Food Stylist Shows how to Make Fast Food Look Good | Food Stylist vs Whopper | Well Done

Food Stylist Shows how to Make Fast Food Look Good | Food Stylist vs Whopper | Well Done

I’m Rishon, I’m a
professional food stylist. (upbeat music) And I’m gonna take this sad, drive through fast food cheeseburger and make it into a commercial-ready Whopper. (upbeat music) First things first, we have to break down this drive through burger, and
get the beef patty off of it. Mmmmmm… isn’t that delicious? Sad tomatoes, yeah. This was pretty decent. It’s a nice oval shape,
so I think that’s going to fill the bun up really well. So I actually need to
rinse these guys off. It’s got all this extra condiments
on it that I don’t need, and you don’t really wanna watch that, so I’ll be right back. Now we have to pick out the perfect bun. A hero bun is gonna be the one that has the nicest shape on
top, the most recognizable things about a whopper
is the sesame seeds. You wanna look for where they’re placed. The sesame seeds are
pretty spread out here, and there’s actually a
gap here which is good because when I’m gonna build the burger, there’s gonna be lots
of stuff in the middle. So these guys are just gonna go bye-bye. Goodbye. Now we have our beauty bun, we’re just gonna start at the bottom. We have the bun on the
bottom, the beef patty, the american cheese, pickles with ketchup just delicately placed
above the pickles, onion, tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise,
and the sesame seed bun. One thing I wanna do is spray this guy down with some cooking spray. (aerosol can sprays) Mmm, yum. So this is the side of the beef patty that has the grill marks,
but this is the side of the beef patty that
has the nice brown color. So that’s the side that I want
to be the side that you see. And as you can see, this is the beef patty in the middle of the bun. So what we’re gonna do,
is we’re gonna cheat that beef patty out,
and it’s gonna hang out around the edge, so that it looks like it fills up this entire bun,
when realistically, it doesn’t. So now we’re gonna go
back over the beef patty, we’re going to paint
these grill marks back on. And we’re gonna use shoe polish. So we’re just gonna start in the front, and kinda work our way back. You don’t have to go too far
back onto the burger patty, because you’re not gonna see past there. I’m using shoe polish, because I just am very comfortable with the color as well as the texture and the matte finish it gives. Doesn’t that look just like a grill mark? It’s pretty awesome. And it only goes back so
far, which it looks weird right now, but when you
put the other toppings on, you’re not even gonna be able to see it. Okay, so now we’re gonna add the cheese. Just classic American. Don’t try and be fancy. Two pieces of cheese. I’m trying to get it so it hangs off this far corner here,
kind of off center here, and then the other corner here, so it’ll have three
places where it hangs off. So we’re not gonna worry about
melting the cheese right now, that’ll be kind of at the end. It’s pickle time. Drained, dried, crinkle pickle chips. So this is a really nice crinkle edge. Okay, so we have our three pickles. We’re gonna move straight into the onion. These are small, white onions. The color of the onion is super important, it needs to be like a clear white. So I’m gonna flip it around and just build it up a little bit. And so now I’m just using
extra pickles or scraps from the onions to use
to keep things level. You can also use pieces of
cardboard, or paper towels, just whatever you have on hand. I’m taking extra rings off of the onion so that it hangs just the way it needs to. So I’m really happy with
the onion placement. So now we’re just gonna move on up. We’re gonna do our slices of tomato. It’s really important that you have the right size for the scale. You have giant slices of tomato, then you’re only gonna have
one, but this sandwich has two. These tomatoes are specifically picked out because I knew that they would
be bright red on the inside. That’s a really important
thing to remember. You can’t really replicate
a photo if the tomato in the photo’s bright red, and the tomato that you have is like, meh, ho-hum. The lettuce is very layered, which is where a lot of the
volume comes from in the burger. So we’re just gonna take
these smaller pieces, and layer them so it looks
like there’s a lot of lettuce. Okay, so I’ve got my really awesome lettuce-fan-stack situation. I’m gonna take my toothpick, and just stick it right
down in the middle. And that’s just gonna hold it in place. It’s really impressive, it adds a lot of height to the burger, and that’s basically what we did here. We just layered the frilly lettuce on top. I think it looks awesome, personally. I have my top bun. I’m gonna give it a little
cooking spray shine action. (aerosol can sprays) that’s right, work it. We’re just glistening the bun. We’re making it shiny and appetizing. Nobody likes a dry bun. The paintbrush just smooths that out. Shiny bun, sad bun. Which one do you wanna eat? Dun Da Da Da. So the one thing that I’m
noticing, is that the bun doesn’t necessarily wanna
stay where I want it to be. Skewer, scissors, yea big. So this is the back,
you’ve got your stack of lettuce and tomato, and obviously
the burger on the bottom. I know it looks amazing like it is, but it doesn’t have ketchup
and mayonnaise on it. You can’t have a Whopper
without all that stuff. So I have my little pipe-ettes. Which I’m gonna use for
exact condiment placement. So we’re just gonna snip
these guys down a little bit. So then I can get it into the pipe-ette. Okay, so then I’m gonna take my ketchup, and I’m gonna fill in the
space down here at the bottom. I’m filling up the ketchup in those holes, but then I’m also going back
over and just cleaning up. Also, we don’t want you to see
straight through the burger. If I can get down at it like this, and I can see light coming
through, that’s not what we want. The mayonnaise in the photo definitely is just resting on top of the lettuce. I think we’re good. I think the burger is
really coming together. We just need to melt the cheese, and we’ll pretty much be done. So I have my handy dandy heat gun. This is a surefire way to get direct heat in just the places that you want it. We don’t want to cook the lettuce, or wilt it, or the tomatoes or anything. Okay, the last thing we’re
gonna do, you just take a water mister, this keeps the
lettuce looking farm-fresh. Like somebody just went out and picked it. (laughs) That’s so cheesy. So I think this looks great,
but there’s one more thing that we can do to set
it really over the top. And that’s using a tampon
to create fake steam. Oh my gosh, everything’s
magically changed. So now we’re working on that final shot. We’ve got our tampon, we’ve
got our steaming hot water. Ooh, that’s hot. There it is, hot juicy burger
fresh off the charbroiler. You guys, I’m so happy with
the way this turned out. I love the fake grill
marks on that burger. It really makes it look
like it was charbroiled. The cheese is just
melty enough, and I love the way all the produce on
it really gives it body. Alright, like, comment, subscribe. Let us know what you
wanna see me style next. Can’t wait to see what’s in store. That’s cheesy as (bleep) (upbeat music)

18 thoughts on “Food Stylist Shows how to Make Fast Food Look Good | Food Stylist vs Whopper | Well Done”

  1. I think I wrote down every single hack!! The pipettes are brilliant – the shoe polish – the "tampon steam"…. I love this!!! More like this please…..

  2. You should try using Colby cheese instead of Kraft singles. That heavily processed “cheese” doesn’t melt like real cheese, and IMO isn’t very appetizing. Otherwise, your work is awesome!!

  3. And after all that come s 3-4 hours of work in Photoshop.. For example the front cheese triangle on the original photograph is 100% ps.

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