Earn Royalties from Your Artwork LIVE Art Licensing 101 How to License Your Art for Sale Art Income

Earn Royalties from Your Artwork LIVE Art Licensing 101 How to License Your Art for Sale Art Income

hi art family welcome to my studio it’s
Dena Tollefson and I am so glad to have you here today so it’s gonna be a great
topic today it’s all about merchandise creating merchandise and earning income
from your artwork and this is a especially exciting thing because you
don’t have to only just sell your originals you can also be making a great
living and there are many artists that do this that make their living just from
selling merchandise or licensing their art so here’s an example of let me grab
this here stuck under that there we go oops
sorry for the camera movement alright so there’s an example this is a t-shirt
that I created this was back in 2014 a t-shirt design that I created for a
company called Crazy Shirts and so Crazy Shirts is a company based out of
Hawaii in the United States and they have retail stores all in the West Coast
and they what they do is they work with freelance art artists so when you
license your artwork essentially you’re doing freelance work so let me show you
the catalog that this came out of so I designed it and then I sent it to their
licensing manager and then they put let me grab this over here they
put they put it out in the catalog so here was the catalog where my design
appeared and then they sell the artwork so I got an upfront check for the for
the t-shirt design and then they were able to just go ahead and make as many
of them as they wanted and then they sold those so I understand they sold I
don’t know it was like a 1500 of them or two thousand t-shirts something like
that but that’s Crazy Shirts so we’ll talk a little bit more about all kinds
of opportunities for you to get into art licensing and I’ll have a list of
companies that do art licensing so so you can get started doing this as well
so I’m going to check the chat here let me go in
if anybody has joined and if you are new to my channel I welcome you and I’m so
glad to have you here today and then if you are if you are coming back again I
welcome you back and it’s wonderful to have you here oh my goodness hey look
it’s my father Dietrich Schaefer is here hi Daddy my
father just turned 80 and my mother just turned 80 this year so say happy
birthday to them if you’re on the chat and Madonna is here hello Madonna hey my
mother Helen Schaefer is here and Painting Stoof hi Steph good to
see you and oh Steph you bought a book on art
licensing yeah you know I did too there aren’t a lot of resources out there that
talk about I’m gonna move the camera just a little closer here to me there
are not a lot of resources out there that talk about art licensing or how to
go about doing it so Steff I’m like you I got a um I got a book on how to do it
as well so so let’s get started on this and also if you’d like to chat in the in
the chat I’d love to hear from you if you want to
stay quiet you know that works as well so so let’s go through all of these
things and hopefully and let me know in the chat if you can see the print on my
slides if you can read that hopefully I can read that so we’re going to start
the topics today what is art licensing defining it and talking about it a
little bit here and then examples of art licensing so I want to give you some
examples of what art licensing is and how you can participate
let’s talk about how much money you can make from that as well and the print
size looks good okay Daddy thank you all right wonderful and and then how to get
started with art licensing where you can find art licensing deals so I have
several slides that have a description of where you can go how you can find it
and a specific even links of some companies that do art licensing so you
can get started today and then I also will include those links in afterwards
after the live stream I’ll go back into the description and put some of those
links in there so you can just you know directly click right
off of the description on the video and then then the other thing would be this
the resources additional resources to learn more and then answering your
questions so let me know as we go through if you have questions I love to
answer your questions and I also just want to show you here I had a art
licensing deal with a company called Walking Dots so t-shirts are one example
of things here are phone cases that had my images on them and they did greeting
cards and they did art journals they had a lot of different merchandise so those
are other examples of of what can be what you can have for your licensing
alright so let’s get started here and let’s talk about what is art licensing
so you are the licensee and the licensee is the person who has the copyright for
the image and then the manufacturer of that is the licensor so you’re going
to get paid a fee or you get paid a royalty so a fee would be like a cheque
that you’d get upfront or you might get a check afterwards a royalty is going to
be a percentage a percentage based on sales of how many units they sell and
you’re gonna get a royalty for letting the manufacture use or essentially
borrow your artwork images so the artwork images basically are a
photograph so here’s an original painting of mine so for example I would
take a photo of this and I would want to be using my best camera lighting my best
angles all of that kind of thing and use a high quality camera and then I would
be sending the digital file or the JPEG or they might want to PNG or something
like that most companies just want a JPEG but to send that image to them just
email it to them and then they go ahead and put this you sign a contract and
they put it on their merchandise so you’re going to send them this digital
file and it needs to be original artwork so it can be painted work it can be
drawn it can be really anything you could even do have a friend Ali Launer
she does beaded skulls Ali could take a photo of her beaded skulls and then send
that photo in to a manufacturer and then they can put that on merchandise or can
also be completely computer-generated those of you out there who do digital
art this is a perfect medium for that you make your computer-generated art the
whole key here though is that it needs to be original it has to be original
artwork so what you have to own the copyright for it now that sounds scary
like oh what’s owning the copyright mean but what it means when you own the
copyright is it’s just that it’s your original work so like for example I had
a still-life I painted some pears here I made you know some some wildlife you can
do you know whatever it is that you do as long as you’re not copying somebody
else’s artwork because they own that copyright so if you made for example
Pencil Connoisseur if you’re watching this later or if you around the chat
right now Pencil for example creates original characters and those would be
