30 thoughts on “Food Photography for Beginners (w/ EatingNYC)”

  1. Hyped to announce that I've dropped a comprehensive beginner photography course! It's over 9 hours of brand new content and it covers shooting, editing in Lightroom, buying the best gear, and marketing your work online. Check it out here! http://bit.ly/katzcourse

    Thanks for all your support <3

  2. You mentioned a horizontal camera mount but no link in the description what kind would you recommend?

  3. Not to be funny but her photos look basic , my kid can do this.I do food photography and they pay me $3,000 just for 10 good shoots and it take me 2 hours just to get one dish done and just right.If she just want to shoot for IG ok this cool, but if she want to take pics for commercials and Mags well she gotta get into coloring more, better setups and more creative.

  4. .. maaaaan you talk. Write your points. Number them. 🤦🏻‍♂️ and why are you explaaaaining it sitting doen when you can shooooooow it!

  5. Great tip, thanks. Shout out to the wallpaper at Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery, lol. I noticed that portrait pic. in the end. That was my former workplace. Amazing cupcakes!

  6. she didnt really add that much to this video.. i was hoping she could explain how to compose food images but she basically explained what equipment she uses. im not really interested in that, im happy with using a dslr

  7. I'm all fired up to start some food photography! This was really enjoyable to watch + I learnt so much from this, thank you!

  8. Hi Josh! Thank you for creating such an informative video. I'm starting a social media company and really appreciate the abundance of knowledge I gained so quickly from watching this. I also bought the photography package through your link! Good luck on your endeavors.

  9. Dope video! Definitely some common things mentioned between my video and yours. Biggest thing for me has got to be natural light👌🏽

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