CROQUIS CAFE: Art Models for Drawing, No. 383 (Preview)

CROQUIS CAFE: Art Models for Drawing, No. 383 (Preview)

hi I’m Larry Withers and welcome to this
croaky cafe preview this weekend we’re having our model Cameron back in the
studio and we couldn’t be more pleased we’re going to continue our series of
unclothed and clothed poses with Cameron who has a large collection of retro
outfits from the 40s and 50s and you’ll be seeing those poses in the next
several weeks also we’ll be reintroducing the croaky Cafe 360 very
soon so look out for that as well since YouTube
no longer supports our content you can see this week’s drawing video model
Angela by following the link below to Vimeo you can follow us on instagram
also post your drawings to instagram hashtag croaky cafe you can see your
drawings at our Instagram account by following the link below there you’ll
find a link marked tagged here you’ll find croaky cafe artists drawings the
croaky cafe represents a community of figurative artists it’s an online
destination where you’ll find a variety of visual resources for inspiration and
practice all of which is free for any artist to access donors understand the
value of the croaky cafe and support it with their donations please consider
becoming a donor yourself to support the croaky cafe follow the link below to our
donations page and with that enjoy this week’s drawing session on Vimeo

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  1. There's a perverse, yet not unwarranted, delight in your using YouTube to advertise your videos now being on Vimeo. Well done!!

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