perfect or would be are for example creates original artwork of characters
those would be perfect for licensing that type of thing if you make a copy of
for example a like the Peanuts comic strips something like that if you make
that for example that is already owned by another artist and that would be
infringing on their copyrights so the key here and I’ve covered in bold is it
just needs to be original artwork and you also do not need to apply for a
copyright when you create original artwork whether it’s a song or a poem or
anything that’s written if you create artwork that’s already covered under
copyright protection ok so I’m going to check the chat and see what you guys are
up to here and okay so Painting Stoof so Steph you’re asking Dena do you have
a specific resolution you’d like to have your images the licensers ask for
specific size they need to blow the image too
and Steph yes absolutely the key is I you want to use your nicest your fullest
resolution that is on your camera and and fill up the camera entirely avoid
having to crop out anything so what the different license companies that I work
with they have different requirements some of them are going to ask for a
specific dimension so if it goes on a coffee mug or it goes on something like
that they might ask you to take the artwork and have it fit within a certain
size and then you can just you know crop what you have or do something like that
the and then if you use a program I use Adobe Photoshop Elements to do my
like my cropping and that type of thing they might say we want the artwork to be
this many pixels by this many pixels or they might say we want this many inches
by this many inches then you can just go in and make it the exact size that they
want and I use a program and most license companies they want the file to
be as large as possible so they will ask you to send it typically like it’s a
photo tray a free photo transfer program called WeTransfer and that’s we
transfer dot-com and that is a free site and this is how you and so I use
Photoshop Photoshop Adobe a do B can’t spell this morning elements and this is
around I think it’s $99 and you to get a license for for that and I’ve had that
for multiple years that’s what I’ve always used and then we transfers how I
do it so okay so so Steph you’re asking I read somewhere that you are covered by
your own copyright but if you have to take someone to court unless you
register the copyright you’ll have to pay your lawyer fees and have less
chance to win the case yeah and Steph I have read that as well
however if you’re in a situation where you’re going to court and doing
something like that hopefully nobody has ever in that situation that you know hopefully you don’t have
to do that hopefully you can just write you know if something if there’d be a
copyright infringement something like that
hopefully you could you know just write a letter a cease and desist letter or
something like that but I also say that the companies that manufacture for
example Walking Dots who I worked with several years ago in this project they
will they have lawyers that go off and will actually actively look for this and
so the manufacturer oftentimes will go and will be looking for copyright
infringement on their artists and so that’s what’s really nice if you work
with a company then and they make the product and sell it oftentimes they’re
their legal team if they have one is going off and looking for infringement
and if you go your own route where you might do like RedBubble something like
that yes it is possible that people would infringe but it’s um sometimes
it’s hard to get a hold of them it’s just kind of a thing that happens with
with artwork so okay yeah okay good good good okay and so Madonna you’re saying
we use We Transfer at work all the time it’s easy and convenient
yeah Madonna absolutely my sister from Missouri We Transfer is a great thing all
you do with We Transfer is you just go Wetransfer.com and then it will have
you choose do you want the free or do you want the one where you have to pay
and I always pick the one for free it’s I think you get like two good um you can
send files up to two Gig something like that all you need is their email address
and your file and that’s all you need to send and they’ll get a notification that
you sent them a file and you’ll even get a notification when they open the file
okay all right yeah absolutely Steph some manufacturers do look for
infringement and it’s you know it’s it’s a it’s a deal but they they’re usually
very good about that okay so now that we’ve talked about what
is art licensing let’s give some examples of art licensing and okay so so
really any product surface so anything that accepts a printed design is an
option for art licensing and literally the sky is the limit if you think about
have you ever walked into a store I know I’ve done this where I’ve walked into a
store and then I’m looking and I’m like oh my gosh
I wish that my you know fill in the blank I wish that my flowers or my swans
or my skies we’re on this bedding or we’re on this you know wallpaper or
we’re on this t-shirt all of those kind of things if you’re like me you’ve had
those thoughts and or you know really on these dinner plates you know if you name
it if you can put anything if you have a surface it needs decoration and so
manufacturers know that when they have beautiful art where you know wine
bottles you know you name it stuff can be anything can be licensed so just a
phone case a journal you know if journals were just a plain cover when
they have artwork on it there are more appealing to people so would you rather
have your thing like this or would you rather have artwork on it most people
pick that they’d like to have artwork manufacturers know that and that’s why
they will either work with the work they’ll have an in-house art team or
they work with freelancers and when you do art list licensing you are a
freelancer so so let me show you a couple of deals that I’m currently in I
just got a deal with AJ Wallpaper they are out of Australia and they also
have offices and on the gosh I want to say California or Washington DC or I’m
not exactly sure of their US location but I know that they’re out of Sydney
Australia and then I also had a licensing deal with Crayola so in this
case Crayola paid me use images of me using their products so I was paid for
every photo in every video that I created that’s a licensing deal I have a
deal right now with ICanvas and ICanvas as a company out of Illinois and
I’ve been with them several years they’re wonderful they will license so
they will sell online if people want to buy print
also if Mona Edulesco is on the chat later or is watching us on the upload
she and I are both registered artists with ICanvas so how that works is I get
a royalty for every art print whether it is a giclee on canvas or on paper that
type of thing everyone that is sold then I will get a royalty for that and there
