Coachmen Freelander 32ft with bunk beds Class C RV Interior

Coachmen Freelander 32ft with bunk beds Class C RV Interior

Welcome to B&B RV. We’re gonna take a
tour through our 32-foot class C with bunks show you how the inside of this
coach works we’ll start from the inside up here and work towards the back here
you’ve got a van chassis it’s all pretty much the same as any other van it’s a
heavy-duty chassis all the gauges are the same if you get into any kind of
hilly driving mountainous driving this is gonna slow down at about 40 to 45
miles an hour it’s gonna shift down when it does just very gently pull your gear
selector down into three and push this tow haul button right here on the end of
the gear shift and a light will come on right here saying tow haul when you do
that you can drive up the mountain 40 miles an hour without it trying to shift
up and down and leave it that way going down the mountain and that way you don’t
have to use your brakes and it will keep you from going too fast usually keeps
you under about 55 if it’s still going a little too fast for you if you tap twice
on the brakes it’ll shift down again or you can use your brakes um you just
don’t want to ride your brakes going down the hill on the radio this is all
your radio there’s a cam button on here which is your reverse camera you’re your
backup camera that can be on at any time I use it for just a rear view camera
when you’re driving don’t trust it 100% when you’re backing out because anything
in shadow you can’t see but it’s just a nice extra feature the refrigerator in
these to be operational needs to be fairly level when you’re driving those
fluids will circulate when you’re parked needs to be pretty level for that fridge
to work and so as we showed in the outside walk around we have those blocks
that you can pull up on to level we put the level in here so that you know where
you’re at this area’s pretty level so you can just set the level there if that
bubble is touching that black circle you’re close enough to level but if
you’re gonna park for more than about 50 minutes somewhere you need to get level
for that fridge to work or shut off the fridge depending on how hot it is out
when you’re renting so everything else is pretty standard up here the crews
only really works on level ground because these are heavy vehicles so if
you get into any Hillier terrain that crews isn’t going to work in the glove
box you’re gonna find a reservoir insurance and registration for the
vehicle if you did have to have that up here on the top this piece actually fits
right here into this hole to make your front bed and then this curtain velcro’s
across here and blocks off this area behind the seats hangs right here behind
the seats to block off the front area in the windshield area just for privacy
these curtains just slide on these rails they’re not flimsy but they’re certainly
not strong if you kind of push on them when you slide them it works great but
if you pull it all it tends to pull that out of the wall so just be careful of
that your flat-screen TV up here it’s not a swing out mount this TV is
disabled by law when the key is on because it’s within sight of the driver
so when the keys on this isn’t going to work but any other time
you just need electricity for this and again for electricity you need to
generator on or plug into electricity driving the car doesn’t produce
electricity so you get your flat screen your DVD if you want to watch broadcast
TV it’s just as Santana right here and you can crank this up and it’ll go all
the way up and you can pull this down and turn it for reception if you decide
to do that but if you do use it be sure that you put these if you’ve turned it
turn it back to where the arrows line up and then crank this back all the way
down because that’s mostly plastic and you cannot drive with that
so that’s your front TV and we’ll get to the back TVs here when we get back to
the bunks we have a number of items in here a flyswatter or some cards some
playing cards some matches hatless campground guide and we have a couple of
sheets here they were very useful for you how to get
it cleaning deposit bag depending on which package you chose this one’s very
useful this is an RV departure checklist for the exterior and interior things
that are easy to forget whether it’s your first time or your hundredth time
out in an RV yeah I remember the power cord the water hose etc etc on the
outside on the inside all right did I lower the TV antenna turn off my water
pump in my water heater those kinds of things that as you drive getting ready
to drive making sure things are off the countertop so that they won’t fly around
when you drive so that’s very useful there’s some operating tips in here free
electrical system your 12-volt system your water your waste your propane these
are just reminders commonly asked questions so if you’re not sure about
something and you look here it’ll probably remind you if not we do have
all our numbers on here for you to reach us so please get ahold of us so that you
don’t get frustrated for two or three days before you call in this is a
hide-a-bed a jackknife I’m sorry jackknife sofa the just folds down to a
bit so what you do is just flip this up and fold it down that’s what of your
sleeping areas it didn’t need it there’s a little bit of storage
underneath and of course there’s seat belts in all these locations the table
comes up off of the legs so you just wiggle this up off of these legs and
these two legs just come out of the floor and lay flat under the bed and
then this table just lays on these rails right here and these for cushions make a
