EP03 – Katherine Schultz Photography Behind The Scenes

EP03 – Katherine Schultz Photography Behind The Scenes

Hi, today we’re going behind the scenes with wedding photographer, Katherine Schultz. I’m going to follow her all day long. And you’re also going to find out how to get the most out of your wedding photography When it rains on your big day. This is Unbridely TV. Today we’ve been invited to Nicole and Michael’s
wedding at Serafino, McLaren Vale. And photographer, Katherine Schultz, is giving
us exclusive access to her thoughts and process as she goes about her work from the boys place,
to the girl’s place, to the ceremony and reception and the traditional end of night
for a photog, the first dance. But before we meet the groom, Katherine lets
us in on a little secret. A kombucha and sushi – the most portable
of wedding snacks. Ooh, special cars. Hel-lo!
How you going? Good, how are you?
Good mooo-ning! Oh, are you filming me as well?
Yeah, you’ll be in it. Help yourself.
Eat! Yeah, go for it.
Haha, classic! Don’t worry, I actually brought my own lunch.
Do you actually mind if I pop this in the fridge? Yeah, that’s cool. I’ll put that in the fridge. Thank you. See you in a bit. No worries. Bye. We’re going inside. You’re going inside.
It’s really windy there apparently. Yeah okay, totally, fair enough. Totally fair. Um, Michael what is in here? A watch. I thought so. Is this a gift? Yeah, Nicole got it for me. Oh, that’s so nice. I love when grooms have everything set up. It’s very helpful. How’s the light for you, Katherine, as well? Yeah, it’s good. Yeah? Yeah, with the windows in here it’s really
nice. Yep. Awe-some! So Katherine, you just do this on the fly,
right? Yep. Cause you don’t know what they’re going to give you, right? That’s it. I’ll just get there and be like, what’s
important to you, what do you want photographed? And just be in your pants and your shirt and
have anything you want photographed out and ready and look at this.
He’s done it really well. I love when people use nice light, bright
spaces. As a lot of photographers and videographers
will tell you, the more light that’s natural that can get in probably the better, if you’re
looking for more natural photos because you don’t have to use flash. So if you kinda face towards where the um, door is, you’ll get that beautiful light. And you can shut those doors behind you so we don’t get the TV and stuff. Yeah, okay. See right now this’ll be cut together into
‘waiting time’. Keeping the legs limber. Are you wanting to have a toast or anything, like a whiskey, or..? Ah, yeah. We’ll might have a scotch. A scotch!? Delicious. And actually, have a, do a cheers, bring your
glasses together. Do a Daniel!
That’s it. Those are dancing shoes. Yep, I love when places do have good wet weather options. Yeah, yeah then like, oh oh, it’s raining. Yeah. We haven’t planned for this. Less clutter means you can focus more on the
people. You may look at a room and think it’s okay,
but when you’ve actually got a blank-er space, it allows you to focus. Iconic. The best light, as most photographers will
say, is like the hour before sunset; if it’s a clear day like this when you’ve got the light, like the sun’s out. It’ll drop nice and low, be golden. But really any time on from probably 2 to 3 hours before sunset. And if not, you can just shoot in the shade. We have a spot of shade! Thank you, guys! Cool. Bye! So I’m just about to start Michael and Nicole’s
wedding ceremony. So I’m going to have to stop filming Katherine
for now. Poor thing; she’s probably really grateful. Then we can have another look at what Katherine does after the ceremony. Looking straight at me. Now is your last chance to put your head in a gap. 1, 2, 3! Looking at me. Great. Frank, Rita and Georgia. Good one. This side of the family is rocking it. Look at me. Looking at me. Looking straight at me. And throw! You know, some days the sun shines and some days it rains. You don’t even know what’s coming. Neither do I!
Okay, great. Just make sure that the umbrella doesn’t
cover your face. Could you just come over me, just slightly,
just for the camera’s sake? Of course, of course.
Okay. Should my dress be on the floor or is it okay?
I would drop it, if you can. Yeah, you rock. So if we come down..
I’ve had a lot of rain on wedding days. The main takeaway is that whatever happens
your vendors should be equipped to deal with it. They’re not going to stress out because they’ve got raincoats and umbrellas and
things like that; where there’s a will, there’s a way. No matter what happens you are gonna have photos. If you’re not wanting to get outside and
you know that already, so you’re looking ahead and it’s gonna pour and you think,
I actually don’t want to be walking around in the rain, tell your photographer or videographer, so that they can start to scout some locations that will be indoors and work. Please welcome Mr & Mrs Valensizi! If the camera’s on you it’s because I’m
watching you through the viewfinder and whatever you’re doing is beautiful. So especially if you hear the shutter click whatever you’re doing is perfect and you just need to stay
in that moment and not freak out because you, whatever you’re doing, looks amazing. I limit my season to 20 per year and that
is pretty much because I like to be able to communicate with my clients in the leadup
to the wedding. And I find that that’s a good number for me to be able to feel like
I can speak to them and give them assistance on timelines and that sort of stuff. After you!
Thank you ma’am. And that is the end! That’s a wrap-ski! Sometimes they might just be in their jocks
when I get there, so.. Oh, lucky you!

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