DIY Camera Phone Macro Lens – Man Vs Pin #23

DIY Camera Phone Macro Lens – Man Vs Pin #23

What’s up, Rob here with a Man Vs. Pin Quickie Coming off of this last week’s Shoe Box Projector video Now Mika suggested this Macro Lens that involves an old laser pointer and a hair pin If you have a cat you probably have a couple of these laying around. I just simply unscrewed the top of the laser pointer and with a small pair of pliers, just kinda popped this part off and The lens was right there, it’s just this tiny little thing. Which somebody, cleverly, discovered that it fits perfectly Right there, in a bobby pin All I did was just tape that part right on to the camera where it fit itself right over the lens And then, boom, outta no where you got this macro lens Then I just started taking pictures and videos of all sorts of cool things I did the coin, like it is, right there in the pin That looked awesome I did a cork Which was pretty cool, and then I hit up this dried out Sea Horse Which was pretty rad You know the whole point is that this thing works, it’s just this tiny little lens which already exists You just pop it on the phone and then you got this cool little trick If you see a pin out there that you want tried or tested on the show, be sure to leave it in the comments below Like up this video and we’ll see you next time!

100 thoughts on “DIY Camera Phone Macro Lens – Man Vs Pin #23”

  1. Hey. Hey Rob. Hey Rob You should totally do this:
    and while you're at it, try that coin on flour thing thanks

  2. Привет всем, я начинающая певица, на моём канале есть видеоролики на актуальные темы, буду благодарна за поддержку))) всем мир!)))))

  3. My laser pointer's magnifying thing was secured in a hard metal tube and it took me over an hour to get it out.
    Kinda worth it. When you try this out, take a close up picture of your eye, it's awesome. Or an ant, even cooler.

  4. make galaxy lolipops!!!
    I'm going on an adventure!

  5. please do diy egg cake where you bake a cake inside an egg look on buzzed they did it. PLEASE FUCKING DO IT

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