HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020 IS HERE – English Addict Live Lesson – 1st January 2020 – Listen – Learn & Laugh

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020 IS HERE – English Addict Live Lesson – 1st January 2020 – Listen – Learn & Laugh

oh I think we’re back now oh
hello again I don’t know what’s going on something very strange is happening on
my computer and also on my internet connection so I do apologise for that
this is going really well I might have to start this all over again so we are
back are we back I don’t know I have no idea
what’s going on now do we have a connection are we connected to the
Internet I really don’t know hello to sido hello sido nice to see you again
mr. Duncan thank you very much it’s nice to see you here as well I hope
you can see me I hope you can follow me this is a disaster this might be the
worst livestream I’ve ever done because everything keeps going wrong I keep
losing a connection are we back hello shall I just go and come back okay
wait there a moment I will go away and then I’ll come back I don’t really know what’s going on here
something very strange is happening it would appear that I have no internet
connection and I don’t know why so what are we going to do now shall I just
stand here and talk to myself hello is there anyone there I don’t even know if
I’m broadcasting this is this is the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to
me I don’t even understand what is going on let me just see if I can sort this
out this is just a disaster the first day of 2020 and my life steams keeps
breaking Thank You YouTube I don’t know what it is you’re doing but can you
please stop doing it are we back are we on again this might be the strangest
live stream I’ve ever done because for some reason I keep losing the internet
connection it keeps disappearing Oh
amorita says now it seems okay I think YouTube is trying to sabotage my
live stream I think they are doing this on purpose
just to ruin my fun Thank You Tias oh hello Tias happy 2020 yes it is 2020 happy
New Year to everyone Wow this is great isn’t it
I don’t know what happened then twice we got cut off
so I’m back again live on YouTube I think I’m not even sure anymore maybe
I’m just standing here in my studio talking to myself oh hello Mariela
hello Mariela Happy New Year mr. Duncan it’s my first time please say hello to
me hello maricella and welcome to the live chat if it is your first time
well can I say congratulations I have absolutely no idea what is
happening YouTube is sabotaging your channel because you are always berating
them says Tomic I don’t think it works like that
I don’t think YouTube would be so so harsh with me what do you think so this
year it’s my 14th year on YouTube so in October 2020 I will be celebrating might
win my 14th year I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for so long
Luis is here megha hello did you find maybe one of your friends has hacked
your YouTube channel I’m not sure about that I don’t think I’ve been hacked
as far as I can tell zhuzi care is here hello to you as well I don’t know if
this is one live stream or whether there will be lots of different live streams
appearing I have no idea but it is a very strange event that is taking place
right now I have no idea what is actually happening Happy New Year from
Teresa hello to re so watching in Japan nice to see you here as well I really
have no idea what was happening just now I kept losing the connection Agostino is
here hello to you as well welcome to the live stream I think it’s a live stream
I’m not quite sure at the moment hello also Cory nice to see you here as
well of course when we think of 2020 I always feel as if we are living in the
future and as we all know we are now surrounded by all types of technology
some of it quite amazing in fact here is an excerpt from one of my full English
lessons where I talk all about technology here is a word that might be familiar to
you the word technology generally relates to any complicated tool that has
been created to carry out a task of some sort this task can be a simple one such
as adding up numbers right up to the really complex and difficult ones such
as steering a jumbo jet or sending someone to the moon there are some other
words that relate to technology such as device which is something that uses
technology to function such as a smartphone or tablet they are types of
devices the device forms the hardware of the technology while the programs and
applications running inside are the software they are both forms of
technology it is hard to imagine what life was like before modern technology
came along technology is used almost everywhere now in factories and offices
in our leisure pursuits in our cars and homes and perhaps in the not-too-distant
future as a part of the human body it would be fair to say that virtually all
of the great technological leaps forward have occurred during the past hundred
years since the discovery of electricity our world has been magically transformed
into an amazing Wonderland where our thirst for information can be easily
quenched and the human imagination is encouraged to run free
do you like technology would you miss it if it wasn’t around what piece of
technology do you use the most a computer game a mobile device a
super-duper talking watch which piece of technology are you looking forward to
using in the future a flying bicycle a driverless car an artificial brain a
holographic TV perhaps will they ever be reality only time will
tell so there it was an excerpt from one of
my full English lessons and of course all of my lessons are available on my
YouTube channel are we on I don’t know what happened
there earlier on we had two not one but two disconnections on the first day of
2020 so I’m not sure if that is a taste of things to come maybe there will be
more problems ahead on YouTube because there will be some big changes taking
place right here on YouTube so I will also be making some changes this year as
I have a new website that I am slowly building and it will be launched during
2020 so I have 12 months to get it finished
basically hello to everyone do you like technology did you get some lovely
technology for Christmas because I know a lot of people at this time of year
they like to get their new mobile phone or maybe their new tablet device or
perhaps a new computer some sort of technology for Christmas so I suppose it
would be fair to say that a lot of people will be getting gifts that are
related to technology so have you received something that is a piece of
technology that you will be using forever and ever
here he comes then as promised he is back with us after the Christmas
livestream he did cause quite a sensation and he’s back here again
you may notice one or two things different about this person here he
comes it’s mr. Steve hello hello everybody its mr. Steve
Happy New Year I must say Happy New Year happy New Year to you mr. Duncan thank
you very much I feel a bit short well I’ve noticed this now earlier where we
were testing the camera when we were testing the camera earlier I couldn’t
help noticing that that mr. Steve was very short what’s happened have you been
shrinking possibly possibly it’s the effects of gravity you see over the
years as you get older gravity gradually sort of compresses your bones and you
get shorter cuz I am approaching a middle-age as you all know approaching
