Chapaev (1934) movie

Chapaev (1934) movie

CHAPAYEV Based upon documents of
D.A. Furmanov and A.N. Furmanova Written and directed by
the Vassiliev Brothers Co-director
Yuri Muzykant Photography by
A. Sigayev and A. Ksenofontov Sound Engineer – Bekker
Music by Gavriil Popov Consultants: I.S. Kutyakov,
D.M. Kovalyov and A.I. Furmanova Chapayev – Boris Babochkin
Furmanov – Boris Blinov Anna – Varvara Myasnikova
Pet’ka – Leonid Kmit Colonel Borozdin – I.N. Pevtsov
Cossack – S. Shkurat Yelan-V.Volkov, Zhikharev-N.Simonov
Peasant – B. Chirkov A Lenfilm Production, 1934 – Hold it! Where’re you going?
– The Czechs’ve taken the farmstead. – The Czechs? Where’s your rifle?
– Back there. – Where’s your rifle?
-Vassily Ivanovich, Comrade Commander, I’ve lost it in the river when
we fled the farmstead. – Find it. And where’s your machine-gun,
Pastukhov? I’ve hidden it by the river,
right on the bank. Thank you for the farmstead, fighters. As for your rifles, I’ll personally
check up on all of you tonight. Fall out! – My name’s Furmanov. Appointed
a commissar to your division. – I know. That’s the weavers, our volunteers. So you’re here? Yes, we’re here. Are you a machine-gunner? Can be a machine-gunner too. Why? You’re just in time. We’ve got
an order from Mikhail Frunze: tomorrow we’re assuming the offensive. What are they doing there? Taking a swim. It’s too hot. Quiet, folks! Chapay needs to think. Pugachev’s regiment attacks at mid-
night… Razin’s stays in the reserve. So, by 9 a.m. we’ll take
the village of Lomikhinskaya. – What d’ye think, Yelan? – I think
a blow on the right flank is better. And what does the Commissar think? I think… My opinion is… The Commander’s already taken
the decision and I think it’s right. Everything you said here is to be
spit on and forgotten. Now listen to my command:
we attack on both flanks. Cross the river only by the bridge.
It will hold. I’ve checked it. We begin attacking at 5 a.m. sharp.
And we’ll go by way… The village has been taken. – Wounded? – I am, Vassily Ivanovich.
– Stupid. You’re the only brigade commander,
my military deputy. You have no right to expose yourself
to stupid bullets. – The bullet doesn’t think who’s
commander and who… – It doesn’t, but you must think.
Haven’t you got brains? Come here. For example, a detachment
is on the march. Where’s the commander supposed to be?
At the head, on his dashing horse. The enemy showed up
and opened cannon fire. Where’s the commander supposed to be?
He can be at the head again, because they wouldn’t fire
from cannons at one man. Now the enemy opened gunfire.
Where’s the commander supposed to be? Suppose they have 10 machine-guns
here, and two here. Where? – Where The ten are.
– The ten… Can’t you think? It’s easier to kill you where the ten
are. So you must be where the two are. Otherwise, without a commander,
it’ll be the end of his men too. Now the enemy is attacking.
Where’s the commander supposed to be? – At the head. – He must go
to the rear of his detachment and watch the whole scene of
the battle from some vantage point. Otherwise his detachment’s flanks
may be turned. Now, thanks to the decisive actions
of the detachment and its commander, the enemy’s been beaten off
and made to flee. Our detachment is harrying the enemy
that retreats in panic. Where’s the commander supposed to be?
At the head again, on his horse. He has to be the first to burst into
town on his enemy’s shoulders. Use your brains! You’re such a liar, Vassily Ivanovich.
If need be, you’re always at the head. Well, if need be. This is called “back plate”. And this is called “cheeks”. And what’s that called?
Back plate… Cheeks… Smart guy. – Don’t you understand jokes? – You
– are all buggers. The Chapayev men… You’re heroes only with women. Cut it out about heroes. Wait till I sneak to the Whites
and bring back a prisoner who’ll talk. I bet I will… We have to see about a prisoner yet.
