Finding The Perfect Boat for Me - Fishing, Tripping, Filming and Photography

Finding The Perfect Boat for Me – Fishing, Tripping, Filming and Photography

everybody welcome back to the cabin boat on a lake actually not too far from the cabin back in the woods far back in the logging roads first time I've ever been on this lake so nice to see something different Joe and Doug are with me and we're each pedaling our own canoes so I think it's time that I can talk about this canoe a little bit more I did do that I got in the winter if you remember that video where I had it delivered to the cabin now Swift was kind enough to it's got from Swift and Joe they they delivered it right to the cabin and brought it back in the snow so I wasn't able to actually use it of course now I did that short paddle on a small little stream or river in March when they're still still in the banks but it wasn't a really good test but then that canoe trip that I did with Jim and Ted beard you know gonca Park for seven days that rogue fishing trip got to really put it to use and this is the only other time I've been out audits so I'm really enjoying it my old canoe I've got still my wooden canvas canoes which I really like and in the right place I love to paddle those but when I'm tripping into back country lakes like this or going on longer trips where I have to carry between legs the later canoe really makes a difference so it's a lot easier to to manage so works perfectly for me it's 34 pounds it's a prospector 14 so it's 14 feet where a typical prospector a traditional one would be 15 feet long and they're typically about 36 inches wide I think this one's 33 or 34 inches wide so the reason I switched to this from my key weight and 14 that seeds green and white canoe that I had for a few years is because Kelly's going to be joining me on a lot of trips I needed that extra width for the stability and also just getting to the point where I appreciate the extra stability for fishing and hunting and filming out of just perfect prefer to have a little bit like I said more stability so less chance of tipping all or even fast movements from either Kelly or myself in that Keewatin would potentially tip gear overboard like my tripod that's a camera that sits on a tripod until the canoe so I'm really happy with it like I said 34 pounds it's manageable it's tough I don't baby my equipment I put it through pretty heavy use heard use and this is gonna be no different so I'm happy with so far with the way it's been standing up got two different seat positions so have the traditional height of the regular canoe seat and that's what I prefer to sit up high it's easier for me to fish and film and do stuff like that and it just like that like that arrangement because I can either sit or kneel depending on the conditions now it does also lower into a sort of a packed Water kayak position so I can sit closer to the floor for more stability and use that double blade paddle to get faster across the lake my haven't used it actually going up into this wind if it picks up we have to head all the way back down the end of the lake and then head to the cabin from there so I like having the option to do both other not pretty basic it's uh it's a canoe it does a great job it's to me a prospector is one of the best boats going never mind canoes because it you can take it anywhere you can I've used it on Georgian Bay prospector canoes on Georgian Bay and in big waves I've gone on long distance trips carries a lot of gear and like I said it's stable for fighting a big fish from so if you live in a place where there is lakes and rivers and streams and ponds and thinks you can get out on I do think most people that have that try a canoe I really do enjoy it it's it's a hard thing to describe but it really is a special thing to be out on water and a lake craft that close to the water so if you get a chance to go canoeing especially become to Canada if you're visiting Canada I would go to two Velka Park if you're in Ontario and check that out and rent one of these canoes and specifically my favorite manufacturer of canoes after doing a lot research is Swift that's why I have been doing videos on even watching me paddle their canoes for four or five years now it's not because it's a paper motion or anything it's just that I actually did my research and I thought they were the best out there worldwide in my opinion so you can check out Swift canoe and kayak I'll put a link in the description down below and just look them up and look up their website or if you're in Ontario Canada then check out the the three dealerships that are here so that's it I am going to get back well we're gonna finish eating these few bus and the marina now head back to the cabin and cook up dinner later when we get there of fish on the probably in the forest kitchen and I'm pretty tired knoefel we'll get to bed early but I am tired enough to go to bed as soon as we finish eating but anyway well I'll see you I'll put together next time to take care

24 thoughts on “Finding The Perfect Boat for Me – Fishing, Tripping, Filming and Photography”

  1. With all your skill and knowledge you should build your own canoe I think that would be a good episode for everybody to watch and learn

  2. I always fancied a vacation in Canada, now your usual visiting relatives and being bored out of my skull but back-packing and travelling to places I feel enriched by and once this Brexit thing is out of the way and new Passports are issued, think I might apply and see what Canada has to offer. You'll easy know me as a fly the flag of Scotland where ever I travel red rampant lion on a yellow background and not a Haggis in sight. Cheers Shawn enjoy your fish and company of Joe and Doug, the inseparable twins of outdoor living.

  3. All I had was a cheap but new single seat Old Town bought back in 1993. Took it all over in Colorado where I live as well as Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and up to Alberta and B.C. Went up to Canada twice for weeks of vacation.
    Even though I have been in beautiful CO. since 1969, I can say that the Canadian Rockies are beauty beyond compare. Especially with the turquoise glacier silt lakes and rivers and the incredible shear mountains peaks. Drive only 3 min down the road through the National and Provincial Parks and it looks like a completely different mountain range and peaks. I even took my canoe to Moraine Lake which is on the older Canadian $20 bill.
    As I carried my canoe to it's shore and put it down by the rental canoe dock, I got such strange looks from people. Found out later that only those rental canoes were allowed on that lake back then. Yet nobody stopped me from canoeing on it.

  4. Looks like a great canoe and if I ever go canoeing up there in Canada I will definitely try one out ! Thanks Shawn !

  5. Nice canoe Shawn! How much was it? I looked on that site and they don't show any prices. Normally that means pretty expensive…

  6. 34 pounds? Even an old fart like me can carry a canoe that light! Looking forward to watching you enjoy it this year. Remember to wear your PFD – ask Doug if it is a good idea! As always, stay safe!

  7. Shawn, another excellent upload. What is the song or who is the artist for the music youโ€™re playing in your videos? My wife and I both love it and would very much like to purchase. Thank you.

  8. Great looking canoe Shawn, love the blacked out look. Just picked up my new H20 16'4 Prospector, weighs in at 33lb. I love the light weight, especially since I am not getting any Looking forward to watching the rest of the trip!

  9. My family just went co Canada but nothing like going in the lakes or so…They went to Quebec and are coming back tonight…It is a nine hour drive from Pennsylvania…

  10. Nice video, I have a Pelican Navigator, it is plastic, and a lot heavier than what you use. It is thirteen feet long, and my dog goes with me a lot. I only use it on my lake, but I love it. I sold my 17' fiberglass canoe Saturday.

  11. I love canoeing. My step grandpa had one and i think it was wood it was longer than most and wider and man was it fun to use.

  12. I remember when you showed the video at the canoe store. That was quite a lot of Info. Stay dry and have fun.

  13. Shawn when you are out in cold weather are you always carrying dry bag with change of clothes if you flip? Happened lately?

  14. Have you had a chance to get out with Cali yet since uploading this? I have a Swift Keewaydin 14 pack and bring a 6 month black lab out with me everytime and was wondering about the stability of this boat for the future when she is full grown.

  15. Sure is a nice canoe, they are a little tippy for me. Been a few years since I fished in Ontario, walleye my favorite.

  16. Hello Shawn, Bought a Swift Prospector 14 this spring and just got back from the Boundary Waters in northern MN. I like the kayak paddle idea but was not thrilled with the one I took. Which kayak paddle do you use with your Prospector? I am searching for a new kayak paddle to purchase.

  17. I own a nova craft bob special , a langford Nahanni and an unknown manufacturer 16 ft 'dropper' . All do a good job given the right trip .Have paddled the old AO algonquin .

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