middle-age well I think I think you’ve passed right through it well have you
had a good livestream your first live stream in 2020 no no today’s live stream
is going very badly because we’ve been disconnected well earlier on I was
trying to go on the internet and it was disconnecting me as well yep sort of
freezing up hmm so that’s not a good sign says YouTube
your new year’s resolution should be or are we and we’re not blaming YouTube
that are we blaming the Internet well I’m blame T I’m blaming everyone except
for me it’s British Telecom Metsu surprises without internet it’s
everyone’s fault except me but I have a feeling it’s a local problem so I think
what’s happening lots of people are going onto the internet today with their
new mobile devices and their new computers and they’re all watching films
uploading all sorts of stuff from their phones onto their internet whatever they
happen to be watching they are doing it right now so whatever they are viewing
maybe it’s a cartoon or maybe they’re watching the latest Star Wars film on
torrent or maybe are they’ve all got they’ve all got they’ve all got
satellite television as presence oh I see they’re all connecting up their
satellite TV to the Internet and thus it’s sort of sucking all the internet
away from mr. Duncan’s live stream how does
like TV effect the Internet well not satellite then maybe maybe cable maybe
they’ve got some new Internet’s internet provider or something
okay something that involves them having to connect well don’t you even if you’ve
got satellite you have to connect your TV to the Internet
well no that’s an option but maybe they’ve taken up that option yes maybe
so some I think a lot of people are using the Internet today because they
have nothing better to do because it’s a public holiday it’s the first day of
January 2020 happy happy new year everyone I know I don’t know what’s happened to
Steve I’m sure you are shrinking I can’t be shrinking but it feels like you know
oh I can barely you can’t even see my collar yes I don’t know what’s going on
I don’t know what’s going on of course I am quite a magnificent specimen of a
human being because I’m so tall a lot of people say mr. Duncan you are so tall in
real life now we were with your family last week we were and a lot of people a
lot of members of your family are quite short would that be fair to say um well
I don’t want to be unkind okay well I do they’re short basically they’re not very
tall well not nice well it depends what you mean by family well family just a
general family word the family well my sister’s at my sister’s quite tall for a
woman she’s above average I think for a woman what what’s the what’s the average
height of a woman I think in the UK the average height of a woman is five five I
think around five foot five that’s I don’t know what that is in centimeters
five feet five inches I think of five between five five five five six five
five five six I think she’s five foot six and I’m five
nine and a half which is actually above average for a man in the UK the average
height of a man’s about five eight five nine I don’t think you’re five nine and
a half I am I think Steve is shrinking I think he’s putting he’s got high heels
on you see what you can’t see is mr. Duncan’s wearing women’s high-heeled
shoes under the desk I think it’s the way you’ve got that I think you’ve got
the camera to weird angle to make me look shorter this isn’t right mr. Duncan
but your viewers looking at me in a very bizarre aspect no there’s no bizarre
aspect it’s just you you’re short now let me just show you something now a
couple of days ago we had your mother here pretend we had
lovely time didn’t we we went to a local area called I in bridge Iron Bridge is
our favorite place and there you can see the famous Iron Bridge built in I think
I want to say 1779 a very long time ago and there it is let’s have another view
very old construction and there is another view across the bridge isn’t
that lovely Iron Bridge not very far away from where
we live is it Steve no it was only about four three four
miles away something like that maybe not even that
no so it’s quite close very local and we took mr. Steve’s mum there in fact oh
there there is mr. Steve’s mum there she is oh go on give us a wave give us a
wave oh look at that didn’t know you were filming mr. Duncan there’s a
surprise you’re looking directly at me how can you not know okay so I didn’t
know that you were going to use it today oh yes I was going to use it yes I have
a feeling I’m going to get into trouble now that’s it no you won’t know I know
now you won’t get into trouble mr. Duncan no more than usual I know what’s
going to happen I’m going to suffer the rough I’m going to suffer the rough of
your family I sort of knew that you may be using that today it’s fine it’s fine
but your mum had a lovely time he had a lovely time we had a lovely time with
her coming to stay as well so just in case you’re watching today hello to mr.
Steve’s mum we had a great time with you a super-duper time and we look forward
to welcoming you back here again maybe in the summer when the weather is nice I
think there could be a visit before the summer mr. Duncan oh okay I think my
sister’s going to bring my mum over for a day out or a day out to see us and
we’re going to get out I think and have a lovely meal at the copper kettle all
four of us and sit at our favorite table and ordered some lovely food yeah
and although we won’t be walking in no because well my mother’s of a certain
age she’s fit and active but she wouldn’t want to go up some steep hills
having said that sometimes sometimes Steve’s mother has more energy than we
do sometimes me anyway well I think everyone has more energy than you but so
the big question is why is mr. Steve getting smaller I think it’s the way
you’ve got the cameras position Lister don’t you your shrink I can’t possibly
be shrinking that is just not possible there is one thing we have to do we have
to get mr. Steve to stand on something we need a small box apparently did you
know that in some of Tom Cruise’s films in certain scenes he actually stands on
a box but because Tom Cruise is very short I think he’s about the same height
as you so he’s no he’s only about 5 foot 6 yes you see I seem short on here but
in fact I’m above average height for a man in the UK I’m five foot nine and a
half which is actually above average it just appears because the way you’ve got
everything angled you want to make me look short Duncan I cut you’ve got that
big high hat on as well of course that’s the trouble you’ve got that big thing on
the top of your hat well what do you’ve actually put the camera higher what
about my shoulders how is the hat changing my shoulders I don’t know I
don’t know but it’s the angle it’s all to do with the angle look how the shrunk
in a week a new ear says new year I thought you’d miss spelt it mister well
it doesn’t say new year it says new era well I know that a new era so when the
new year starts Steve we describe it as a new era a new period of time yeah a
period of time yes so quite often we will make plans we will look to make a
fresh start so when we make a fresh start
it means you begin something from the start something new that you might want
to try or do during the new yeah it’s quite a tradition in the West
start-over is another one it’s quite a tradition in
