Easy Time-Lapse Video Tutorial —  How To Make a Timelapse Video with DSLR

Easy Time-Lapse Video Tutorial — How To Make a Timelapse Video with DSLR

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  1. The Lumix DMC-LX100K is a little more like what I get from my GH4, which is very good quality 4K or 1080. Not to mention, very easy to set-up when you need to run and gun.

  2. What are the advantages of using the timelapse setting on the iphone over the normal video setting? I usually just use the video recording setting because you can go from normal speed if you want and then speed it up.

  3. During the time lap with your iphone u had this light spot on the screen. I got the same prob. Gets lile that when i take pics against the sun. Though it was something wrong with my cam on the iphone :p

  4. If you're going to just speed up DSLR video, the 180 degree shutter rule doesn't matter. I'd actually recommend going as low as possible (1/30) to reduce noise and give it as much motion blur as possible so that it doesn't look like just sped up video… which it is.

  5. Theres controllers you can connect to the camera to shot single pictures. That means you can get 5k timelapses with a 70d

  6. Sean, I have seen many of Casey's videos with his time lapses in them. I think they're cool. I have been wondering about this question for awhile now. How long does your camera or phone have to stay in one place?? We just have a fujifilm 5xzoom 16 megapixels digital camera that will only do a recording for like 9 minutes then it shuts itself off. I know that our camera is ancient lol. Also, do any of you stay with your devices when doing a time lapse or do you just come back and hope it's still there?? Sorry if these are dumb questions but I truly don't understand the whole process of them, other than they are pretty:)) Keep crushing it!! Julie

  7. I totally didn't know you did this channel too! I have been looking for this video for about 30mins in video influences haha so useful thank you!

  8. Hey so I am an aspiring filmmaker and I post drone videos I edit and make through Final Cut Pro, and was wondering what the best setttings are to edit with Final Cut Pro to get crisp HD footage that is compatible with Instagram. This would really help me out and I am sure I am not the only one who is interested in this. Love your videos by the way, keep it up!

  9. Ha! Sean, I actually grew up in Sandton, South Africa, small world considering I've been following you since the video about the cameras/stuff casey uses to produce his videos.

  10. Hello, i am begginer in photography and timelapse videos. I have make some time lapse videos with my smartphone and i had sell it so i need to grow up and go to a dslr camera. You have to suggest me a good dslr camera about 100-250$? What lens i must use? Thanks and very nice video!

  11. I had a question, i want to purchase a new camera and i'm stick between the canon 6d and 70d would you mind helping me out a bit, thanks!

  12. hey guys just want to say thanks for the awesome content you upload, your videos have come in really helpful for a lot of questions I have had

    keep up the great work and thanks again 🙂

  13. i saw philip bloom using filmconver and deluts, i wanted to ask what that is and are they really useful and kindly if u can tell how to speed up video for time lapse

  14. so i recorded a 46 min video, can i speed it up to lets say 3 min and make a time lapse, does it work like this too?

  15. I appreciate pretty much all of your videos, reviews, tutorials etc.,it's pretty good content usually. This one however misses the point of being a tutorial unfortunately 😉

  16. The time lapse won't look cool by just only speeding the video up, the best way to do it is take pictures every 3s and then use light room and premiere software for it

  17. You should just take pictures every few seconds and make a timelapse with that. It can be much higher resolution

  18. I have a canon 70D. When I shot the video, it broke up into 5 separate videos in a 29 minute filming period. When I tried to edit them together and speed them up, you could see the change between the 5 videos. Is there a way to film and have just one 29 minute video?

  19. if you don't record video, do you HAVE to use an intervalometer on a Canon camera? That's all I want to know not a single vid answers this… How do I set the intervals on my canon if not.

  20. cant believe you were in my hometown and I had absolutely no idea 🙁 hopefully next time. Thank you for all the great advice about YouTube and especially thank you for VRA, its changing my life…. the hustle never stops

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