Fuji Guys – FUJIFILM X-A7 –  Depth Control & Portrait Enhancer

Fuji Guys – FUJIFILM X-A7 – Depth Control & Portrait Enhancer

Welcome back to the Fuji Guys channel.
My name is Jerry and in this segment of the top features I’m going to go over two
different modes that are that are new to the X-A7. One of them is the depth
control and the other is the portrait enhancer. Real quick, whether you’re in
aperture priority full manual mode or even in SR+ mode, you do have access to
the depth control. This is where, if you’re not sure what the aperture will
do that a wide open aperture gives you a broader depth of or a shallower depth of
field rather this will just ask you if you want more blurred or less blur.
It’s real simple. Right now I’m in SR+ mode if I hit the little triangle to
bring up all my little menus, the depth control is the little one with the
little trees and the little silhouette of a person. You could see here now
that there’s a slider on the side and this slider just slides up and down you
can add as much or as little depth as you want. You can also just slide it all
the way down and the camera will automatically determine what depth it is.
If it detects a face because you’re an auto focus it will then just detect
the face and see that it’s a portrait and give you a wide open aperture so a
shallow depth of field. The other option while you’re doing portraits is the
portrait enhancer. This is up at the top right here and you’ll see here again
similar slider and basically it’s gonna soften up your portraits to give a
softer more say glamor or fashion style looking shot to your image and it’ll
make sure portraits just look that much better. It’s pretty straightforward as
far as what those two modes do and these are also available in the manual modes
and in aperture priority mode as well. I hope you liked the video. Stay tuned for
more of the top features of the X-A7. And, until the next time,
my name is Jerry of the Fuji Guys.

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