the West that we see the new year as well they probably do all over the world
but certainly in in the West it’s seen as a place to make a fresh start
forget about all the things that went wrong in the previous year and start
again and look forward to the future and make I’m sure you’re going to talk about
making new year resolution yes we looked at the video earlier I think people saw
it I’m not sure if you saw it out there because I was disconnected by the
internet the internet decided to go to sleep I’m at Internet I’m Internet damn
you you could also start over as well what we’re gonna say
now I yet know you can fine I was just going to talk about the fact that we
here are celebrating our New Year in the West
I don’t be from on the because we follow these are sort of solar cannot calendar
yes from the 1st of 1st of January but of course most of the other parts of the
world in the east follow the the lunar calendar that’s it yes so so because we
follow the the phases of the Sun that’s how we divide our year however in some
cultures they have the lunar calendar which relies on the phases of the Moon
which is slightly out of sync with with what with what the with what we do but
there but that’s fine and there are lots of traditions aren’t there associated
with the start of the new year whether it’s the Western or the Easter new year
I mean typically because I was reading about this mr. Duncan because we don’t
read in the West we don’t really celebrate new year that much it’s sort
of all over with at midnight then we have a party the next day and then we’re
all back to work tomorrow so we’re eight really where you don’t have that many
really celebrations it’s all all at once we also have a mass together lots of
fireworks we’re all kissing each other and clapping at midnight as the New Year
rings in singing songs sound horeb getting drunk and then we’ve got
one day off which is today which we normally spend with families going out
for meals and going out for walks okay and then on the second we’re all back to
work and I say where as in in the east of course that it’s it’s it’s a much
longer tradition isn’t it yeah it has more time off well the Chinese New Year
and I suppose you could say the Lunar New Year because many Eastern countries
celebrate the Lunar New Year so yes it normally goes on for several days and
it’s a big celebration however here it comes and then it goes very quickly as I
said earlier before we were rudely cut off I did mention the fact that last
night around here where we live people didn’t seem that interested did they
know last night I would say this the new year ringing in we say ringing in the
New Year you ring in dong ding dong ding dong what I was gonna say now mister
don’t and you’ve distracted me yes normally there’s lots of fireworks
everywhere but there was nothing nothing this year nothing not hardly a firework
at all here we can see in the distance a town called Shrewsbury and we can
normally see all the fireworks going off but we couldn’t this year it was quite
disappointing yes we went for a walk that was I think because we’ve had quite
a it’s been a difficult year hasn’t it even worldwide but certainly in the UK
we’ve had a very difficult stressful year with all this brexit nah no no I
wasn’t doing everybody well I’m only mentioning in passing mr. Duncan I think
everyone feels a bit stress and they don’t really want to celebrate Qatar and
I think that’s part of it yes but anyway there we go and of course in Australia
there they did have fireworks but they nearly didn’t because they’re having all
the bush fires so everything doesn’t everything feels a bit well it doesn’t
feel like there’s much to celebrate at the moment it’s a bit like the world’s
largest New Year’s celebration at the moment in Australia isn’t it I mean that
there are wildfires everywhere I know and they’ve got their
hottest months to come apparently and then last night they decided to have
fireworks going off as well so is if there wasn’t enough fire already they
were letting fireworks off at midnight they were going to stop it weren’t they
but but they went ahead because well to be honest with you they they put all the
fireworks in place they were there so what were they going to do just leave
the fireworks all undetonated then so they would have to detonate them or else
those poor people would have to go around and take all of the fireworks off
now I think I think they just wanted to celebrate you know I think you’ve got to
it’s probably nice just to celebrate have some fireworks if they stopped that
it would have been you know what would there have been to celebrate you’ve got
to ring in the new year you’ve always got to do that yes but I think it is
going back to what you just said it has been a difficult year 2019 here in the
UK has been very strange and don’t forget at the end of this month we will
be leaving the EU so it’s all happening there is there is no going back it’s
happening we are going to sever all of our ties and relationships with the
European Union oh dear well the legal ones anyway yes somebody’s mentioned
about mr.bruno fireworks are cruel to animals well it is they they do suffer
when all the fireworks go off on the 5th of November when we celebrate Guy Fawkes
night as well everyone with dogs have to keep them indoors otherwise they get
very scared and of course here in the countryside we often we often launch our
fireworks off the backs of cows No thank you very much since Adia says mr. Steve
looks so attractive but he has no hair on his head otherwise he’d be more
handsome Bob thank you very much you feel better now that feels so much
better what a wonderful start to the new year I
think you’re joking I’m not sure if Steve is actually pleased or not
I’m never coming on here again mr. daga I’ve never been so insulted yes we’ve
got to get that’s right that’s a Torino says tomorrow is a normal day so we’ve
got to get over yesterday night’s hangover hmm and I’ve got even
well mr. Duncan you don’t know this I spoken to my sister today because it’s
her birthday today how strange is that I know her birthdays on the 1st of January
she’s a new year baby a new year baby oh she’s not so new now but but yes that’s
very you’ve got a birthday on the 1st of January that’s quite something
and in the West anyway and so it’s my mother you don’t know this yet cos she
normally goes to bed very early she doesn’t celebrate New Year I guess let
me guess your mum got drunk last night she had two glasses of champagne
apparently oh my goodness whoa your mother doesn’t really drink she doesn’t
drink at all I can’t believe her and apparently she was persuaded I think
because her grandchildren were there but she would partake in a in a beverage I
am shocked alcoholic beverage and apparently she was very tipsy wobbling
all over the place and we had they had to carry her back to the car tipsy I
love that so if a person is tipsy it means they’ve had too much alcohol so
they they have consumed too much alcohol so mr. Steeves mother last night was a
little tipsy she was slightly drunk or we can say inebriated oh I like that
word or pissed that’s let’s say your word that people tend to use him that
used to be very rude if you said that 20 30 years ago that would have been a very
rude word but now it’s just it’s slightly rude but no I’m just imagining
your mother drunk I thought hello everybody this is mr.