it works out two different ways so there’s a royalty if it was sold to a
consumer which is like a regular person or regular household or I get a royalty
at a lower rate if it was sold wholesale to one of the manufacturers oh not manufacturers one of the retailers that will put it into their
retail store so for ICanvas they have Bed Bath and Beyond they supply artwork
for Target Bed Bath & Beyond Nordstrom Kirklands a lot of different retailers
get their supply from ICanvas and so I know that I’ve had several I have had
several these sales that have gone in where the buyer from the retailer goes
to ICanvas and then had selected some of my work so that’s kind of exciting
because that then means that it’s in retail stores as well Noir Gallery
I’m in Noir Gallery that’s new for me they also do like what ICanvas does
but it’s just done to consumers only and then I have a new a new deal here which
I’m super excited about and want to unbox that here today grab it here so
I’ve got this get my scissor out here can I open this up so this is from this
came from Finley and Company and they are they make this is these are pocket
squares that they make for men’s suits and so they sell into these are samples
that they’re sending me of my work so how this works is oh this is nice
okay so let me open the ribbon here so what they did is their licensing my
images and all these are nice so here is I’m seeing this for the first time this
is okay so this is one of my paintings and as you can see here it looks like
they’ve got okay so they’ve got my name here and then they’ve got their company
logo Finlay and company I know that these are made these are printed in
Italy and then they are here’s the backside they’re hand-stitched this is
all silk 100% silk and I love these okay so so they sell these these retail for
90 dollars a piece and stores that deal with high-end men’s clothing and then
they can I know you can buy this is called the Dena
Tolleson collection is what they said so let me get the other one out here and
then if they have if get all three then I think they’re like $70 each something
like this oh this is great I love this okay
all right so let me see let me check the chat here and see yeah and they look for
it okay and yes thank you so much Madonna and hey Ian good to see you so
Ian we’re talking about how to earn royalties from your artwork by letting
manufacturers borrow your images essentially you’re doing art licensing
and so I like this one this one’s I think my favorite
so this one was basically what they were looking for Steph you were asking about
certain sizes so Finley and Company only works with squares and so I had I
offered them some square size canvases that I had but this one was not a square
so I ended up cropping it this painting this particular painting actually was
quite a bit wider over on this direction and then I just cropped it to fit in
their specifications so but basically these pocket squares they fit you know
like if this is your your shirt pocket and then you have this little pot bit of
the pocket square poking out so these are some examples of the this is
wonderful okay so these are some examples of some deals that I’m
currently in and I’ve been doing art licensing for the last five years and
I’ve been selling in galleries for 20 years so I’m I’ll say newer to the art
licensing part but I’ve been doing it long enough now to to be pretty excited
about it and as far as income goes what’s nice is that if you think about
it like here’s an original painting if you saw the original painting you know
it’s it’s gone and in order to make more money you have to make another piece of
art but with art licensing not only can you sell your original to someone you
can also take digital images of it and then sell it and over and over and over and
over for years and years and years you can make art licensing income from that
image where you are loaning it to manufacturers and it’s always a
specified period of time and it’s going to be at a specified rate so so now the
next question would be now that we talked about what is our licensing and
some examples the question is how much money can you make so if we look here
you can make it’s it’s going to be variable and some of the factors are you
can earn a royalty for each sale which is like my deal with AJ Wallpaper and with Noir
Gallery and ICanvas those are deals where I get a royalty for everything oh
that’s made flat fee up front that’s the deal that I have with Finley and Company
and then and that’s also the deal that I had with with Crayola so how much you
can make is based on these factors volumes of sales how many units they
make and sell the product category so shirts t-shirts that type of thing
coffee mugs postcards phone cases plates all of these things are each going to
have their own percent typically their own percent wallpaper it’s going to have
its own percent so there are industry standards and they kind of vary but it
really has to do more with your reputation how much money have you made
for that company in the past a increase your rate what’s the going rate for
everybody else that type of thing as well so okay and I’m gonna check the
chat see what you guys are up to and so oh say thank you Steph thank you I think
it looks really good on the silk – I’m really excited and I hope that they will
Finley and Company I hope that they will license with me again this is super
exciting alright so now let’s take a look here and let’s look at royalties
okay oh and also reputation so if it’s exclusive versus a non-exclusive license
so let me talk to you a little bit about that so let me see
what Helen says here my mother okay on says I can’t wait to touch the pocket
square – yes yeah that fabric is super soft it’s like super soft I’m very
excited about it okay so exclusive versus non exclusive license so let’s
talk a little bit about that so an exclusive license I do mostly
non-exclusive licenses and the difference between them is if you have
an exclusive license that means that that image for example let’s say it’s
this image of Hannah’s Sky if I do an exclusive licensing deal you’re gonna do
it for a certain period of time it might be 12 months and then they say it’s
renewable or something like that or they might say we’re going to print 5,000
units and then we’ll if we want additional units then we would sign
another deal something like that but if you do an exclusive license that means
that the that is the only place where that image can be licensed so they might
say it’s exclusive only to t-shirts or exclusive only to coffee mugs and then
if you had another company that was interested in that image then maybe that
other company did wallpaper or wall stickers or you know something like that
then it is okay to do that I like the non exclusive so typically their license
deals that I do would be like for example worldwide non-exclusive which
means that I’m able to license the same photo and get money for it from other
