Every Student During Exams | ft. Abhinay Berde | #bhadipa

Every Student During Exams | ft. Abhinay Berde | #bhadipa

Sushya, let’s go, quick. We’re getting late for the exam. Hey, wait… I can’t walk! Can someone lift me up? Or I’ll fail! Sushya… -I’ll fail! -Bro… Come on, come here. Did you do drugs in your dream? Don’t we have an exam? Let’s go… Not today! Not right now. It’s next week… Oh my God! I was terrified! Of course you should be! It’s your home, your bedroom, your notes… I’m the one studying. How are you going to pass? -It’s next week, right? -Yes. Next week… That means 7 days. 168 hours. Total 6 chapters… and then revision. Every Student before an Exam Bros with Faith… Bro, are you high on the incense? What is all this? You have to worship the stationery you use for exams. -You get an extra mark for your faith. -What?! Feeding a cow? This is your new thing, is it? -One extra mark for doing good. Join me. -What’s this? -Giving food… Gets you an extra mark. This has red ink. Give me a blue pen. You have to write ‘Shri’ in the answer paper in red ink. You get an extra mark for devotion. -I did write ‘Shri’ on the paper once. -And? The teacher put ‘Kahihi’ in front of the ‘Shri’. -And failed me… -What!? Will study… right after this -Great pic, bro. -Yeah. Tag me… -Dude, your mom put a comment already! -Oh my! -Look. -This is what you are up to in the name of ‘group study’? Go and study… Will do, right after this… Why are you always on your phone? Go and study… -I’m watching Casting Couch! -Is that foreigner going to write your exam? Go away, mom. I’ll study right after this… Pick it up, pick it up. Pick up the grenade. -Wait, wait! Oh, man! Hey… Studying? Chicken Dinner… I’ll do it right after this! Nervous Bros Stop biting your nails. Bite down some chalk- the calcium helps your brain. -It helps your bones! -Well, yeah… But why do you look so nervous? I keep dreaming that I failed… Our life is a failure anyway. -I dream that I get late for the exam. -When are you ever on time, anyway? I dream that I’m writing and my pen goes dry! And I am shit scared! That’s what happens when you use poor quality pens. I’ve heard what you dream comes true. No. What you dream at night doesn’t come true. Trust me. -Don’t speak nonsense. -Nonsense? I’ll give you a tip! This is Cello ButterFlow. It’s lightweight! But you can write heavily with this. Because exam time is… Cello time. Nice! It’s nice, dude! So smooth! I’m telling you, Anurag wrote Gangs of Wasseypur with this and it went to Cannes! Imagine! -Are you done? -Yes. Now, let me do Physics. Doing Physics? Study the Periodic Table. It’s important. -The Periodic Table? In Physics? -Yeah! -Let me give you a tip. -Sure. Drop out and open a street food cart. Forgetful Bros Hello, listen… I have a doubt about English. English? Who has a doubt about English? Shut up! Tomorrow is the exam; I am nervous. But tomorrow is the Math exam. What?! Didn’t we have English tomorrow? How can it be Math? You’ve joined the Science stream. It can be Math tomorrow. I took Science? But we had joined Arts! Exam Routines Pull an all-nighter and tea and pohe at Lokmat Chowk in the morning! Comes by default with exams! Last revision and then tea at Nalstop early morning. Royal! Comes by default with exams! Study all night and Ambika Misal early morning. Comes by default with exams! Misal? Misal early morning, is it? Do you open the shop yourself? Last Minute Warriors Manya… Give me the notes for tomorrow, please. Abhya… Abhya! Look down here. The book you’re fanning yourself with… Toss it to me. Hello, Shaunak! Send me your notes, please. Uncle… You have notes at your waste paper shop? No? Oh, you are in your third year? Sorry! It’s Good Housekeeping? Toss that too. I’ll read it. Doomsday Hi! What are you laughing at? -I am screwed! -What? The paper asks everything except the so-called ‘important’ portions I read! All I can do is draw lines on the paper! If you liked this video, quickly like and comment! And share it with your exam-giving bros. And we have 2 more channels apart from BhaDiPa. Please subscribe to Bha2Pa and Vishay Khol. Best of luck to all our bros who have their exams. Don’t say ‘best of luck’. Say ‘write it right’! All bros who have exams… With Cello pens, ‘write it right’ this time! -Because exam time is… -Cello time!

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  1. परीक्षेच्या वेळी घडलेला कोणता किस्सा तुम्हाला आठवतोय? आम्हाला comment मध्ये सांगा.🤓

  2. Chan hota video . Pan ek sangayche hote ki bhadipa che sagle channels fakth punyatle loke nahi bagat .

    Just aathvan karun dile . Hycha kay arth gyachaye to ghya

  3. 3:23 Gangs of Wasseypur was written by Zeishan Quadri, the same guy acted as 'Definite' in the movie. But yes … directed by Anurag Kashyap.

  4. Tumhi saglech broche aahat, farach panchat, arey thoda tari natural watu dya video, ugachach karayacha mhanun kahihi kartaat, jara maintain thewa bhadipachi quality

  5. लंका लागली हे आमच नेहमीच कारण imp करुन जायचो आणी यायच भलतच

  6. Ek bhannat kissa…
    Engg exam papers is on alternate days..
    Paper 1 was already gone, my friend came and asking me paper 3 doubts in exam hall before few minutes… I was wondering and replied "डोक्यावर पडलयस काय…. Paper 3 परवा आहे… त्याचा आता कशाला "…

    मित्र : आयची जय… मी जातो आता… मला वाटल आज paper 3 आहे….



  7. जुन्या आठवणी ताज्या झाल्या हा व्हिडिओ बघून 😀

  8. Vishesh tip abhinay berde karata……fakt vadil Laxmikant berde mhanun me pan abhinay kelach pahije asa garajecha nhi…..shik vyavasthit adhi nhi tr vadapav chi gadi tak artificial krtos Tu faar

  9. Pratek class madhe exam paper madhe fakt ani fakt paper kora kasa thevaycha ya bhitine cinemachi gaani lihun yenarya student cha ek group astoch 🤣🤣🤣

  10. Yaar parva swapna padla….marathi cha 20 markancha paper lihilach nahi mhanun… dachkan uthle and baghitla…paper vhaycha hota😣 jaam lagliye ithe…12vi mhanje tumcha video agdi relabale😌 #bhadipa

  11. Mulgi: Hastos Kay re?
    Mulga: Lanka lagli ahe ithe.
    Mulgi: Manje?
    Mulga: Important samjun je vachla te sodun sagla ala 😭…..ata kay LINE maru 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 best part 5:09

  12. लहानपणी हाच पेन वापरला, भारी होता
    पन tbh ह्यांच्या एवढा हागरा पेन दूसरा कोणता नाही आता

  13. He: (playing pubg ) chicken dinner karun basato
    Aaa: guruwar aahe murkha aaj chicken milnar nahi

    Asa dialogue me assume kela 😀

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