Steve’s mum and I’m completely pissed greetings went at that see if I can
pronounce this correctly Tangra Tinga in Brazil well greetings to
you as well Marisela maricella greetings to you too
and it marries every saying they love our interactions mmm
so thank you very much for that tag won t go wonder why that that sounds very
exotic Brazil is it near the coast oh you near the sea oh you knew the
forests or the ocean power Mira says that she’s using a new samsung tablet ah
you see it’s so awkward I have to return to iPad
oh okay interesting so what it might be the other way round
yes a lot of people do prefer the Android devices in fact if you look at
the figures for people who use the mobile devices you will always find that
there are many more people using Android devices than iOS which is the Apple
operating system if you used to one then you swap to another it’s going to be
difficult yeah you know but Satya says it just
kidding I know I know we were going to wear wigs today won’t we mr. Duncan just
to be different yes I thought we might have a new style for the new year
because it’s 2020 can you see it’s 2020 because I have it on my head now I did
print this out it wasn’t supposed to be this large but unfortunately I printed
it at the wrong size so that’s why it’s so large it was supposed to be small and
nice and petite but unfortunately it’s it’s too big lots of people wishing as a
happy new year and Beatriz says I’ve only just woken up oh I wonder what time
it is there yes Happy New Year from Besant Happy New
Year from lots of people hello hello Besant lovely messages were getting from
people today there is a soft breeze it says Pedro interesting a soft breeze
there is a soft breeze in Brazil hands very nice to me sounds very relaxing I
have a soft breeze Vitas says happy birthday to mr. Steve
sister yes but I won’t be seeing her today because she lives quite a distance
but she’ll be going out from me and I no doubt to celebrate she doesn’t like to
celebrate birthdays when you get over a certain age she’s younger than me okay
but I’m nearly sort of further than years old so when you start to a certain
age you probably don’t want to celebrate very much I think you go when you’re
younger you want to celebrate and then in the middle in your middle years you
want to forget that you’re getting older but then when you start to get into your
70s and 80s you want to celebrate again because it’s actually an achievement to
get to those age I think so in fact I heard somebody told me the other day
that they’ve got a relation and they know somebody who’s who who is 88 Wow
but they keep saying that they’re nearly not there 90 because they want that
actually adding years on to make it sound more impressive Wow yes so any
younger you like to celebrate in your middle years you take years off and then
eventually you just give up and say well you you you want a boast that you’ve got
to a ninety or a hundred hmm so you know oh oh I don’t remember seeing you
without your hat mr. su can I think that might be mr. Duncan I know how many
joking soft breeze in my face where is that coming from Pedro yes
maybe Pedro has a window open and there is a breeze coming into the house or
maybe he has hope opened his back door and there was a gentle breeze blowing in
maybe somebody’s blowing soft breezes in Pedro’s face oh yes like that
unfortunately that particular breeze is a bit stinky Thank You mr. Duncan you’re
welcome oh so today we’re talking about New Year’s resolutions here’s an
interesting thing so we have the top five New Year’s resolutions the top five
New Year’s resolutions those who didn’t hear it the first time hardly mr. Duncan
what did you say so here we have the top five New Year’s resolutions
and this piece of paper is so large it covers both of us so and so there are
two good things about this do you know where the origin of New Year’s
resolutions mr. Duncan no I don’t well I look this up apparently it also it’s all
sort of has religious connotations it’s people wanting to to make resolutions or
to promise things to their gods from years ago so but yes so yes carry
on mr. Duncan just thought I’d insert that little piece of information
let us pray he used to say today God’s I promise I’ll do this I promise I’ll do
that be a better person plant more crops or something the
hundreds of thousands of years ago as a strange resolution and apparently in
America they didn’t you didn’t used to be new year resolutions weren’t only
became a big thing after the Great Depression in the nineteen thirties and
then it became a much bigger thing in people’s lives yes well I suppose I
think people become more desperate to make changes when things are bad when
circumstances do not go there well that’s it mr. Duncan I think that’s
exactly it okay carry on that’s good so we have the five top five New Year’s
resolutions now can I just point out that this is not an official list can I
stop you again mr. Duncan now I get confused it is should you say new year
resolutions or new year’s resolutions it depends if you are using it in the
possessive form so in this particular sense it is used in the possessive so
it’s the resolutions that belong to the new year so it is New Year’s resolutions
because you are using it in the possessive sense however you can just
use it as the general term New Year celebrations so the celebrations or the
resolutions for the new year the New Year celebrations or the new year
resolutions however in this sense we are using it possessively
so because it belongs to the new year you have the apostrophe it’s almost as
if we are teaching English well mr. Duncan thank you for that because I was
thinking upstairs sometimes I say new year resolutions sometimes I say new
year’s resolutions but I can see what you mean there
both are correct so the resolutions belong to the year so it’s possessive so
you put the apostrophe that’s it so anything that’s possessive always has an
apostrophe so I’ve learned something today I’m like I don’t know the cats
food so the cats food will have the apostrophe because it’s possessive you
are talking about something that belongs to the cat so once again how many times
am I going to say this the top five New Year’s resolutions this is not an
official list this is my list so this is mr. Duncan’s list however you are
welcome to use it anywhere on the internet maybe you want to share it with
your friends or run around to your neighbor’s house and post it through
their letterbox you are more than welcome to do so
top five New Year’s resolutions what do you think is at number five number five
number five I think it would be in opening it and run it opening a new
business so yes okay number five no this is your list don’t
forget this is your list this is my list and you are welcome to use it if you
want to use this list you can you are more than welcome to use it it’s okay
you can take it you can print it you can make copies of it you can maybe fly
through the sky in a small airplane you put a well ahead of its here by the way
and it’s trailing through the sky and it says top five resolutions
according to mr. dunk according to mr. dung not an official list in at all it’s
not official number five contact a person you have lost touch with mr.