manufacturers as well all right and so let me check and say oh and hey Rebecca
is here good to see you Rebecca and so Ian says that you
yes stressy week with the and you had to break out your emergency only
BeeGee’s the greatest album to chill you out oh my goodness
I love the Bee Gees Ian I hear you on that and I missed the Bee Gees and yes
they were amazing and they are fantastic you know Abba is good for stress for
stress relief – absolutely yeah it is it’s a stressful topic absolutely oh my
goodness I love it I love it that you used Bee Gees that’s awesome all right
and so as far as how much money that you can make
off of the licensing royalties will run anywhere from basing on the category
they might be a few percent per sale up to maybe ten percent for every sale
that’s made and then flat fees could be you know they’ll run anywhere from
usually a hundred dollars for a flat fee up to you know ten thousand hundred
thousand you know and up depends on who the company is you know all of that kind
of thing so so let me see what you’re saying here
okay so Helen is saying yeah that you’re going to hear it and then and stuff
you’re asking did you go back and review your old videos and change your settings
that type of thing yeah it’s important that we as artists follow the law know
the laws been in place for many years but it’s important that we follow the
law so that we can all be compliant and you know everything will be fine and
Rebecca is saying interesting topic yeah Rebecca it’s so neat and you know
Rebecca I thought about you the other day and putting this together you did
for the Great Pumpkin challenge you did a design for wrapping paper and so your
design of your oranges for example would be a perfect thing that you could
license to wall paper or to wrapping paper companies or to wall paper
companies or to fabric companies so later in the presentation I have a
company that Rebecca you might be interested in approaching I have it in a
list and a link of how to get to them it’s a fabric company that licenses
fabrics so Erika later on if if Erika if you’re watching later Erika Lancaster
does a lot of work where she will take a digital file so she’ll make for example
you know like if this was a painting of hers and then she would cut it out or
have it on a plain background and then she would have have it multiples of it
or have a repeat of it and so that would be a classic example of something that
would work really really well for wallpaper for
you know anything that needs a repeat but especially fabrics okay
oh and hey Joni Young is here good to see you and Joni and yes Oh Thank You
Joni thank you thank you okay so now we’ve talked about how much money you
can make so now let’s talk about how to get started so it is actually shockingly
easy to get started doing this it’s actually something you can do this
afternoon something you can do today all you need are high quality digital images
of your artwork and what that just means is is that you took a photo of it so now
depending on the company I Canvas I have to use a very fancy DSLR camera because
they want a super high resolution but all the other licensing deals that I
have my iPhone camera photo works just fine and I don’t need to have a super
duper high resolution just the highest resolution that’s on the phone but I it
doesn’t require anything any specific setup other than that so you want to
create a high quality digital image of your artwork and this is what you’re
going to be sending to the company typically on something like you’ll
either email it to them or you’ll do it through Wetransfer and then what you’ll
want to do is keep your images and you can license those same images over and
over year after year you can earn income even when you aren’t when you’re old and
decrepit and you aren’t creating art anymore then you or your estate can
continue making money off of your images so it is really important keep those
images you can put them on a thumb drive you can keep them somewhere keep them in
a safe place because those images are gold for you that’s a it’s a nice
retirement fund for you it’s nice income that can come in even if you aren’t able
to create artwork so let me check over here on the chance ya see what see
Rebecca says the problem you I’ve had is that I don’t do PayPal and when I’ve
tried Spoon flower it’s too expensive to buy samples upfront
okay so Rebecca yeah if you don’t personally do PayPal you might have you
know like a friend or somebody else who can do PayPal for you or some companies
will also allow you payment through a check or through the bank if you’re
working directly with me they’ll be they’ll work with you on it if you’re
doing some retailers like Rebubble it sounds like maybe spoon flowers like
this where you have to have a PayPal account then that’s something that you
might have to try and find a workaround for that okay and then Ian you only
use your ABBA greatest hit album for the end of the world yeah but
you know it’s comforting to know in that it is there when it’s needed right
absolutely absolutely okay so another other thing is and this
is really a key thing is growing your social media presence so YouTube
Facebook Instagram these are I usually have a Twitter account but I closed my
Twitter account because I felt like it wasn’t really necessarily doing me
anything but I’m just focusing on these three these are the ways that I have
gotten a lot of my art licensing contacts and my art licensing deals is
because I’ve been super active on social media and so what you guys are doing
right now being active on social media growing your channels whether that’s
YouTube it’s Facebook its Instagram when you’re doing that you are raising your
visibility and retailers take notice of that and that is how they will reach out
to you I’ve had several deals work that way where that’s how it worked for me
with Finley and Company with the pocket squares they reached out to me through a
direct message in Instagram and and in the same thing with Crayola that’s how
they reached out to me was through Instagram and and through they you know
they’ll look and they’ll see your Facebook they’ll look and they’ll see do
you align you as an artist do you align with them as a company and then also of
course do they like your artwork but when you’re building your social media
presence sometimes people think oh nobody’s paying attention or you know
nobody knows but that’s actually not true because companies are looking for
fresh artwork for fresh artists for it for they’re also looking for established
ones but they’re always looking for fresh and for what’s new and things that
will appeal to their audience so so it’s really important and you’re already
doing that by being active on social media
all right so and you’re not big on on Twitter either Steph yeah it’s some
artists find it helpful but I have just not found it helpful so I ended up just
closing my account because they’re so you know how it is there are always so
