50 thoughts on “Bold Photo Shoots Of Pakistani Actresses”

  1. Ye saba qamar muje kuch pta nhi tha iska but ye to bht nagi wa hiyat aurat niklu. Itni nagi fahash pic tooba
    Mahira b nagi fahash pic nd panty wali tattoo body pe jiske ha kon ha wo… Itne se kapre show kr rahi thi ya apni body😠
    Hell mein jaly gi inki bodies
    Allah garat kre tum barhina aurton ko

  2. Islamic peoples if we not protested rape every man will dare to rape and become rapist and its female version is if we not put restriction on womens no women be remain mother sister and daughter every women will sex item
    1 western country's people doesn't put restriction on womens because they want people should be sexually attract to toward there womens if any body consider mother sister and daughter it is insult for them for them womens are not mother sister and daughter for them womens are only sex item
    2 western country's womens wear short and less clothes because they want man sexually attract to toward them and behave like dog and agree them for sex because that peoples does no how to rape but all the people in the world are not dog like them who will not rape
    3 india saying change thinking not clothes this a excuse by which they are defending girls negativity for which girls and womens are becoming wroster than wroster those who say change thinking not clothes they say sexy to short dress womens means this change thinking not clothes is only a excuse
    4 by not puting restriction on women's this sin going on increasing now wife's are doing sex with orther mans in bad time of husband instead of him helping she going with orther man becoming his liv in partner wife's are going with husband murderers and doing sex with him wife relationship is going on end
    5 by not putting restriction on women's now womens doing sex with there sons freind if any mans helps any woman she consider him brother she want to do sex with him mother and sister relationship on verge of end

  3. Only Humaima Malik, Veena Malik and Sarah Loren are gone too much shameless and did many bold scenes in Bollywood movies.

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