Duncan I’ve already done that this year have you yes well I did it I did it a
couple of days ago okay I’ve done that so mr. Duncan I’m
really excited yes as I’m a friend that we send I send Christmas cards to every
year every year we said we’ll meet up we haven’t seen each other for 15 years I
actually saw them two days ago then you can add the effort so I’ve already
started mr. Duncan so yet next one so number five contact a person you have
lost touch with maybe a friend that you’ve lost touch with so to lose touch
is to cease or stop contacting them you have no contact but perhaps maybe the
New Year arrives and you think oh I would like to get back in touch with
that person I would like to contact them again so contact a person you have lost
touch with interesting mr. Duncan as well I’d like to comment here there
probably is a reason why you lost contact with that particular person and
you probably forgot the reason why and then when you say oh I’m going to re
contact this person again and then you start talking to them you sit there and
you think yes oh yes I remember why I stopped seeing you and I now regret
actually having made contact with you because time of course you forget time
heals all wounds is a phrase we commonly say mm-hmm and you forget all the bad
thing tend to forget the bad things that happened all the arguments and then you
get back and see that person again now I’m not saying I regret recounting that
contact in that person I saw the other day but you know maybe maybe you know
I’m begin to think oh yes I remember now you were and you were a bit annoying hmm
actually yes I remember why I stopped seeing you know haha so bad anyway
family members you’ve already been seeing your family members again haven’t
you mr. Duncan so you already started as well that’s it good if you keep just
fine just give a few more fuzzy got just just give a few more of my private and
personal things away well all your all your social life is conducted here okay
number four travel to a place you have always wanted to visit Brazil do you
still want to Brazil even though even though it’s now
a right-wing country yes but the people are still the same
but then having said that we are living in a right-wing country here now you see
so we are we are also on the right whatever government is in charge the
people stay basically the same so even though there might be some lunatic in
charge in a country somewhere ok I’m saying any particular country mr. Duncan
before you say that I didn’t say that he pulled still stay the same so the people
that want to get into power get into power and but everybody else stays the
same ok people good happy new year everyone
travel to a place you’ve always wanted to visit I mentioned last night we were
watching a TV show and I’ve always wanted to go to Japan so one place I
would like to visit is Japan very fascinating place I’m intrigued by Japan
a lot of mystery surrounding that country the way society works is very
different from here Belarus yes says that this is a very this is a very this
is quite funny hello Belarus a this is very funny she
said someone said that her new year resolution was to lose 2 kilos the next
year the resolution was to lose 5 kilos and the year after that it was to be
happy with her weight hmm so that person kept on putting on weight and then
eventually gave up and said that’s correct that’s funny that is she decided
to be happy with her weight it’s a true story or did you say that as a sort of a
humorous statement I think it’s I think it’s kind of a joke that’s what I think
by the way Belarus here I hope you are feeling good in the new year I know
you’ve had a pretty rough couple of weeks but I hope you are feeling better
and you can join in of course with the live chat where everything is always
happy until mr. Steve arrives ok number three number four then so well
this is number four we’re still talking about how travel to a place you have
always wanted to visit I think mr. Steve’s resolution is
to concentrate more on what is happening around him Paden what’s happening now
miss I wish I was joking that’s actually a real one stay in the moment stay in
the moment stay in the moment Steve where are you now I’m in your studio
even though I’m shrinking and we’re doing a live stream you’re almost right
we were we were not live a few times today because we got cut off number
three number three you could read this learn a new skill or take up a new hobby
learn a new skill or take up a new hobby something that a lot of people would
like to do in the new year take on a new challenge so do something that is that
is challenging it will push your abilities to the limit and also beyond
well interesting I was watching something last night on the television
and they were interviewing various people and they asked somebody what your
watch one of your what you want to do this year and they said I want to face
up to the things that frighten me and do them so I thought that was interesting I
mean you could take this too far I mean I’m frightened I would be frightened for
example of bungee jumping but that doesn’t mean I want to go and do it I
don’t think you should necessarily face all your fears but some of the things
which you think oh I don’t want to do that and somebody said oh oh I don’t I’m
last year I have the first time I some I did some singing so that scares a lot of
people singing and it is a scary thing so something like that it’s safe but if
you do it it’s challenging but I don’t think you know doing doing dangerous
things I mean I wouldn’t want to do skydiving I don’t don’t you’d
necessarily do all the things you that scare you
you know put your head in the lion’s mouth or cutting off your right arm yes
see that scares me but I’m not going to try it this year exactly so but you know
some of the things that are safe but that you feel as though you couldn’t do
it it scared you to do yes public
performance yes so standing up in front of people and performing maybe a song or
a poem or a speech is not very easy to do so maybe you will try to do that as a
way of pushing your limits so you might learn a new skill or take up a new hobby
maybe you want to collect something unusual maybe you want to collect I
don’t know toenail clippings so maybe you will go
around to your friends and they are cutting their toenails and you’ve
decided that in 2020 you want to collect toenail clippings so when people cut
their toenails you you collect them and you put them into the picture frames on
your wall and underneath it says whose toenail it comes from and which toe it
was so for so for example you might have a toenail framed and it says Julie big
toe left foot you see so I think that’s a pretty good pretty good hobby to get
into during 20 20 some people I’ve heard of some people collecting bodily fluids
and bits of their bodies their hair I know something I know somebody actually
who when they had their hair cut they collected they never throw it away
they’ve got it cut leg or in bags can I just say you have some weird friends I
know well this particular person is a little strange but apparently they keep
whenever they’ve other haircut they’ve kept it for years in banks that’s a bit
odd Theo says mr. Steve I met somebody I’d lost contact with and we did in fact
we discovered that we’ve got nothing in common
oh that of course is true because if time passes and then you suddenly meet
that person again you’ve all you’re all doing different things and suddenly you
might have been friends or might have had a lot in common years ago but now
times have moved on and you’ve grown apart and there’s no real need or desire
to really communicate that sounds like moats
like most marriages time puts its own obstacles yes
so you grown apart in time what maybe maybe you could rekindle some of the
things that you’ve you’ve had in common so we are looking at five things five
common things that people do I Pedro Pedro’s off and the states belong now
does it mean notice that Pedro hat Pedro has an appointment busy life yes number
two I had a lovely number two this morning
I had a feeling and I have a great feeling in fact I had a great feeling
earlier that this year is going to be a good year for me because I had a
wonderful poop this morning what a great way to start the new year by having the
