Bowfinger (3/10) Movie CLIP – Buck the Wonder Slave (1999) HD

Bowfinger (3/10) Movie CLIP – Buck the Wonder Slave (1999) HD

Can you see
over there ? What doyou see ?
Doyou see Kit ? [ Agent ]
Am l tying foryou
or not tying ? [ Kit]
You’re tying, but l want
at least the same– l know l ain’t gonna be
treated like MightyWhitey
in this town. l put in 25years
in the theater
before coming to Holl_ood. Carol, we are almost ready.
My darling, l still don’t see why
l can’t meet the man
l’m going to be working with. He wants to impress you
with his acting, and he needs
his total concentration. Oh, that’sjustyoung !
l know. l wish once
l could workwith someone
who had honed their craft. But right now
we need that scene, Carol. He may not be
a professional, but l am. Oh, Carol.
[ Makes Kissing Sound ] White boys get all the Oscars.
l-l t’s a fact. We know that, but look, look.
Did l get a nomination ? No. You know why ? ‘Cause l
ain’t played none ofthem slave
roles or get my ass whipped. That’s when you get
the nominations. Black dude play a slave role,
get his ass whipped,
he gets the nomination. White boy play an idiot,
they get the Oscar. Find me a script
as a retarded slave,
then l get the Oscar. Oh. l’m gonna schmooze.
l’ll be right back. Yeah.
Go find that script. ” Buck, the Wonder Slave.” Okay, here we go. Sound. Lights ! Roll her. When you left Phoenix,
it wasn’t becauseyou
wanted to raise soybeans. You had to get away. Why ?
Was it becauseyou wanted me
and it burned inside ofyou ? l beg your pardon ?
Come back to Phoenix. Stop this madness.
Let me in on whatever mission
this is thatyou’re doing. [ Kit ]
Do you know who l am ? You’re Keith Kincaid.
You’ve come down from Wyoming… with your damn U.F.O# s. You bastard !
Bastard ! Bastard ! – Because you prefer
alien love !
– Atien tove ? Why’d you say ”alien love” ? You triggered the voices.
Oh ! Freddy ! Take me to Tery Stricter !
Now ! We got it.

54 thoughts on “Bowfinger (3/10) Movie CLIP – Buck the Wonder Slave (1999) HD”

  1. When KIT explains why black men never get Oscars is SOOOOOOO goddamn true. Before you think this is coming from some black guy I assure you I'm 100% white. I do love Carole's act with Kit about "aliens, sex, and umbrellas"!!! This movie is genius!!!

  2. Christine Baranski has the best Hollywood-diva look, and she's frikkin hilarious. Love chicks who are great actors and funny at the same time, not many of them…

  3. For people who are saying that black actors don't get nominated unless they play slaves… this is an extreme point of view and totally not true…. Eddie Murphy himself was nominated for (Dreamgirls)… Morgan Freeman won the oscar for (Million dollar baby)… Denzel Washington won two and been nominated many times for various roles… Forest Whitaker…Will Smith ….Jamie Foxx…..

    Eddie Murphy here is playing a paranoid actor who always feels like he is a target… that's why he is saying that.

  4. This is the epitome of Hollywood – they are literally destroying a man's sanity, solely for their own profit and benefit.

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