a bazillion accessories / lights / backdrop… I love cyber Monday and Sean Cannell 😀

  11. As soon as you said smash the subscribe if your getting value I already hitting it the very second lol but anyways nice video, the only informative tech video on cyber Monday, smart move

  12. I ended up buying the T7i kit that included a ton of extra accessories today for $650 on Amazon… I was extremely stuck between buying the M50 and the T7i. I watched so many reviews plus all your videos on both cameras, but I couldn't find a good video comparing the two. I am buying this camera for my fishing/outdoors/vlogging/streaming channel and socials. My anxiety has gotten the best of me, because I'm not sure if I made the right decision…. I know you really like the M50, but which one would you buy if you were in my shoes?

  13. I'm a new member and looking to start a You Tube channel. I've looked at your videos about the M50. I see bundles on Amazon around $599 to $679 (which includes lens, SD card, tripods, bag etc.), what are your thoughts?

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