best poop that you’ve had in a long time I don’t want to know about your bodily
functions mr. Duncan Oh talking of horrible things
Pedro is going so I just saying happy birthday because yeah Happy New Year
this is going Happy New Year and happy birthday I’m sure at some point this
year it will be Pedro’s birthday let me guess
No wasn’t that at number two get rid of a bad habit such as smoking or drinking
or both a bad habit so maybe something you do that you want to stop doing so
number two get rid of a bad habit I think a lot of people do this they say I
am going to stop my terrible habit of smoking and drinking completely in 2020
all sorts of bad habits telling people about your poops for example is a bad
habit you do that’s a lot but never mind sorry that’s a very useful thing to know the length shouldn’t exceed more than 20
minutes so people take more interests okay the length of what I’m not sure I
didn’t see the food do you mean the length of the livestream no I don’t
think it’s that oh yeah if you’re making videos
hmmm yes I think so well I think actually you’re you’re referring to the
livestreams but we always try to give good value now a lot of people who post
videos on YouTube are very lazy so they might just make a 2 minute or 3 minute
video and that’s it then they go off and have have some fun however we don’t have
a chance we never get the chance to have fun do we because we’re always here
helping you that’s why we do it we do it we do it for you so sir Lilia Jordi says
you are welcome to visit Belo Horizonte in Brazil okay thank you very much I
would love I do want to go to Brazil Bond I don’t know why no particular
reason I just do I just do all right backing off from things like skydiving
is not fear of but simple wisdom yes exactly so when you when you you get
these motivational speakers sometimes and they say face your fears face your
fears but you know you’ve got it you don’t have to face all your fears and as
I’ve said you don’t what’s the point of doing the ones that are dangerous that’s
it you know it is wisdom hmm just but just because you think I’m frightened of
bungee jumping or or what other dangerous but like like a rock climbing
would be another one yes I like walking walking along a railway track with
headphones whilst blindfolded see that that’s a very dangerous thing to do yes
yeah a lot of people do that it’s the new pastime for 2020 there’s lots of
viral videos already of people wearing headphones blindfolded walking along
railway tracks appareance the new thing is called tracking it’s called tracking
it’s the new we’ve just made that up mr. did is it’s already happening we’re only
in the new year for 15 hours and already there is a new dangerous trend that
people are doing that’d be silly so yes I mean I would be
of doing rock-climbing but I’m not going to do it because if I’m frightened oh
because I don’t like going up ladders so chances are I fall off I’m not going to
do things that could potentially harm me no I don’t I never do anything that
might leave me as a smear on the pavement or sidewalk
so maybe tightrope walking you see very high up you are walking along a
tightrope so you are you are going along yeah but you see that would be that
would be acceptable that would be something that you could say it’s
frightening to do but if you there was a big net and there was no chance of of
you dying if you fell off then you could potential they’ve done this at work with
us we’ve been on motivational sales trips and they’ve got everybody to climb
up ladders and and and and go into you know like a hundred foot up and swing on
ropes and things like that it’s safe because you there would be a net there
but they’ve got us to do that but but I think if you were to just say I’m gonna
go rock climbing or Bund I wouldn’t do a bungee jump I know it’s
safe okay Judy Zhi Zhu Li Jie has said I saw a Kingfisher yesterday for the first
time that’s why I think this year will be a good one so for Julie for Julie
it’s a good sign so today I had a lovely poop that’s my good sign it feels as if
is if everything is going to move smoothly
perhaps the Kingfisher saw you Julie and thought it’s also going to be a good
year for me as well because the Kingfisher saw you it could be the other
way around you know yes I like the I like West I like your style Steve always
positive that’s me this is that is sheer madness as tetra or tantrum lovely yeah
do you know miss what have you got – are we on number two now first I’m still on
my number two you’re on number two earlier I was number two get rid of a
bad habit so have you got a bad habit you want to get rid of mr. Duncan I’ve
got quite a you bad habits anyone in particular you
want to share with your your viewers I think sometimes maybe sometimes I don’t
know maybe I don’t change my socks as often as I should I think you need to
wash your slippers as well that’s it sometimes maybe I don’t concentrate on
things sometimes I lose concentration maybe my attention span is getting
shorter and shorter so perhaps I should improve that and I know someone else who
should improve that as well I wonder if you can guess who it is moving on mr.
Duncan moving on Joshua says mister you’ve been invited to a lunch or a
dinner whereabouts are you and I hope I’m invited as well because mr. Duncan
can’t drive so I’ll have to drive him there so that’s two lunches thank you
very much just a rioter ayah and and Jamila says that you’ve made an
interesting point there meeting people you haven’t seen for a long time can be
awkward mmm it can be because because you start to ask questions like Oh what
job are you doing now where are you living and then suddenly they might have
a better job than you and you feel like you’ve been left behind or they could be
having this wonderful life or you might be having a wonderful life and you’ll
make them feel mad so it can be awkward yes I know what you mean by that I think
that is a big challenge as you get older when you you lose contact with people
you went to school with and then maybe they decide that they want to have a
reunion but your biggest fear will be will they see me as a failure or maybe
they have better jobs or maybe they’ve had more success in their lives so yes
that can be a big thing to face hello sue cat haven’t seen sue cat for a
long time sue cat hello how is your garden mr. Duncan bought me a calendar
with lots of car vintage cars on it so a different a
different car for every month of the year so thank you very much for that
well are we up to number one well we are about to do number one again let’s
remind everybody this is your unofficial personal list of top five resolution yes
so we go down a list so number five contact a person you have lost touch
with maybe not though maybe not number four
travel to a place you have always wanted a visit yes like that one number three
learn a new skill or take up a new hobby number two get rid of a bad habit such
as smoking or drinking let me guess what number what mr. Duncan’s number one
resolution will be I bet it’s something to do with wanting lots of people to
watch him haha on his live stream I bet it’s something to do with that
well I cut I can’t make people watch me how do you do that
I dunno but I bet it’s something like that use everything I bet it’s I bet
it’s erm losing weight you’d better while getting fitter you’d better watch
my live streams in 2020 you had better watch them or else I’ll come round okay
that sort of thing I bet it’s something to do with exercise losing weight
something like that yes I’m absolutely certain that’s what it is you are so
annoying sometimes number one in my opinion for what what that counts for I
have no idea number one is lose weight and become fitter and more healthy I
think that is a common one it is not that I have to do that no certain well
maybe maybe not in your body anyway well people were commenting weren’t they when
we did the live stream on Boxing Day yeah people commenting about the roles
of the roles of let’s say fat around your
middle region wasn’t fat I was wearing a lot of clothing that day because it was
cold it was the clothing I was wearing a lot of layers and also I had a very
thick jumper as well so that just made me look a little bit more chunky
but isn’t fat insulating you didn’t you need that jumper on at all did you mr.