Whether you bring him or not. You think I’m going to leave?
Forget it. Teach me the machine-gun, you devil. This is called “cheeks”. Cheeks! I swear it’s cheeks. On the German front, I had the honor
of fighting General von Ludendorf, and here, who the hell it is?
Chapayev! They say he was a sergeant. There’s nothing to laugh at,
Lieutenant. Chapayev is a serious adversary. He and his fame are equally dangerous. Petrovich! – Bring in The mail, please.
– Yes, Sergey Nikolayevich. Don’t you think, Colonel, that your
relations with your orderly are too… You mean, patriarchal? Not at all. They’re quite up-to-date. Times change – relations change.
Too bad you don’t understand it. When you attack, you look back for
fear of getting a bullet from behind. – We all should look back.
– I never do. Petrovich’s been with me since 1914,
he’s gone through all fronts with me. – He’s mad at us.
– He promises to shoot us. – Who promises? Why?
– Chapayev. Both of us. What for? A fellow-villager has come to Chapayev,
he was a horse-doctor there. – So Chapayev asked us…
– He demanded! Yes, he demanded that we put this
horse-quack to a test for a doctor. I say: no veterinarian can test
a horse-quack for a doctor. – Chapayev got mad, called us names.
– Called us sobs. – We know you, he says, you…
– …son-of-a-bitches… You would never let any muzhik
become a doctor. – Test him, he says, right now!
– And give him a document. And make that document according to
form, or there’re 7 bullets in my gun and I’m ready to spoil two of them
on you! Aha, you’re here, my dears!
Complaining! You scoundrels! Enema injectors! Forward march! So you’re with them?
Routing for the rotten intelligentsia? – They can’t do it…
– And I say they can! They must! Why won’t you let a single muzhik
be promoted to a doctor? Test him at once and give him
a document according to form! You see, they can’t do it.
They don’t have a right to. Especially to give him a document. How you dare mocking at Chapayev?!
I’ll kill you, bastard! Alexander the Great was a great
military commander, too. But why break stools? Alexander the Great?
Military commander? Who is he? Why don’t I know him? I know all military commanders:
Garibaldi, Napoleon, Suvorov, but this one… Alexander… the Great?
Who is he? Why don’t I know him? Not many people know him.
He lived two thousand years ago. But you know him, so I must know him
too. It’s only two years
since I’ve learned to read. Come on, Commissar, tell me
about this Alexander the Great. Tell you? Very well. I’m a sailor, very trim and handsome,
I’m only twenty years old. Listen, sailor very trim and handsome. I’ve been meaning to tell you.
You should make yourself more trim. You always look so slovenly. You’re a regular Red Army commander,
you must set an example for your men. You mean your Alexander the Great
did his fighting in white gloves? – He didn’t look like a tramp. – How
d’ye know what was 2,000 years ago? Lenin rightly said that a strong home
front determines the final victory. And in our General Headquarters,
instead of strengthening this front, they’re still diligently counting
their chickens before they hatch. To revive Russia… Report. Cossack Dmitry Potapov was
arrested when trying to desert. Yes, that’s my signature. I can’t do
anything about it. Discipline. Besides, we have a HQ directive
about deserters. An order is an order. – Wait a minute. This Potapov is
your kin? – My brother. Why didn’t you say it… To subject to execution. Chapayev’s division was pushing
forward… There’s unrest in the village.
The 3rd Platoon men are marauding. Go find platoon commander Zhikharev
and bring him here. You monsters! We’ve been waiting
for you, and you’re taking our last? – That’s the Soviet power for you.
– Hush, grandma. At wartime, even a piglet
is a godsend. You long-legged tyrant, damn you! What’s going on, damn it! Some merry-go-round. The Whites
rob us, the Reds rob us. What is a peasant to do? They come here, and we shout:
“Hurray! Hurray!” Damn them! Are they your boys plundering
in the village? Did you let them to? Me? I don’t know nothing about it. Do you realize what it means? All right, we’ll talk tomorrow.
