Girl Psychology (with subtitles) | Ashtu Ishtu | capdt

Girl Psychology (with subtitles) | Ashtu Ishtu | capdt

hey,there was football match in college know,what? bro! Did you watch that football match b/w Bangalore and Goa? ayyo,again their football stories start! why dont they talk about soaps or serials? what? you are supporting Goa? Bro,Goa has very good players Bro,better than Bangalore huh? you know how good Sunil Chettri? Goa has 50% accuracy! i will remember these analytics and tell it back to them Sunil has alone made 2 goals,but you ppl? zero! Bangalore is always best! what do you think yeah! Bangalore is always the best know. in the point table we are 2,they are at position 3 yeah, 2 is always better than 3 know? only 5 matches are done still there are 5 matches we will only win! this time the cup is ours! you always tell that! oh god! these guys are stuck with football i havent had lunch nor breakfast! thinking about breakfast,i wonder what mom has cooked for lunch ayyo! these guys are still talking something! actually the reason i called you is our girls gang has planned for a goa trip will you come? really? when? from 24th till 28th this month. oh no! i really cant come.Akka’s marriage is also on the same dates thankgod! i just called you for formality! good that you cant come if you were there, you would have just wasted time clicking pictures! now! just we people can totally enjoy the trip yayy really? we will miss you! but try okay? last time if parents agree,come off anyway just 4 days know i will really miss you guys. lets go on a trip? to Dandeli? We can do kayaking and river rafting there dont want Dandeli and all bro i dont have so much budget eyy lets go to Goa it will be awsome.there will be para gliding litrally they will take us into the water and get us out and there are many other water sports as well listen! we can go to Wonderla if we sit on the slide,we will slide down and fall into the water da,if we are discussing about Goa or Dandeli you are talking about going to nearby Wonderla? thats all the money i have if we are going,lets go to Wonderla! otherwise let us cancel the plan da,something is better than not going anywhere just agree Hello Mohan yeah,tell i wont come tomorrow why?what happened? if i get periods,i cant sit walk or stand! then how can i play in water? life will become totally horiible mom is not letting me come why? my sandals tore,that is why mom is not letting you have 10 pairs! all my shoes got stolen that is why mom is not letting me come if you are lying lie in a way i will believe i do not know about all that,i am coming to your house now,that is it! ayy! dont do all that! tomorrow is juniors freshers day know? what are you planning to wear? black frock! grey heels. antique flower earing apple watch! thin gold braclet with open hair if i tell her all this,what if she copies me? i cannot take that risk actually i have not thought about it i will go home and let you know? can you suggest me? oh,she wants to copy me? jumpsuit gown? or shorts? i want to wear something different what about frock? we can twin right? oh god! she is not letting me go! actually, we both should have the same dress know? i dont think we have same dress atleast same pattern? which colour are you thinking of wearing black or peach? i have a lot of peach dresses but the point is that i do not want to twin with you! i will go check my wardrobe and let you know? i dont know let us go out somewhere she will make me pay even her bill oh,nice plan i am impressed with your CV But there is one last question you know Java completely right? if i know so much Java ,i would have only started a start up why would i come here? yes! are you comfortable with night shift? night shift? are you joking? yes sir! no problem! what is the salary? 1.5 LPA Then to survive i need to go wash other house dishes! are you free on Saturday? lets go for coffee? oh wow! how can i ever say no to you? i will cancel all my plans for you! actually,i will let you know okay,sure sir,pack this how much is this? it is showing 999,after discount you will get 50% offer it will cost you Rs.499/- okay! can you give 10% more discount? i just hope he can give more discount it is so good,i really want to buy this dress just 10% more sir? how much did you tell now? Rs.499/- know? Can you give it for Rs.300/-? we have already given it you only see we cannot give 70% off okay,pack it did you guys watch Sreeman narayana movie? nop i am hungry,lets go eat something first? let us go to noodle theory? i wanted to eat noodles since a lot of days yeah,even i wanted to eat chinese ayoo! Chinese huh? again the same tune,same song! now if i disagree again they will take half an hour to decide a place to eat it is better if i just agree oh noodle? even i want to eat noodle come lets go!

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  1. Hey Meghana..why don't you do about non kannadite or telugu friend in the gang? #lotsoflovefromtelugu #telangana..

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