Good Camera Bag Deals Can Be Found! | Swissgear DSLR Messenger

Good Camera Bag Deals Can Be Found! | Swissgear DSLR Messenger

Hey, this is Scott of Photography Banzai. In this video I’m
gonna talk about camera bags a little bit. They’re very expensive. And it can
depend, but I do think you can find good deals around as well. I was talking with a
friend about camera bags. He had recently picked up a Lowepro sling
pretty cheap. Nice bag! I’d used one in the past… At least an older version, but I
tend to sell bags that don’t work really well for me. And he asked me about which
bags I have currently, or which ones I’ve used for a long time. This is a “SwissGear”
messenger style bag. It’s nice and padded. You can collapse it if you want when
there’s nothing inside. Works really well The canvas material holds up. This bag is
at least eight years old at this point. I’ve made a video on it and also an
article on my website. If you want to check those out, but basically you can
fit a DSLR with two lenses or lens and a flash. Something like that…
It’s kind of the perfect size to cover most situations, and it just works really
well. This one has held up nicely. There’s no tears. Of course, it’s worn but still
works perfectly fine. So when I was looking up this bag on the Internet to
see what the situation was… I don’t think it’s sold new, like completely new from
the manufacturer, but it’s still around. And I saw I could pick one up, so I did.
The original actually.. I picked up at a Best Buy for around $60. So that was definitely a little bit up there in price at the time,
but still it just works fine and that’s good. So here is the replacement.. and not
really a replacement. I’ll still use both of them. So this new one here I actually
got it for $17.60! It’s pretty crazy because it is a
very nice bag, in my opinion. It was through, but again through Google
Express which is a.. kind of.. tier above where you can shop from multiple stores.
With a 20% off coupon, so $17.60 shipped. I did buy something else, so I could get free
shipping. But… really worked out well. Because this is a nice bag. Features wise,
of course, you can look at the older videos because it’s basically the same
exact thing. Great canvas material that holds up well, obviously. And has little
flaps on the inside that you can cover the equipment, and still have this main
flap down. That way there’s more protection and they are padded. Nice
zipper compartments. On the side, one for a water bottle if you want. There’s just
really nice features of this bag. Now the strap itself does not come off, which is
a little negative. I had mentioned that in the old video, but the old one still
works just fine. It’s held up well. The strap itself, which would be the main
thing where a lot of force is on it when you’ve got gear inside. So the main thing
about this bag is that it works for many situations. You’ve got that one DSLR two
lenses. You can use smaller cameras. You don’t have to carry as much. It’s
lightweight itself, and it works well. It’s somewhat inconspicuous. The color is
muted. It’s kind of a canvas material, so when I have it this direction against my
body.. Now.. the strap itself is curved, so that’s not ideal, but it still works
either way. I can just have it like that and looks like a regular bag without
specifically shouting camera bag. So after all these years.. I can’t really
find any big issues with this bag. It just works well, and getting it at that
price for the new one in case this one ever rips or something…
It’s great to have that one for such a cheap price. Anyways, the point is you can
find deals on camera bags.. camera specific bags.. Takes a little effort I’m
sure, and there might be some trial and error to find an actually really good bag
for you, but look around see what you can find. In this case, I really found a nice
one that I’ve used for many years. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did please
consider subscribing that helps a lot. Likes and shares help out a lot as well.
Thanks again!

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  1. The never ending conundrum of camera bags for photographers. Too big, too small, too wide, too heavy…….
    I can sympathise with you and anyone that's had this problem.
    A well chosen bag Scott. Good to hear about your recommendation.

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