And now you’re under arrest. Who’s under arrest? Me?
A war commander? This is not something to toy with.
Stupid. Arrest him. Wait. First issue an order,
so that everything be returned. – Where’s Zhikharev?
– He’s here, under arrest. – You know Zhikharev’s my comrade-in-
arms? – I know. – And you arrest him? How dare you? You red-tape worm! – And do you know that he allowed…
– Never mind what he allowed! What he allowed, only I can forbid!
You get it? No, Comrade Division Commander! Who’s heading the division?
You or I? You… and I. I’m Chapayev! Do you understand
that I’m Chapayev? And you? Who are you?
Who sent you here? Want to have a free ride on my fame?
Get the hell out of my division! I don’t need your fame. As for recalling me from the division,
only the Party that sent me can do it. You’re a Communist too,
so you must know that. Comrades, citizens, Red Army men,
who is Chapay among you? – I am.
– Aren’t you lying? No, I am not. I’m him. Then I’m here to see you. Thank you very much. Your boys have
returned everything, to the last thing. Otherwise it was some merry-go-round:
The Whites came and robbed us. The Reds came and started robbing too.
What is a peasant to do? So thank you again, from all our
community. Commissar, call up a meeting,
I’ll be speaking. Vassily Ivanovich, the Commissar
seems to be a… – And I thought he’s a…
– You thought… They wouldn’t send some nobody
to Chapayev. What’s going on, comrades? Such a disgrace for our division!
The entire Red Army’s been smeared! Who are you robbing? You’re
robbing your brother, the peasant! We’re sacrificing our lives for that
peasant and for the worker. ‘Gainst ‘xploitation,
‘gainst all sort of capital! Is that what the Chapayev men famous
for? Are we some bandits? So watch out, heroes! I’ll shoot
everyone who’ll be caught plundering. With this hand of mine,
I’ll shoot the bastard! And if I’m caught, go ahead
and shoot me! I’m your commander only in action.
When at ease, I’m your comrade. Come to see me at midnight and later.
If I’m drinking tea, join me. If I’m having dinner, help yourself.
That’s a commander I am. Am I right? Right! I weren’t taught in academies.
I ain’t finished any. Vassily Ivanovich, men are wondering.
Are you a Bolshevik or a Communist? What? Tell me, are you for the Bolsheviks
or for the Communists? I’m for the International. – Which one, Second or Third?
– What second? – The International. – I’m for the right one.
– So Which one? – Lenin was in which one? – The Third.
He founded it, the Third Bolshevistic. Then I’m for the Third International,
too. That’s it. And even ahead of time. Good for you, Anka. You excelled
in technology. So much for the studies, Anka. Now you’re buddies with
the Maxim gun. Remember what you said about
being heroes with women?.. I’m going to pay a visit to the Whites. Chapay and the commissar sent me on
an important mission to get a prisoner. – Can you?
– I can do anything. Don’t even try it! I’ve taken out the
charges. Drop the gun and no tricks! Have you got many perches? Craving
for fish soup? Some bungler. – It’s for Mit’ka… – For whom?
– For Mit’ka… My brother. He’s dying… he wants
fish soup. -Is he wounded or what?
– No. Lashed with ramrods. With ramrods? And you serve them
after that? Mit’ka’s dying… He wants fish soup… Please let me go. – And you let him go?
– I did, Vassily Ivanovich. – But I’ve got his gun. You scatter-brain! Under tribunal,
you loafer! Yes, under tribunal. And you should make yourself more
trim. You always look so slovenly. What is it? You’re a soldier of the
regular Red Army, my orderly. You’re supposed to set an example,
and you walk about like a tramp. Well, as I said, under tribunal! Mit’ka’s died. My brother is dead. Vassily Ivanovich was a peasant too.
Then worked as a carpenter in Balakov. And now he’s a military commander,
and what a brilliant commander! Frunze wanted to give him an army.
You and I, says he… – Vassily Ivanovich turned him down.
