Blink XT2 Security Camera System Review

Blink XT2 Security Camera System Review

I’ve been using the Blink XT and XT2
security system over the past year on my RV and I wanted to share my experience.
This is my honest, unsolicited opinion, without any sponsorship. The Blink XT
security camera system is owned and sold by Amazon. I’ve had very positive success
using it for the past year and here’s a list of the key features that made it
work well for me. It runs off two AA lithium batteries for up to two
years. 1080p HD video and infrared night vision. Live video or motion detection
recording. Notifications and recordings are accessible through the phone app.
Two-way audio. Indoor and outdoor use. Free cloud storage. And it works with
Alexa enabled devices. Let’s look at how it works. First download the Blink app to your phone and create an account. Next plug in the sync module and connect it to your Wi-Fi. Then insert batteries
into each camera module and scan the 3D barcode on the camera to sync it. Mount
those cameras anywhere within 100 feet of the sync module. Now you’re ready to
control everything from the mobile app. When you open the Blink app it shows an
image of each camera that you set up in a scrollable list. You can manage the
devices or add new ones by clicking the name of the camera system in the top
center, in this case RV Home and then go to all devices. Here is a list of all
the cameras synced to the RV home system and you can reorder them to your liking.
The blink app lets you add up to 10 cameras per sync module. Select Add a
System to add another sync module with up to 10 more cameras. Select the
Settings icon to the right of a camera image and you can configure each camera. Here you can change the name, see the battery monitor, or adjust the
temperature. Within the temperature reading you can enable an alert so
you’ll be notified on your phone when the temperature is outside the allowed
range. You’ll need to calibrate the temperature the first time. You can
enable or disable motion detection for this individual camera. Activity zone
allows you to pick just the area of view that you want to detect motion. This is
handy to prevent recording cars driving by or people walking by on the street.
Adjust the retrigger time, sensitivity, and clip length to manage the recording
of motion. The sensitivity setting is helpful to eliminate trees swaying in
the wind but still record activity that matters to you. The camera does have
infrared night vision and the quality of the image is impressive. Overall video
recording quality can be set to balance between battery life and image
resolution. Since it records to the cloud your Internet speed will need to handle
the throughput. The cameras are automatically updated with the latest
firmware but you can trigger an update manually if needed. When you’re done, save the changes and it updates everything back to the cameras. When motion is
detected on any camera you’ll get a notification on your phone even if the
app is not open. Select the folder in the upper right corner to see those
recordings. I want to emphasize that the Blink XT2 system only records motion
when you arm it. it’s not for recording 24-hours a day, which is why you’re able
to get such long battery life and free cloud storage. Select your recording for
playback. You can do this from anywhere since the recording is stored in the
cloud. Swipe to the left on any recording to delete it. Be aware there is a slight
delay with live feeds and two-way audio communication. You do sacrifice some
speed for the wireless portability. To arm motion detection just toggle the
button at the bottom right. You can also enable or disable individual camera
motion detection by clicking the running icon here. Overall, I love the Blink XT2
system. It has worked perfectly for my use over the past year. Amazon also
continues to improve the product and add new features through the automatic
updates. So far I’ve only had to replace the batteries on one camera and it has
abnormally high usage. It does appear reasonable to get two years of battery
life out of these devices but make sure to use lithium. I recommend starting with
the three camera kit since it has the best price combination and you can
purchase additional cameras to add to it anytime. I’ve included a link to the
camera kit in the description of this video.
Also included is a link to the outdoor camera mounts I used on my RV. If you
decide to purchase the Blink XT2 system please consider supporting this
channel by using the links provided. The price is the same but I get a small
affiliate share, and keep your eyes open for deals. Every few months Amazon
offers discounts on these kits. I hope the Blink XT2 system works as
well for you as it has for me. Thanks for watching. Hey, if you want to see more
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  1. Hi, How do they handle weather? I live in New England, and I am thinking of changing because my current cameras don't stand up to their advertising, or cold weather.

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