Duncan but oh I’m being a bit cruel I’m being a bit cruel there isn’t any in
fact I’ll paren says hello guys what area what are ya – what are ya – what we
are up to today is doing a live stream if you want to get in touch you can also
don’t forget please however desperate it sounds I know it sounds very desperate
and pathetic but please like us can you please like us that would be very
grateful if you would like and subscribe to our YouTube channel thank you very
much yes if you’re watching me the first time subscribe and then you’ll be
regularly updated when mr. Duncan does a live stream mr. Duncan I was reading
about resolutions apparently this is something that a lot of people are
thinking about doing as a new year resolution hmm is spend less time on
their phone on their mobile devices and social media hmm and all that sort of
thing because people are spending a lot of time in the phone oh it’s becoming a
bit of a concern so I think I I think a lot of people will put that on their top
list of things to do or not to do in 2020 so spend less time on the phone but
more time on the internet watching mr. Duncan’s livestream yes
so don’t talk to people on the telephone you don’t need to telephone anyone you
can always send them an email and whilst you are typing your email you can also
watch my live streams by the way you can catch me on YouTube on Sunday Wednesday
and Friday so I will actually be back with you on Friday do you know
what the success rate is mr. Duncan of New Year’s resolutions
I would guess failure if I if I was looking at the failure of people
sticking or keeping their New Year’s resolutions I would say probably because
it’s very common isn’t it I would say 8% it’s easy to and with all good
intentions so you you sit there way of saying this today we’ve got all good
intentions this is what we really want to do we want to lose weight we want to
take up a new hobby see somebody we haven’t seen for years whatever Oh start
a new business but what happens is that you go back to
work and then all that works but tasmat at work all the everyday chores and work
all takes up all your time and you gradually forget about these resolutions
the success rate unfortunately is very low it’s only about 5% oh I wasn’t far
off I said late I said a test and the main reason is is because people set
usually apparently they set unrealistic goals unrealistic resolution so they say
something like you know I’m going to lose to stone in a month or something
like that or they say I’m going to start change my job and start a whole new
career and that’s a bit vague so when apparently the people that have most
success with New Year’s resolutions the goals are realistic and then they break
them down into smaller little chunks or smaller little goals and then they work
up to those and they spend a little bit of time on it every day so if you’ve got
a big resolution or something quite that you think might be difficult to achieve
that apparently you will have the most success if you break it down into little
chunks and then into little goals and you just work towards them in that way
so you carry out will you carry out your big
goal in small steps small little chunks and that’s what they advise you to doing
because I’m in sales we get this sort of thing all the time is that if you’ve got
a goal it’s got to be very specific you’ve got to be able to measure it
you’ve got to have a time period that you want to do it in things like that
so that you were like if you just set it if it’s too vague you’ll never do it
your mind doesn’t lock on to it so you’ve got you’ve got to have something
very specific and then work towards it in little chunks would be my advice for
2020 you ought to see what mr. Steve got me for Christmas mr. Steve got me
something ever so nice for Christmas but the only problem is I have to I have to
take them off because I’m wearing them now but would you like to have a look
shall I take them off it was only what this is one of the things I got you for
Christmas just one less like a stocking filler a small present that a stocking
filler is like a small present that is just you want to get several but you got
one big present then you get two or three smaller ones just to fill that
stocking up but it’s probably of low value hmm oh it’s it’s definitely of low
value no oh I thought you were going to I got mr. Duncan some socks but he’s
going to show something yeah these are my my pyjama trousers have you just
taken them off mr. Duncan I now have no trousers on is that okay you can’t see
anything that camera doesn’t drop mr. Duncan because she was not it’s not the
only thing that might drop a viewership could tumble or it might actually go
through the roof well I think I think a naked teacher would be brilliant I think
more people would watch imagine that if I if I mean in my next live stream I was
completely naked imagine all the viewers mr. Duncan likes
the slob around the house because of course the camera is only showing us
from the waist upwards I think we could be wearing anything
underneath yes I’m sure mr. Steve might be wearing fishnet
tights and suspender belt I am no it’s exactly what I’m wearing
and in fact I’ve just got a pair of jogging bottoms on so I’ve got this
smart shirt not that you can see because the cameras positioned so that nobody
can see me mr. Duncan you’re just small that’s why I know I’m gonna step look
mr. Duncan whatever you are planning to do don’t do it oh I was going to do it
carefully mr. Dunn mr. Duncan has some very big Oxford English dictionary’s
here and I was going to put one on the floor and stand on it yeah that’s not
gonna work you might destroy my lovely expensive
dictionary I’ve never seen you use the mr. Duncan well what do you mean you’ve
never seen me use but I don’t carry it around with me all the time it’s like
blocks of wood mr. Duncan that’s all they are they’re very thick heavy no you
can damage a book by standing on it did you know that I’m only light I’m just a
lightweight I’m only I’m the same rate I was when I was 18 I’m trying to show
these so these are my lovely pajama bottoms that Steve gave me yes on they
lovely they’re very warm there the finish on those they’re made of cotton
but they’re brushed cotton or wool at flannelette physical they feel see they
feel fleecy flannelette it’s sort of brushed cotton hmm that makes them very
warm no bit stink you know I said I used to have wet went but when I grew up in
the 70s houses were cold them allows was and we used to have flannelette sheets
on the bed they were as I say it’s like cotton but it’s sort of brushed and
quite thick so it used to keep you very warm I’m just putting me I’m just
putting my clothes do I’m putting my trousers back on mind you nothing I
haven’t seen before Oh mr. Duncan we’re having a laugh here
let’s see what the comments are saying thank you for that mr. Steve I’m not
quite sure what that was but thank you for thanking me how can I improve
listening score in international exam of English I’d say you yeah just keep
listening to us yes this is the best place to improve your listening skills
don’t forget baked English part of your life do it every day
if you are having an exam you should already know what the exam will be
testing you on so you never go into an exam without knowing what it is you will
be tested on so that’s my biggest piece of advice so find out what it is you
will be tested on or the types of tests that you will be given but normally they
will test your reading ability your general speaking and your understanding
of the English language Oscar is going to from Argentina
hello Oscar is going to learn to play the electric guitar with a 14 year old
daughter well there’s a good there’s a good thing to do that’s good that’s a
very you know gets your brain going and music is it’s an excellent way of
staying young as you get older it’s it’s a very good stimulant for the brain like
learning a language learning a language playing an instrument anything like that
is it’s very good for your brain stopping your going senile as you get
older hmm well there we go lots of comments coming up mr. Duncan yes so
we’re not going to share our our particular but I could share one of mine
okay maybe I could share one of my new year’s resolutions we are talking about
new year’s resolutions because it’s the first day of 2020 how do you say 2020
