Florida Red Light Camera Tickets – Pay or Fight?

Florida Red Light Camera Tickets – Pay or Fight?

Hey guys welcome back to my channel! This video is about whether you should fight
or you should pay those Florida red light camera tickets. Now, if you’ve received the initial Notice
of Violation, and the fine is $158, you can go online, you can type in the notice number and
pin on the website, and you can see the video and the pictures. If you see that your car was making a left
turn or it was going through the intersection, typically it’s best just to pay it. It’s not going to go on your record, you’re
not going to get points, and the chances of winning if we do go to court are not very
high. So you’re going go end up spending more money! If you were making a right turn, usually I
suggest you fight those. You are more than welcome to give me a call
and I can review it for you, but with those you do have a chance of winning. Now, if for whatever reason didn’t pay it
or you forgot about, or they didn’t send it to the right address, and you have the ticket,
the Uniform Traffic Citation for $277, do NOT pay that. That is like a regular ticket, it does go
on your record, so those you definitely want to fight. If you have any questions, comments, or you
want more information on Florida red light camera tickets, you can view some of my others
videos and I hope this helps!

6 thoughts on “Florida Red Light Camera Tickets – Pay or Fight?”

  1. Question. The video clearly shows I attempted to stop and that I reversed after passing under the light. Should I fight or pay?

  2. That's what I wanted to hear. My daughter ran a red light making a left turn in Tampa and she was worried about points on her license and her Insurance going up. Now i know is cheaper to pay $158. than paying a traffic lawyer. Thank you for the Information.

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