Dance of the visual center Nara[Happy Together/2019.03.28]

Dance of the visual center Nara[Happy Together/2019.03.28]

– I’d like a hip-hop song. / – Hip-hop? – Hip-hop it is. / – Oh, dear. Yes, I love the beat. (Body rolls) – It’s not that bad. / – Keep going. The nation will now choose. (Goodbye, Cheongdam Dain.) Her dancing has gotten better. – She knows how to groove. / – Lovely Dain! (Lovely Dain) Did you see this at the end? – What did you think? / – “Lovely Dain” – seems appropriate. / – Thank you. – It really is. / – We should write this. “Lovely Dain’s newborn groove”. (The staff’s comment) Your friends will now call you a newborn. You’re still before your first birthday. Your dancing has gotten better. – Really? / – Yes, it’s a lot better! To be honest, – I found the script hilarious. / – Me, too. “Nara can’t keep the dancer within her contained” – “and takes the stage.” / – Is this a drama script? “Nara can’t keep the dancer within her contained.” “Nara can’t keep the dancer within her contained” “and she suddenly takes the stage.” I’d like to see her inner dancer perform. – Of course. / – Nice! – She knows how to party. / – She’s a great dancer. Hello Venus! From what I saw, the music didn’t excite her much. She seemed well-contained. Here’s the next line. “Byoungcheol too…” – Byoungcheol? / – “He also dances.” “As if it’s a competition.” Please think of this as a drama series. Yes, that’s right. Variety shows have a system too. – Keep that in mind. / – Right. Okay, here we go. Look at her. (I’m Nara.) I knew it. She’s one who must dance on her own. (She is irreplaceable.) A professional knows how to deliver. (She captivates us with her charms.) (The charming Nara) – My gosh! / – What is it? The next line has appeared. – Is there more? / – Stage direction. “A pleased Byoungcheol stands up.” Give him a round of applause! All right! – Kim Byoungcheol! / – Kim Byoungcheol! This isn’t because I’m a good dancer. – What about the music? / – It can be anything. – Anything. / – Good. (Bouncing) What is this? (Is this a mask dance?) – What’s he doing? / – Bring in the wedding gifts! This is actually quite nice. – How about “We All Lie”? / – Exactly. This time, we’ll play “We All Lie”. – “We All Lie”. / – Yes, “We All Lie”. We never know when he’ll come back. I absolutely loved that. You were like a human cultural asset. There. (The dance works with any song.) This is amazing. Right? It works with any song. Gosh, look. That’s great. – We have another line. / – Another? – It’s a new one. / – That’s right. “Wonyoung wants to join the dancing pit.” “He says, ‘Oh, dear.'” (Woojoo’s dad will take the stage.) This is great. – I love this. / – Gosh. – How about “We All Lie”? / – You’re really milking it. (You people at the network) It can be anything. Wait, “We All Lie”? Didn’t my son dance like this? (How did Woojoo dance again?) That’s it! (He successfully remembers.) (A wave) – That was great. / – My gosh. It suits the song. He did a spin. (He sings to the song.) Now for the hip-hop move. (Stepping side to side) (Dad, that’s not it.) How did he do it again? – He’s not bad. / – “Byoungcheol can’t help himself” “and runs to the center.” (Byoungcheol runs to the center.) (The true actor reacts to the script.) (Show me the mask dance.) Give them a round of applause! – There is a new line. / – Yes, we do. Saeho, read it for us. “Min nods.” “I’m Chief Kim, the king of company dinners!” (Chief Kim is summoned.) – My heart… / – Sorry? My heart is pounding right now. – I see. / – Express that, then. What song would you like? I’m a terrible dancer anyway, – so anything’s fine. / – Anything? – Play a random song. / – What on earth is this? You look like an expert dancer. You look like an instructor. What? My hairstylist told me not to dance today. (The dancing bus leaves the station.) I don’t know the song. (He dances in excitement) (He’s as adorable as a one-year-old baby.) (Shy footwork) Your dancing isn’t so bad. That was hilarious. The next time you’re here, you’ll want to erase all of that. (We’ll need a furnace to erase them all.) You’re good at those biting remarks. That was nice. I didn’t even think to say that. – It never crossed my mind. / – What is it? I wouldn’t have danced had Byoungcheol refused. – But he didn’t. / – I get it now. We need to change our strategy. Instead of just asking them to dance, we should just put it in the script. Actors do whatever’s on the script. Putting it on the script… They danced because the script says so. I loved this move. – It goes well with any song. / – It suits all songs. Have you ever danced this move in another place before? No, this is my first time dancing it. – Do you enjoy dancing? / – No. Anyone can tell that he doesn’t. – But… / – You were having fun. Back in the day, – when you were young… / – Why are you laughing? Maybe he secretly dances somewhere. – Is that so? / – It might catch on. You’re right. (Byoungcheol’s dance might just catch on.) I hear that Min has a humiliating memory, too,

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  1. Its so funny when i se byeongcheol dance to we all lie cause he always act as a serious person in sky castle 😅😅

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