Deballage Banggood Camera 4K & Selfie drone pour les videos – RC GENERAL – RCTutos #224

Deballage Banggood Camera 4K & Selfie drone pour les videos – RC GENERAL – RCTutos #224

Hello everyone
Welcome on Today we receive a package from our partner Banggood we receive several things for drone and video here we have a landing track for the training and the videos here for the MJX Bugs 6 we have XT30 connectors to change connectors on the lipos we will receive here a XT30 charge wire here is for small accessories, also stickers let’s talk now about more interesting here we have a 4K camera winksoar SJ8000 it’s 29.15€ 4K 30fps 1080 60fps 170° angle 120° in 1080 with wifi you can control with an app and you have a remote we choosed it to film outside with other than the camcoredr for rainy days our gopro is dead so we ordered this for the good price 29.15€ for the 4K camera you have a 30m waterproof box same than gopro 2 inch LCD screen to view videos and control camera here cords different supports gopro like nothing different than we find on market and another spare cover the remote is interesting you cat install the camera and control it at distance photo and video very nice for the cost next this small selfie drone foldable drone VISUO Siluroid XS809HW it doesnt take a lot of room with a 2MP 720p camera wide angle a very nice pocket drone foldable you need to open it to make it fly the inclination of the camera is adjustable you can film with the drone and watch on your phone the radio is here different options the take off button it takes off and stabilize at height a STOP button for the security to cut motors the headless mode to fly just with directions the one key return allows the drone to come back at start position without controling it you also have a wifi and an app it looks great to stabilize the flight to film TEST VIDEO Following, dont cut the video !! all is available at Banggood, the links are in the description and on our blog Enjoy now the 11th anniversary of Banggood with great discount and tons of coupons it rains coupons on their website games you can win drones and other stuff so a visit on and you will find what you need So thanks for watching subscribe for more videos like us on Facebook visit our website you can also find us on Instagram This tutorial is brought to you i n collaboration with our partner ATees, Banggood and Dagoma Thanks again
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  1. Did you bought it from banggood?Will banggood ship any product without any damage?Will they replace any product if there is any damage while shipping?How much time it takes to ship any product?

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