many things to do and juggling your time between creating original art
interacting and social media having a real life it’s it’s hard to juggle all
of that so so just keeping it to a few accounts or maybe even just one or two
accounts is you know is kind of a strategy so Rebecca you say you’ve got
six thousand followers on Twitter but it’s uninspiring for you don’t get
engagement but you love Instagram and YouTube yeah that’s how I feel too
Rebecca is for me it’s that interaction back and forth and the community
building that is and the networking it’s really important okay so now that we’ve
talked about how to get started oh sorry oh it’s another key thing here is you’ll
want to decide if you want to go the freelance route or you want to work with
an art licensing agent so there are different approaches I am doing the freelance
route but other people will work with an art licensing agent and that’s just like
what it sounds like it’s kind of like working with a talent agent so what they
will do the art licensing agent is they will find art licensing deals for you
and they will help manage though they’ll go between and they will help you with
your contracts and that type of thing but for that they take a
very hefty fee and the fee can be anywhere from 20% of your sales up to
say 70 percent of your sales they will take for doing that now if you find a
good agent that can they can get you deals that you wouldn’t be able to get
on your own because some companies will only work through agents some companies
only work through freelancers and some companies do a mix of those or they
might have a on site or a company retained artist that does their artwork
so okay so let me check the chat here and say what you’re saying okay you so
Steph you’re saying oh and then oh and Helen you’re asking what about Arteza okay so Arteza I had a deal with Arteza and I still have an idea deal with Arteza periodically they
will send me product and then I will use the product and give my honest opinion
on it and that type of thing and so that is I you know that is I don’t know if we
call that a licensing deal or not I think that that is more of a just a
brand relationship kind of a thing or that type of thing it’s I don’t get for
example my images I’m not licensing any images to Arteza and they’re not putting it on their product but if they would then
that would be an example of an art licensing so that’s a great question
Helen so what’s the difference between art licensing and a branding deal so a
branding deal would be where they are maybe sending you free product in
exchange for something for use or giveaway that kind of a thing and then
art licensing is they’re giving you money you’re getting actual money or a
check for them using your images but that was that’s actually that’s a great
question okay so so let’s see here
and then Steph you’re saying that you like YouTube and Reddit and you have a
strong love-hate relationship with Instagram’s algorithm yeah you know
that’s the thing with Instagram too is it seems like people are kind of fickle on
Instagram it seems like I don’t know if you guys noticed that too if you feel
like that and then okay and then Ian you say you’ve got Twitter but you use it
just just with your football friends and that’s great okay and then Rebecca
you’re saying that you’re on Etsy and Red Bubble and on Red Bubble you’ve got
a UK bank account that you are Red Bubble pay into and yeah okay yeah so
Red Bubble and we’ll actually talk about Red bubble here in a little bit that’s a
that’s a good comment okay all right a sponsorship yeah yeah yeah
Rebecca that’s the word a sponsorship that’s that was that’s the term and yeah
sponsorships can be where they pay you money for a sponsorship or they give you
free product so okay so yeah once you determine if you want to go freelance
now if you’re working with an art licensing agent typically they don’t
want you also freelancing typically they would get you all of their work but you
can have a deal with an art licensing agent where they work their channels and
then if you get the deal then you work through your channels that’s certainly
possible to do that as well okay so the next topic is now that we talked about
what it is got examples talked about how much money you can make how to get
started let’s talk about where to find art licensing deals so so the trick here
is that you want to be picky choose companies whose reputations are gonna
align with your core beliefs so as you as you go along on this you’re going to
find some companies might reach out to you and you don’t feel like they have
the same standards if they don’t have the same standards as you just you know
let it go and don’t work with them because it’s important because your
artwork is going to be on their product and so it needs to be a company that you
believe in a company that you align when so you can go in and how you’ll know
that is if you don’t already know the reputation of the company you can go on
their website and look at their about Us section or you can learn more about them
do a little google search and then see you know what their reputation is and if
you like their reputation you know it’s good and if they have a bad reputation
it’s best not to work with them or if if it may be that you have a thing let’s
say that you only want to work with sustainable companies or only companies
that do they have a certain policy of human rights or certain things might be
important to you then you can research that and if the company lines up with
that then you would have a good match so let me check the chat here and see
Rebecca says you’ve got four of your designs sold two crayon rocks USA and
you got paid your designs never got used it was a bit of a dead duck so yeah so
just keep going with that Rebecca because not every licensing deal will
pan out but the more deals that you do that’ll give you experience in doing
them and then you’ll feel more comfortable and then when the contract
comes in and be like oh hey I’ve seen this kind of wording before and you know
what to look for that kind of thing so so when you’re looking for art licensing
deal how you can find out if a company works with freelance artists is you can
look at their about Us section or look for the words and a lot of times it’s at
the bottom of the web page so if you scroll all the way down there might be a
thing that says collaborate with us or artists or submit artwork something like
that and and then you can look and see then if they are accepting artists for
licensing and then just follow their submission rules and then another and
we’ve talked about this just on the last slide would be to consider joining up
with an art licensing agent and in order to find that what you can do is do a
Google search for art licensing agent and then the art licensing agents
depending on what they will do is they will tend to do they’ll have a certain
look so you want to look at think about your artwork and then think about does