– Who is it? – Why? let him answer first.
– Never mind. I missed anyway. It’s good that you’re not sleeping.
But you shouldn’t fire aimlessly. But as long as you fire,
be a good shot. – Everything is quiet?
– Quiet, Comrade Commissar. Hands up! – A scout? – No. I’ve come to you.
Your boy caught me and let me go. Now I’ve come on my own will. So you’re Pet’ka’s White. Your gun. – So The offensive is planned for
tomorrow? – Yes, sir. – You say, The officer units?
Kappelev’s? – Yes, sir. They devised some attack at the
headquarters, a psychic one… Pet’ka, take him to the quartermaster.
Keep him in the kitchen for awhile. Come on, big guy, they almost sent me
under tribunal on your account. What does the commissar think? They want to stop us
by the counter-offensive, so they’re forming a striking force. And what does the commander think? Don’t worry, we’ll meet them. I’m going to the political department,
to have a talk with the communists. A psychic one? Well, what the heck, let it be
the psychic one. Hey, black raven, hey, black raven, Why you circling over me? I shall never be your booty… – So we’re taking a battle?
– We are. Why aren’t you sleeping? So that you wouldn’t say that everyone
was sleeping and you fought alone. – Did you sleep, Vassily Ivanovich?
– I did. Go to sleep, I said! – Was it the night before? – Are you
some inspector? A Sleep Commissar? I shall never be your booty,
I’m not the prey of yours. Yeah, we don’t have enough ammunition. Nor enough men. You know, you’re too awesome a man
for my understanding. I’d say you’re like Napoleon! Even more, Pet’ka, even more.
Napoleon had it easier. There were no machine-guns or air
planes then. It was no big deal. The other day they’ve sent me an air
plane, too. It eats so much fuel, you’d never get
enough. – Vassily Ivanovich, can you command
an army? – I can. – How about a front?
– I can, Pet’ka, I can. – And the Republic’s armed forces?
– If they teach me a bit, I can. Can you cope it on a world scale? No, I can’t. I don’t know foreign
languages. Will you go to sleep,
you pain in the neck? – They attack in 30 minutes. Everyone
at their places? – Captain’s not here. I’ll shoot that bastard, Zhukov. – Pet’ka, rush to the squadron!
– Yes! Have we got enough cartridges? If the battle is fierce,
we’ll be out of them in half a hour. Come on, cook, take it! – Mutiny in the squadron! They killed
the commander. – What? Zhukov killed? – Take along some men.
– No! I’ll manage alone. Quiet! Don’t listen to the enemy. What
are we going to win by taking our own? There’re lots of masters around.
We must kill all the masters! You can go, but don’t make us go. Enough, we’ve had our share of
fighting. Let others fight now. Why should we leave our homes? Right! We won’t go. No! We’ve had
enough. Let’s go home, men! Line up! Attention! The country’s best sons are giving
their lives for the cause of Revolution. And you… Only spilling your blood will atone
for your guilt! I will myself go at the head! Who fired? Who fired? We’ve finished one here ourselves. Mount horses! – Tell me, What do men Go to their
death for? – What for? It’s simple: for their life.
Everybody wants a good life. – That’s Kappelev’s officer regiment.
– Where’s Chapay? Hold on, Anka. I’m dying.
The cartridges… – They’re marching beautifully.
– Aristocrats. Shoot, bastard, shoot! They’ve sold us out, men.
We’re done for. Come back! Stop! Cowards, abandoning your
comrades! Forward! – Why did you stop? Why the delay?
– Go to hell… Cossacks! At the Kappelev Regiment HQ… God’s with us! Reds cowardly flee!
The Chapay men crushed like fleas! Swell drawing! Son-of-a-bitches! But the verse is no good. No, Pet’ka, put it somewhere and
keep it. – Did you call me, Vassily Ivanovich?
– Yes, I did. What’s the matter, Madame? You should
have fired. Did your gun getjammed? – No, it didn’t.
– Why didn’t you fire then? – I was waiting. – Waiting for what?
