Dancing to Art | Tate

Dancing to Art | Tate

This picture is telling an urgent message You can see there the boat is sinking Due to the massive sea levels of climate change and global warming it reminds me about what’s happening to our planet earth it has to stop It’s got a mixture of colours I can see some circles Some of the shapes remind me of dancing It makes me feel flexible with my body Well, I like the shapes I like the background It’s brighter, got a merge of colour to it It makes me feel good and it makes me feel outstanding It reminds me of a unusual, twisted fairytale called ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ There’s lots going on, but they’re very still each of them have a really strong purpose every detail, every pose they try to tell you a little story

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  1. As a dancer, I find so much more beauty in seeing them naturaly dancing from their own imagination and movement, than seeing a dancer with wonderfull technique doing some incredible choreography. Amazing video and even better dancers!

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