your artwork look like the portfolio of artists that they currently carry for
that licensed art lights of that talent manager because if they are they will
have their people reach out and if your stuff looks like it fits in line like
the color the style is that whimsical art is it serious art is an angry art
there are art licensing deals across the board for every type of art so if you do
look for a an art licensing agent or if you’re looking for a company look and
see what they currently already have on their products and if it looks like it’s
okay it kind of fits in my genre then they could be a candidate so oh hey the
unspeakable hey good to see you and oh and Rebecca you said there was no
contract okay yeah oftentimes there’s going to be they’ll will or not
oftentimes there is a contract for these when you do the art licensing with these
companies there will be a contract that they’ll have you sign and let me grab
and I actually so here’s here’s the contract I had for the last art
licensing agreement I just did but just many many pages and it goes into real
detail about here here here I’m the licensor and then the percent and the
term but they have licensee license or they talk about special conditions
relationships of parties indemnity always severability non-waiver it’s a
lot of lawyers speak but what it really gets down to the important things are
they’ll talk about is it a exclusive or a non-exclusive contract
and then the percentage you’re going to get that the terms and then how you’ll
be paid that type of thing sometimes you’ll get and usually you’re paid
quarterly which would be four times a year
and and then how they’ll pay like they might do a check they might do direct
deposit to your bank they might want to use paypal you know that type of thing
oh my goodness Pencil Connoisseur my son you are here it’s good to see you okay
so and that animated one hey welcome so so Pencil we were actually talked about
you a little bit earlier in the stream just talking about original character
art the original care part that you do is so well suited for art licensing so I
if you aren’t already doing this I would I would strongly suggest you consider
doing this Pencil so okay so now that we’ve talked about where to find the art
licensing deals now I’d like to share with you a list of some companies
specific companies who do licensing so and I’ve got on here the actual link
that you can do and I will put these links in the description after the up
after this live is over I will go in and cut and paste these into the description
so you guys can go in and just go ahead and click and do some of these if you
are interested in doing that so yeah Helen her son okay so actually Pencil if
I am your mother then Helen Schaefer is your grandmother and Dietrich Schaefer
is your grandfather alright so I feel like Madonna is my sister and I feel
like Pencil is my son although we aren’t all biologically related but we kind of
just feel that company feel that family spirit okay so companies who license now
when I have a caveat here saying no vetting required so all of the
discussion that we’ve had here before would be where you’re working with a
specific company and they either ask you if they can license your work or you
approach them or you would have a licensing agent involved
these first two companies listed here you don’t have to do that step Red
Bubble and Zazzle are companies that do not you do not have to be the vetted
which means you don’t have to get permission from them to do it and there
isn’t an agreement and it’s a it’s a large number of artists involved the
other companies that we’re talking about would be they might have a smaller
number of artists involved or they’re doing products that would be in retail
stores that kind of thing if you do Red Bubble or you do Zazzle and I’ve done
Zazzle I have not never used Red Bubble but I know a lot of people love it these
are the links and then you can people that go to the site can purchase your
artwork if you identify it that it is open for the public to buy like Zazzle
and Vistaprint that kind of thing you can make products for example I use
both of those to make postcards for example of my work and my business cards
and instead I have my own template that I use that kind of thing but Zazzle for
example has a thing where if you allow them to use your design your original
artwork design and sell it you can say what kind of up charge you want so for
example let’s say that a phone case is going to cost I’m just going to pick a
number X then and then if you give the design then you say what profit margin
you want on that and then and then how it works is somebody comes out to the
site and then they would want to buy your product and then they would pay
that and then you would be getting a a check from Red Bubbles or Zazzle Vistaprint
whoever for the difference for you know like what the profit margin is that you
said that you wanted and a lot of that’s called print that’s called print on
demand is what that kind of service is now you can make some money doing this
type of thing where there’s no vetting but the real money in art licensing is
and these other types of deals because typically RedBubble that kind of thing
there might be ten fifteen thousand artists all competing for the same
audience and in these other companies they’re working directly with retailers
or with manufacturers and there’s a lot more volume so you know maybe if there’s
a sale of and you would really kind of need to do the marketing yourself like
say hey you know come or tell people go buy this on RedBubble go buy this here
and so there might be a small number of sales or smaller number of sales but
your biggest opportunities come with these other opportunities here I’ll show
you next that do not have a vetting required and/or that do that and and so
when you work with them you have much more opportunity for larger profits
although these are still great companies to work with it’s still a great thing to
do but if you want to go even larger than you can go with these other routes
here so okay I’ll just check the chat here and see what you guys are up to
alright and Rebecca you say that you have your designs on RedBubble and have
them printed on t-shirts patches bags etc and you think you’re not
professional enough for companies to be interested in your designs now you know
what I am going to disagree with you Rebecca
you don’t have to be profession it doesn’t have to be there are artists who
don’t sell for example like I have my artwork in galleries and I also do
licensing there are some artists who only sell through galleries don’t do any
licensing but there are a large number of artists who don’t sell their
originals and everything is done through licensing and they can make a wonderful
career doing that so I want to encourage you you know don’t don’t you don’t have
to be a certain an artist of a certain reputation to be doing this this is
