Dirrogate – A 360 VR novel. (Teaser – Use mouse to move)

Dirrogate – A 360 VR novel. (Teaser – Use mouse to move)

We lived in Parallel Worlds… Dan and I. and I was happy he’s built a bridge between them. Tonight…we were soaring above the city… The skyscrapers….a facade; live video texture… Draped over the reality that was…Mumbai. Meshnet!… was digital wool that the rich voluntarily pulled over their own eyes… to shut out the ugliness of the real. People who could afford Meshnet…never had to deal… with the stench of Reality…. They had DIRROGATES… Digital Surrogates created in their own likeness… to represent them. That meat-suit needs some rest…. You’re meeting Krish tomorrow, right? (laughs)…Where are you? mmm…. right here… (stifles yawn)… Let’s go inside? I watched him… climb into bed and take off the Wizer… sleep soon claimed his body… (sighs)…The Wizer… It made our Long Distance Relationship possible… and yet… was also capable of such evil… in a way… it was responsible, for taking him away from me…

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  1. Wow, hats off to you sir! This is fantastic. I take it this was all done inside of After Effects? (O scratch that, I see you use maya) I would very much like to know how to replicate this in After Effects. I am trying to create something like this myself, and right now I only got as far as reverse engineering a panorama as a test. It works but it's not as properly done as what I am seeing here.
    Is there any hope for a tutorial on this by either yourself or do you know where I could find one? I have Element3D as well and have some ideas I'm just not sure if they will work haha. 

    Anyway great stuff. Loving it!

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