100 thoughts on “DIY Paper Butterfly Wall Art Decor | Wedding Ideas | ANN LE”

  1. Love this DIY! I am definitely going to recreate this as many times as possible for anyone and everyone I know! 😂

  2. that was a great idea.. it turned out to be so beautiful.. il definitely have something like this at my wedding.. love from India

  3. I love this idea! :))) So creative and easy to make!:))) Hope you'll do more of this kind of videos 😉 Kudos :)))

  4. You know there is going to be those few guests who write it on the front by accident. I would have to do this project solo for that reason haha.

  5. this is so lovely… it really might be the first diy project I am going to do for my wedding… 🙂 what about a series? it would be so inspirational… centerpieces, invitations, save the date…

  6. you are just adorably lovely.. God bless.. I'm planning my wedding in dec and i am hoping to do a lot of diy and you are my inspiration.. 🙂

  7. I have been waiting for this video😻😻and it turned out so beautiful🙈🙈I will try to make one💞💞 Lysm🤗💋

  8. I looooove this! I will be changing my room soon so i'm gonna make this! I don't know what colour i'm going for yet haha! ❤️❤️😽🤗

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! I love it sooo much. I love diy project and I love try to diy projects for my channel. This is my first video on your channel. I love butterfly, I love this idea. I'll try ^_^ Thank you for your beautiful video. ❤

  10. Im obsessed with butterflies ❤ this video is so amazing! Im gonna make this and display it in our house 🙂 Thank you for this wonderful video! Lovelots 😘

  11. I love the idea of this, as I'm hoping to be re decorating soon, this is my favourite design ideas ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Beautiful! I've always wanted to do an ombre sunset colours butterfly canvas but I haven't got round to it. Thanks for the video 🙂

  13. This would also go great in a little girls bedroom, my daughter saw the butterflies & now I have to make her one lol

  14. this wouldn't work wwith my people, the butterflies would be out of color order and they wolddn't even end up as a heart

  15. Soon beautiful! Makes me want to stop being lazy and make it, lol. #goals
    Hey Ann, maybe you could make a smaller one and put it for us in a giveaway???? 😀

  16. Sooooo beautiful! Makes me want to stop being lazy and make it, lol. #goals
    Hey Ann, maybe you could make a smaller one and put it for us in a giveaway???? 😀
    Ann Le {Anneorshine}

  17. LOVE this DIY!!! Really want to make it in the future!

    What size canvas did you use? And where did you get it from? Also how many butterflies did you end up making?


  18. hi. this is a nice idea. but when I used double sided tape directly on the wall, after some time it is falling down. can u give me another idea to stick it on the wall

  19. I did it ahhh…. after 3 days it completed thanks for the video and my wall decor is looking beautiful😍😍THANKS

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