– Waiting when they get closer. Look at her… What a girl! You fire very well. Good for you! Pet’ka, give it here. That’s for you, as a keepsake.
Sit down and have some tea. Autumn Father wouldn’t believe his son That there’s such thing as love. A funny story. The son took a saber, very sharp, And he stabbed himself dead. A funny story. Yes, a very funny story. Due to an emergency, I insist on
Furmanov’s immediate departure. He is to be succeeded by Sedov.
Frunze. That’s it, Vassily Ivanovich. – They hurt me by this.
– They have other fronts to think of. If it wasn’t Frunze, I’d never… This is your new commissar.
You know him very well. The disposition of the Red forces is:
HQ and Political Dept. in Lbishchensk, the division’s main forces under
Yelan’s command are in Sakharnaya. As you see, the HQ remains isolated,
and can be reached by the steppe. This is our only chance
to do away with Chapayev. Yes, this is our last chance
to annihilate Chapayev and hold Lbishchensk.
There’s no other way. We need a brave, determined officer
to head this operation. – To whom do you plan to entrust it?
– I would be happy if… – You entrusted me with this operation.
– I could hope for nothing better. I put the fate of our front in your
hands. By the way, the Allied Command
valued Chapayev’s head at 20,000. The Allied Command could afford
to give even more. Behind him is the city of Guriev,
and Guriev has oil. The storm was rolling, raining hard, The thunder roared, holding grip, A lightning sparkled like a dart, The tempest rolling in the deep. The night is pitch-black, we should
double the guards. The Cossack tribe beat it as far as
Guriev. – They won’t dare to come near me.
– Look, Vassily Ivanovich. All right, tell them to put up
additionalposts. – How lucky you are! – What?
– I say you and Pet’ka are so lucky! – You’re young, with your whole life
to live. – You’re not old yourself. Old or not, but I’m not like your
Pet’ka. You’ll get married, you’ll work
together. The war will be over, you’ll have
a beautiful life. Do you know what life will be like?
You’ll never wish to die. No one wants to die.
But our struggle is such that we can’t spare our lives.
Either we win, or they win. No, we win. Why did you stop singing? Come on… Well, will I make a good performer? Everything is quiet. The road is clear. Stop! Where are you going? Down! Let’s run to the guns! Sakharnaya! Sakharnaya! – They cut it, bastards! – Ride to
Sakharnaya, to Yelan! Both of you! Go on, I say! I can’t leave him! And you go! Goodbye! – It’s you?
– Me. – That’s it! We have to retreat.
– Chapayev never retreats. Chapayev is wounded. Take him
over the river! Go ahead, swim. I can manage myself. No, you won’t get me! Forward! Fire! The End

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  1. Lenin lived. Lenin lives. Lenin will live.Da zdravstvuyet nasha krasnaya sovetskaya rodina! Hurrah!

  2. I love this film. I've lost count the times I've watched it. My first time in 1959, that I remember. Excellent direction, acting, technique and sound for the time, 1934, when the international sound system in cinematography was in its infance. Being a socialist myself, needless to say, that I enjoy it even more. p.s.- Its preservation, fortunately, is superb. Long live the Russian Soviet Revolution !

  3. Reading Stephen Kotkin’s biography of Stalin. This film was mentioned because he realized after seeing this how cinema can be a useful propaganda tool. I figured it’d be on YouTube, a product of the awesomeness of capitalism!

  4. Последний бой Чапаева произошёл ранним утром 5 сентября 1919 года в селе Лбищенское, это было побоище. Фурманов Д. так описывал последствия катастрофы- там за Лбищенском есть старые кирпичные ямы они были доверху заполнены изувеченными и изрубленными трупами крассноармейцев. Но и у казаков это была последняя военная удача, атаман Толстов с войском после этого только отступал до Гурьева и дальше в Иран. Бессмысленная братоубийственная война. Я думаю что если бы Чапаев не погиб его бы обязательно расстреляли в 37 году. Так что своей славой и легендой он обязан казакам.

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