really open really open to everybody in every situation so and I’ll kind of show
you a thing here is on that on the Crazy Shirt thing so Crazy Shirts for example
is a company where you are a freelance artist you are
vetted by them and then you’re one of their artists and then they put out a
prompt and then you design for that prompt and then if they pick your design
you get an upfront fee now I’m going to show you here so Kliban Kliban has
their own page and they have their own designs on here and they get their own
thing listed so that’s a example of a big-time artist but here’s just
everybody else and they don’t on here say who the artist is for example on
mind that they did this was five years ago it’s they just named the the shirt
impressions and then here’s the shirt that it you know that was sold but but
as the artist all these artists we all get the same you know we all get for
doing these designs we all would get you know all these different
everybody gets their royalty fee and Crazy Shirts comes up with new catalogs
all the time so they are constantly looking for new artists and I’ll show
you the Crazy Shirts linked here in a little bit but that’s a great company to
do to do a deal with okay and so yeah so Pencil I would a hundred percent
recommend that you do our licensing it’s almost like you are tailor-made for this
I would especially recommend Crazy Shirts for you Pencil also fabric design
I think would be great for you that kind of thing and Ian one man’s meat is
another man’s poison and you know what it’s absolutely true Ian and that’s the
thing too is is thinking about you as an artist you want to think about what are
your goals what what do you want to have what do you not want to have and that’s
what’s so nice that we as artists we can decide our own future we can decide what
we want to do we can we don’t have to do what we don’t want to do that kind of
thing so oh and Rebecca thank you for saying that you are so sweet thank you
thank you so okay so we’ve talked about where to find
these deals and now when we’re talking about these companies who license so
Robert Kaufman fabrics so and Madonna I think you work with fabric sometimes I
know that when you’re creating you created your gnomes and you did
something like I thought you did some gnomes the other day but anyway fabrics
for those of you who know fabrics Robert Kaufman is a wonderful vendor but they
do they work with freelancers and and so what you need they what they will do is
they will work with design repeat that’s you know like an entire painting
something like that but they also typically what they work with is
something that would be a thing where you’ve made like for example Rebecca did
her thing with her orange slices or Pencil if you were to take one of your
characters and then repeat the character and so you would take a digital image of
your drawing or you would create it digitally and then make repeats of that
and so for those of you who are wondering how that process works
Erika Lancaster a fellow Youtuber and friend she did she’s done a series of I
know at least one of them there might even be a series of but i’m thinking of
one in particular a video explaining how to create step-and-repeat
designs of your artwork that can be used so how this works is all you do is you
as you click on submission Robert Kaufman.com and you go and then
they have you upload your things that you aren’t interested in having them
consider and then they will respond back to you but wouldn’t it be neat to see
your artwork on fine fabric in fabric stores everywhere and then people who do
quilts people who make jumpers people who are making blanket you know whatever
it is your images can be out and out in the world and you can be making the
world a better place through your artwork okay so oh and hey I see that
Elena Arts is here good too see you and okay so Pencil says Oh
mother thing yes Pencil absolutely Pencil this
afternoon get started on this and then unspeakable you said Dena do you sign
your t-shirt art okay so in this case here I’ll bring this one back so this
one was a design that was for Crazy Shirts in 2014 and they have what they
did is that deal was a thing where they I’m paid up front and that they do their
logo which is CSI which is like Crazy Shirts something I think it’s Crazy
Shirts International so in this case I did not sign it but I would sign
normally I would sign these other things so let me show you for the deal I just
had with Finley and Company the pocket squares if you go look at their Finley
and Company online they will you can see the different collections that they have
and my collection is going to be coming out in the next couple months so I just
got the samples and did the unboxing so it’s Finley and Company and so in this
case I’ll show you this is there’s a silk pocket squares that men would wear for a
suit and so here my name is on the corner and then they added their logo
and they printed these in Italy and they’re just gorgeous so yeah so my name
is on there and then on website they’ll also say it’s the Dena Tollefson
collection and that’s how they promote that
so these squares are they retail for ninety dollars each and then um and then
so here’s my name and then here’s a logo at the bottom and then they had these
here’s that they did a beautiful job sewing the edges so these edges are hand
sewn and if you buy the whole collection I think I want to say they’re like they
come out to like $70 each if you buy the whole collection which does three of
each artist but this is I am so excited about this
licensing deal this is a real thrill for me I’m so excited so so t-shirts here’s
the link for Crazy Shirts and now Crazy Shirts here when you work with them they
have certain cut like a certain limit of colors and I want to say it’s like
either 8 or 10 colors and once you’re in there working with them then they have
they’ll give you all of the information but based on the ink they have a certain
number of inks that they can put into their manufacturing but they’ll do a lot
run of like a thousand I think ours are 1,500 shirts at a time something like
that and and then you get paid up front and then you also get a bonus if your
design sells out ok and so next art prints so I’m at Noir Gallery and they
do art prints which would be lgiclee prints for the wall that type of thing
and then there is also Wild Apple and McGaw Graphics that will do licensing
now I’m also with ICanvas but I Cavas does not have they don’t
advertise how to get ahold of them they just reach out to artists that they’re
interested in I was approached by them through it was either Facebook or
through my Instagram account I don’t know which but that’s why as artists
it’s super important to be you know growing your social media accounts
growing those and staying active on those and put your best foot forward on
those because companies are watching and if you it’s if this is something that
you’re interested in doing then then they’ll notice you over time and you can