bed so that’s usually the last sleeping area that people use if you need that
much space these curtains all work great but you’ll want to grab them in the
not at the end when you pull them down otherwise we’re gonna twist them and
they just easily slide up and down on the string and we’ll move back here to
the middle and take a look at the control panel back here in the center of
the coach we’ve got your control panel where you control all the features of
the RV this has two slide outs so these are your slide out buttons here you just
simply hit the out hold down that button on the slide will slide out once it’s
all the way out you just let go of the button
obviously as you can tell only takes a few seconds to set up camp this way
it’s all the way out so you let go of the button for the backslide you do the
same thing and that’s whole wall in the back including your two bunks and the
very back will slide all the way out as well when you’re sliding the slides back in
there’s a couple of areas that you want to be aware of that area between your
wardrobe and your bed in the bedroom when you slide that slide in like I’m
doing that whole slide as you can see there that whole slides gonna come in
underneath to the bed and you don’t want to have any toys balls shoes things that
accumulate there when that slides in under there it’s gonna just crush that
bottom of that bed and you want to make sure that doesn’t happen so just be
aware of that in the bedroom and then up here in the front slide there’s a couple
of similar areas right here behind the driver’s seat when that one’s in that
area right behind the driver’s seat pens together shoes and sandals and that kind of thing
and then when you push this out you got to watch for that behind there because
it’ll tear that trim off and the same thing back here in the kitchen area
anything that’s on the counter right here when you drive ends up down behind
the slide and then when you slide it out it’ll just tear that trim off so be
careful of those two spots while you’re out as well as the bedroom and the
slides really open it up and make it feel nice just be aware of those areas
when you use them and here we have the kitchen with the microwave in the oven
everything’s pretty standard here with the oven this particular one has a
sparker if the one you rent doesn’t have a sparker you’ll just turn this on a
light with the match with this one I just hit this bark and it starts all the
ovens are the same and if you’re going to use the oven you turn this to pilot
hold in the pilot and then you light it in the very back you need to hold this
in and it takes quite a while to get these to light so if it’s not lighting
not lighting hold that in it takes a while it will finally light turn that
back on so the oven is the only thing that has a pilot these don’t have a
pilot you light those each time microwave is the same as you would be
used to it the refrigerator is all automatic yep
let’s give me runs on propane and it’ll switch to electric whenever you have the
generator on or you plug in to electricity
this orange light down here right now indicates that we’re working on gas it’s
what’s running on your propane if that light starts flashing then that’s when
you want to turn this off and turn it back on to auto and it’ll automatically
relight if it can’t relight for some reason 30 to 60 seconds later that will
flash again and just try it again typically you won’t see that but be
cautious of that watch for it you don’t want it to be eight or ten hours after
you realize that that fridge went off and then you have a colder button here
to set the temperature to what you want typically especially in the summer
that’s going to be on for we start these up today before you get
here so that everything’s ready for you to use in your box you have TVs that’s a
flat-screen in each bunk there’s a DVD player there’s a slot on the left-hand
side there’s gonna be one remote for these
and that remote will actually control each TV it’s just a half-share between
the two the rest of your control panel right here is the top left here this is
a water heater our water pump and a water heater so the top one is labeled
water pump you’ll just use that to have onboard water so if you’re at a
campground and you have your hose hooked up you don’t need to use the pump
anytime you use a pump it’s gonna take it out of your onboard water your water
heater turn that on it takes ten or fifteen minutes for that heat up get hot
water it’s a 6.2 gallon water heater doesn’t sound like a lot but it actually
does a very good job I always leave these off if I’m traveling or go away
from the RV but if you’re traveling and want water you just turn this on and
you’ll it’ll work fine traveling and getting hot water typically if you try
to have that water heater on while you’re traveling it’s gonna blow out
from the wind so I try to have the water heater off when I’m traveling but any
other time that’s how you use your armboard water there’s a tank heater on
this particular unit which is just used for cold weather operation to keep it
from freezing up all your gauges are here and there’s a small light that says
empty and it goes up to full so your LPG is your propane push this button it
indicates that we’re full battery we’re sitting here it’s been waiting for you
to get here overnight so it’s basically full anytime you drive plug into
electricity or run your generator you’re going to charge that battery so you
should be fine the fresh water is full and you’re leaving with an empty black
tank which is your toilet and an empty gray tank which is the waste water from
your sinks in your shower to start the generator it’s this top
