Where’s my class? (chatter) *bell rings* *everyone screaming and panicking* random kid: WHERE IS MY CLASS!!! Every First Day Of School Ever. *groans* Keith: I’m so tired! Dad: Wake up kiddo! First day! Keith: I know dad! I can’t wait until i’m an adult and I can wake up whenever I want. Dad : Yes… Wake up… Whenever you want… *that’s not how it works man* If you’re late again you’re fired! *oof* 25 Years ’till retirement! ( ooh,free back massages!) Are you using my mug? I’m late for class! So, how was everyone’s summer? Well, I went on vacation with my family, and I met my SUUPPPPEEEERRRR hot brother at the beach, and he kissed me. 😀 wew :] Cooooolll! I went on this vacation with MY family, then I met this super hot guy, at the beach, and he kissed me! 😀 Fun! I went on vacation with my family, and I met this super hot guy at the beach, and he kissed me! 😀 Mhhmmm, Mhhmmm. What about you, Elise? Oh, um… I’m, sort of waiting for the right guy before I kiss anyone. *loser* Oohhh… You should probably sit somewhere else. Uuuhhh… Just kidding, I went on a hot guy with my vacation and I met a beach and I kissed my family!
(wait what?)(me too) [what did u say? XD] -awkward silence- Close enough. *laughing* That’s happened to me before! I hope we have all of our classes together! Gooooood Morning River Blade Highschool! Hope you all had a “SUN-TASTIC” summer *you are a corny principal * I’d like to welcome you all back to class! Where you will be spending each morning for the next 36 weeks listening to MOI. The obnoxious kid who not even the teachers like, Because I talk TOO LOUDLY into a speaker system that’s already. Too Loud (you make us deaf) Now for the next five minutes, I’ll be unaware that I forgot to turn the microphone off and talk openly about the time I groped my cousin during laser tag. Then again on purpose during mini golf. *awkward* The first time there was possible deniability because it was in the dark. BUT mini-golf is during the day So she definitely saw it. UGHHH :/ I have to get naked in gym class?!?! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I can’t believe we got our lockers together this year! Ye-yeah, dude! So cool! Oh nice! Whoever had my locker last year left school supplies.(that kid was a nerd) Ooohh!! Someone left chemistry notes!
(do you even learn chemistry) Oh man. I hope there’s something good in mine (Yeah Hopefully) *screaming and stabbing* (nevermind) AHHHH!!!!! *groans* Ah, there was a pen in my locker. Guys, I got school supplies too! *dies* [that’s not good] Every student who existed: I want to go home. Okay, class, class, I’d like you all to meet our new student Uhhh.. Beth! I went here last year, too I- I’ve just changed, a lot. Oh haha My mistake. You uh- got taller No, same height… Oh, uh Different hair. No, same hair. UmmMmmM… Braces! No, I never had braces, Mr Jefferson. I just got boobs! Okay?!
(w0t did u just say) *Gasps*(Shayne’s hat falls off) Excuse me, miss. That is highly inappropriate I need you to go to the Principal’s office right NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! * he needs some milk* ..and take those jugs with you * NO GIVE IT TO HIM* Yes, sir. [yeeet] I grew a foot over summer! * things even science cant explain* All right! It’s the first day of high school, gotta make a good impression Eww Nope! Nope! Perfect! *transition music* Woooooo I’m fresh to death! (Wait what) Ha ha Oooh *Every lonely kid ever??* I’m the coolest kid here * wait wat* *tsss* *tsss* Hot! This sucks Okay, Alex. New year, new you Alright, no more missed assignments, right? No more slacking off. This will be the year that you finally get good grades. Alright, class. Welcome back And if everyone can pass forward their essays from their summer reading which, as we all know accounts for 50% of your grade oof F**********************CCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK *wAtCh YoUr MoUtH* Every First Day of School Ever. Thanks for watching, guys! To watch “Every Recess Ever” click that box on the left ..and to watch “Every Action Movie Ever”, click that box on the right *SHANE HAS LEFT THE BUILDING*


  1. 3:37 did someone put the de da dab diddly dad song :BTW (I watched all of them loved it keep up the good work)

  2. Well I went to school from kindergarten to grade 11 and I didn't graduate from high school and I wish I did get to graduate actually and I'm currently 19 now

  3. 4:37
    That is sooooo me
    Cause im in 6 grade now and in 5 grade i told myself to study hard and be neat and nowwww i just gave up

  4. I'm a freshman in highschool

    And I'll have you know I only got completly lost 3 times and had a mini panic attack once

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