Creación de personajes con Photoshop – Curso online de Alain Perdomo

Creación de personajes con Photoshop – Curso online de Alain Perdomo

Hi, I’m Alain Perdomo, digital artist,
photographer and retoucher. I specialize
in fashion advertising photography, in particular fantasy photography. Over the course of my career I published over 45 works
on different magazines, such as “Foto Digital,” “Moda&Look”
and “Soartp Magazine.” Mystery and drama are
the leitmotif in my work, complemented with dashes of fantasy and,
of course, a sprinkling of horror. I resort to my dreams
to draw inspiration for my portraits. When I wake up,
I try to remember what I dreamt and transform it into images. Photoshop allows me
to mix photography and painting and gives me the right tools to dramatize photocomposed scenes. The shadows, the lights, the highlights, are crucial
in the process of photocomposition, be it with objects or people. Work management
is another important aspect, as are a specific order
in the adjustments layers, effects, color management, and texturing. In this Domestika course,
I’ll show you my workflow to create
a fiction character in Photoshop. You’ll work on a photo from the basic touchups
to the smallest details. For this, I’ll share with you
my sources of inspiration at the start of my career, and I’ll describe
the final course project. After this, we’ll do some primary adjustments
on Camera Raw, and we’ll start working
on the image in Photoshop, cleaning up the skin
and removing blemishes. Then we’ll learn to use the Liquify tool to make the face more aesthetic. Then, I’ll explain how to arrange
the composition elements, and I’ll share some tricks
to dramatize the image and draw with light the final details. Last, we’ll add texture and some details to achieve
an impeccable finish for our image. With all these tools,
you’ll have all you need to let your imagination soar
and create the characters you want. For this course you don’t need
any previous knowledge, but it will be useful
to be familiar with Photoshop basics. Create unique and striking characters where realism and fantasy meet
to create a natural result. Creation of Characters with Photoshop
A course by Alain Perdomo Sign up at Create. Share. Learn.

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  1. una vez pagado el curso puedo acceder las veces que quiera por tiempo indefinido o hay un limite en cuanto a las veces que puedo entrar?

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