button here you typically don’t need to use this prime button so you can ignore
that and just hit the start when starting the generator and you’re just
gonna hold that down until it starts let it run for a minute or two before
you start up anything like the microwave over the air-conditioner put it under
load when you need the generator is if you need electricity which is the
microwave air conditioner or any outlets that’s when you need to have the
generator on or be plugged in at a campground and that’s the only time you need it and
you can run this generator when you’re driving so if you need to run the
microwave because you’re making something or you want to run the air
conditioner because the – air is not sufficient to keep it cool in here go
ahead and start that generator when you’re driving the generator runs off of
the same fuel as the engine so it’s plumbed into your tank at about a
quarter of a tank so you give up a little quarter of a tank on your engine
that’s going to stop so that you can’t run yourself out of gas in a remote area
so if you know you’re going out somewhere and you’re going to need your
generator just make sure you have that right amount of fuel the other thing is
that the generator will run everything in here but not necessarily all at the
same time if you’re using your air conditioner and you want to use your
microwave then you’ll want to shut off that air conditioner for just a few
minutes that you use in the microwave and then turn the air back on the air
conditioner is right here in the center and it’s ducted throughout but one of
the features that it has is this little vent right here there’s a small little
vent that you can slide shut to push it through the ducts and cool it more
evenly or slide this open and that’s just called a drop down what that will
do is put most of that cold air right here in your living space so if you’re
coming back in to the unit and it’s hot you want to cool it off a little quicker
have this vent open it’ll put all the air up here in the front and cool it off
more quickly then once you get it cool you can put this and put it through the
ducts now that’ll cool everything though evenly but if you try to do that first
you’re having to cool down the whole duct work and it just takes a little
longer to cool down you to run the air conditioner or your furnace it’s all on
this particular one does the digital thermostat you push this on and off
button once that gives you your fan which you want to just leave on auto
once more down to cool and you set your temperature what you want once more down
to furnace set the temperature the way you want once more is off so it’s just
that simple you want to make sure that everything is off whenever you are going
to start or stop the generator you don’t want to start it under a low so just
make sure you’ve turned off the microwave turn off the air conditioner
the air conditioner has a few second anywhere from about 10 seconds to 60
second delay as it’s starting up and shutting off and the furnace also cycles
through so when you shut this off it doesn’t necessarily shut off immediately
just make sure all those are shut down before you then come back and hit the
stop of the generator and again you only need that generator
for air conditioner and microwave and outlets if you’re not plugged in at the
campground if you’re plugged in you don’t need that in the bathroom is
pretty self-explanatory in these the toilet is what we call a foot flush it’s
got this little pedal here on the bottom if you push it down partway it adds
water to your toilet all the way down flushes your Twitter very simple to use
you got a faucet you’ve got a shower all of our showers on the showerhead you’re
gonna have an on and off switch so you can get wet turn it off
soap up rinse off and save a lot of water instead of just letting that water
run especially if you’re not hooked up at a campground you’ll go through all
your water very quickly in the shower there’s trash Canyon here and a small
bucket with some cleaning supplies in a small broom you’ll want to leave this
shower door closed as you drive so that it won’t flop back and forth as you
drive and one last thing in the bathroom is we do include some extra toilet paper
for your trip and this bag has the small little pouches in it so after you’ve
gone outside and dumped your black tank everything’s done outside and it’s empty
you come back in you put one of these pouches in the toilet and you flush it
down and that just keeps everything from growing and stinking and makes it a
little more pleasant and that breaks it down so that it will dump more easily as
well in the bathroom there is an exhaust fan and just a small switch here that
turns that fan on and off all of your lights throughout have it’s most of them
will have a switch on them there are a couple like the entry lights there at
the entry that you don’t have a light switch on the light because there’s a
switch down by the door some of them like the bathroom we have a switch both
so if you’re trying to get a light to work and it won’t work there’s just a
switch for it in the back really the only thing in the bedroom of note is
that very back window and it has two red latches right there
on the sides that release and the window will swing open so if you’re in the
bedroom and there’s an emergency where you can’t get out the front you can
swing that window open to escape and that’s our 32 foot Class C bunk model
our most popular rental and watch this preview before you come in you’re all
set to go and we’ll look at expedite your trip I hope you have a great time
thanks for coming to B&B you

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