get these deals here greeting cards so Leanin Tree greeting cards they do they
work with freelance artists and and then there’s another company called Kikkerland and if you have ideas for a new product they’ll give you a 5 person
royalty greeting cards a lot of times how they work is you might get paid up
front like for a design and then they will then have the copyright for that
design all these other products you keep the copyright or all these other
companies you know I liked I try and work with companies where I would keep
my copyright that way I can keep using and that that way you can keep spelling
your same design over and over and over to other companies over time okay
oh and hey Aggie Pixie is here all right wonderful
okay yes they were gnomes made with sheep’s wool Madonna yes okay yeah well
Rebecca your dream might be starting today this is why it’s so exciting and
literally the sky’s the limit with this and so it’s a dream of yours Rebecca to
have your designs license on fabric or wallpaper both yes yes so AJ Wallpaper I
just signed a licensing deal with them and I’m on there what on their website now
they’re out of Sydney Australia and they also have a location in the United
States but that’s a wallpaper company I applied to let me get the one back out
for Robert Kaufman fabrics I applied for Robert Kaufman fabrics and sent them
some designs and and I wasn’t accepted but I’m not gonna let that get me down
because I’ll just do you know maybe another six months from now I’ll go
ahead and submit some other things and you never know when something will catch
someone’s eye or the company is thinking hey you know we want to move in this
direction or let’s you know there’s maybe a color trend or there’s a you
know whatever and they’re gonna be looking for something different so so
yeah oh my gosh fabric wrapping paper is another exciting thing to get your
artwork on okay so now and then oh yeah isn’t this exciting and oh and
Aggie Pixie I’m so glad that you’re here thank you so much Aggie and
and Alena I’m so glad that you are here today and also I appreciate you guys
your thumbs up and I appreciate you sharing this video I appreciate you guys
subscribing and ringing the subscription bell and your friendship and
it means a lot to me that you guys are here and we do really have a wonderful
art community here I really appreciate you guys ok so here’s another thing
cartoons and paper products so there’s a company called Andrews McMeel and they
do calendars paper products that type of thing but look at this especially for
any of our cartoon friends people who do cartoons that type of thing Pencil 1MightyR if you’re watching later if you want to get syndicated or have a license
have your have your character licensed to that type of thing this is a great
place that you can go in and get your art put out there so let me check the
chat here and yeah well thank you Steph and you know what Steph your work
there’s a lot of products I am picturing your staff is such an amazing painter
I’m picturing think about golf products that are made that are sold in
the golf course pro shop you can even go look for example stuff if you’re
thinking about hey can I get some of my are my golf art on some golf products so
a great way to do that would be to look and say alright here’s a product that I
saw in a pro shop and it’s a mug or it’s something or it’s whatever look on the
bottom turn it over and look at the bottom and look a name of the
manufacturer and if you contact that manufacturer it maybe that’s how you get
another licensing deal so anything that will hold and we talked about that here
at the beginning you know examples of art licensing it’s literally any surface
that will have a printed design is open to our licensing Golf Bags absolutely absolutely and we do Elena we are we do grow as a family and we support each
other I love how supportive our you know everybody is here and it’s just a
wonderful thing and and so yeah absolutely thank you and thank you yes
so look ya country clubs directly so larger companies yeah so staff if you go
with so the gut so the pro shop is going to be for example buying their inventory
from different manufacturers and so if you the manufacturers thing then your
golf art is going to go literally all over the world your golf art can be
printed on things and be all over the world so it’s it’s very exciting so now
let’s talk about now that we’ve talked about some art licensing a list of
companies who license let’s talk about art licensing resources so there is
online there is a great source here and it’s um artist Tara Reid she has a this
it’s called the abundant artist there’s a lot of free things that you can read
they all also have a subscription service and some things that you can
read I’ve just read the free stuff over the years but I’ve been reading
following her website alright and her her blog for years and when you look on
here then you can find other artists and you can also do a google search on art
licensing art licensing blogs there are a lot of great resources out there to
find additional information and that type of thing so you’ve returned your
biological mother rang you out of the blue oh well tell your other mother
hello for me Pencil that’s great yeah Ian absolutely
wedding napkin art I mean it is unbelievable all of the all of the
options of what is out there for licensing so I wanted to open this up to
any questions that you guys you guys are doing
great with asking questions as we go are there any other questions that you might
have for me on this topic okay and so so Rebekah is saying you found it very
difficult knowing how to fill out the online forms when contacting contacting
art agents yeah it’s one of those things where it seems intimidating you know if
you look at that this contract that I just filled out when I for AJ Wallpaper
you know it’s multi-page but a lot of this stuff is boilerplate and they have
the same wording you know in all contracts so it’s a thing where the
first time you look at it it’s kind of overwhelming and then after a while the
language is just kind of normal and you can always get a lawyer to if you feel
like you know you need to ask a lawyer information questions that type of thing
they have contract lawyers do that all the time and they can also help if you
need that – okay and so so Steph you’re asking you’re saying thank you for
helpful information Oh unofficial mentors Thank You Steph you
are so nice thank you so much thank you thank you so all right you guys well I
want to thank you for being here today and and Madonna says it’s been a lot of
great information and Thank You Madonna I appreciate all of you guys you guys
are wonderful I can’t wait to see you again and we are all one art family and
I appreciate you all and I can’t wait to see you so until next time this is Dena
Tollefson and all my best to you bye bye

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