there are many ways of saying it and really it’s all about new year
resolutions are all about self-improvement aren’t they because
that’s what you want to do you want to start the year and think how can I
improve myself because most of us want to be the best that we can be we’ve all
got different talents and abilities and it’s making the most of what we’ve got
that’s important and if we don’t do it we tend to feel a bit guilty or we feel
ashamed that we’re not making the best of ourselves and that’s always a very
worthwhile goal isn’t it to make the best of yourself to be the best that you
can mmm as a human being lovely okay that’s very good mr. Steve
fantastic so I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s livestream at the live chat Eric
I love it nice I love the live stream as well and
a live chat the live chat is my main reason for being here because without
you I would have no one to speak to can you explain the difference let’s get
some English in do you know we haven’t got you know what we haven’t got today
after the live stream what haven’t we got well I guess we’ve got no tea cake
exactly so you have no tea cakes for me you will not be giving a tea cake to me
so you have something for a person it means you are going to give it to them
you are going to present it to them you have it for them but to someone if you
give it to them it means you are giving it directly to them you give it to them
you go to them you are there for them so if you are there for a person it means
you are there if they need you if you go to another person then it means you go
towards them these are going or you go to where they are I’ve got something for
you mr. Duncan what’s that I’ve got something for you mr. Duncan yes I think
you just said that it’s a cheese grater yes I know this is go this is my star of
the show at the start of my first attempt at doing a live stream today my
lovely cheese grater this is a well-known English musical instrument
and in many parts of the country you will see people sitting on street
corners and they are often it’s a new year today how do you feel today are you
feeling happy I hope so oh that is well done mr. Duncan cheese great tonight
what did I get for Christmas is you gee well well mr. Duncan should I say
what mr. Duncan bought me well I think we’ll keep those things private if you
don’t mind well I can think I know all right then I got some lovely gifts my
mother gave me some money which was very nice and I bought a new pair of shoes
with that and mr. Duncan brought me a nice calendar I can say brought me a
nice calendar to put on the wall and for some strange reason some bedsheets
yes well you you do you do often soil the bed sheet that’s true that is true
but it’s his age yes i-i’ve gotta wear a nappy I think he’s he’s at the age now
where we’re you know little leaks appear from various orifices out with the old
in with the new yes that’s what we tend to say yes out with the old and in with
a new person I think anyway I don’t want to upset mr. Duncan trust me I’m not
upset by that you’ve been praying about I think my new my new year’s wish will
come true I was hoping of course for a Ford
Mustang for Christmas but that is yet to materialize yes well that’s a
conversation killer are we going mr. Duncan was getting dark and we’ve got to
keep up the tradition in the UK of going for a new year walking on New Year’s Day
yes because if it gets dark it’s going to be well not really worth it well you
can still walk I don’t think darkness prevents you from walking but you want
to go in the light I don’t think my legs are solar panel solar-powered you know
what we missed today mr. day we missed something this morning yes I know
because we were late that we missed the concert from Vienna we did however it is
available again on BBC iPlayer so we can watch a laser later but it’s not the
same if you don’t want you in its live I mean it’s not live but I’d like to watch
it in the morning and we forgot all about it can I say for is benefit or
Target and to is direction for its benefit or
target hmm well for is something that is available so if something is for it is
available or it might be something that could be available if it is needed so I
am there I am there for you if I’m there for you
it means I’m always ready to help you I am there for you and if you need me I
will come to you which means I will go to where you are Rosa says everything
can be an instrument as long as air exists yes that’s true actually I was I
was the only reason I picked that statement out it’s because I read
something on the internet about which is one of those sort of questions that
people sometimes ask if you play a musical instrument in space could you
hear it the answer of course is no because there aren’t any air molecules
unit you need you need a physical you need molecules to transmit the the
frequency so no so yes exactly so as long as there’s air to vibrate a string
or read or something like that and then you will and then you will get or then
you will get sound of course you can bang something as well if you want
that’s it you might get a scream though from that oh I’m being a bit too risque
there mr. Duncan I have no idea what you mean
yes and Ana said she missed the concert as well so we can hopefully you’ve got
sort of a play again facility on your TV or to be on the internet somewhere and
we’re going to watch that later okay hopefully there’ll be some ballet dancers
as well some belly dancers ballet Oh ballet I thought you said belly
dancers I normally have a bit west section where the ballet dancers prance
around and it’s all very it’s all very highfalutin and all very
very cultural hi culture is what it is it’s the only
bit of culture we ever get to be honest right are we going yes he keeps saying
that many up you keep saying that but then you start talking about something
else and then rambling on I could talk I could be on here for hours mr. Duncan I
think we have so thanks for watching us today we did have some problems
technical problems I don’t know why the internet kept cutting off and we were we
were both severed from the internet unfortunately well I was anyway Steve
wasn’t here so thanks Steve for joining us today thank you and I just want to
say happy new year to everybody that watches mr. duncan hands and obviously
sometimes myself i wish you all a wonderful new year and see roar soon and
hope that your resolutions actually come to fruition hmm which is a word i used
at the very start of my first attempt to live stream today come to fruition is
that the phrase you that’s it something comes to fruition it
means it means it occurs or it’s completed or realised so what do you
want me to do stay here or sort of slink off if you slink away and put slowly
slink away and then we will get ready for the war because we’re going for a
walk in fact I can let you in on one of my new year’s resolutions right now
which is to exercise every day I’m going to have a walk every day right now
you’ve heard that Mr Duncan say that you have to hold him to this which means
that you have to keep reminding him to take exercise every day and to to get a
bit fitter and healthier because our food bills are going skyrocketing okay
anyway what does eating food have to do with walking but if you I thought you
were doing it for weight loss well I’m doing it just generally to keep keep the
heart healthy to keep my lungs supple and to keep my joints loose you can join
me on one of my runs I go running through heaven can I just
start first of all can I start with walking guys before I start running
anyway I like going on my runs on my own okay so okay mr. Duncan see you later
ta ta and see you all soon he’s gone mr. steve has left the studio and I’m about
to leave as well thank you very much for sticking with me because we had some
problems today unfortunately with the live stream the internet connection kept
disappearing and because of that so did I thanks for joining me today thank you
very much for your lovely company on this first day of 2020 I hope you’ve had
a good time I will be back on Friday so you can catch me on Friday this Friday
it will be just a normal lesson nothing special just me I’m afraid
– p.m. UK time I will be back with you Thank You Beatrice Thank You Julie Thank
You Reggie thank you also AM a moot watching in
Turkey Thank You sassy Thank You pal mirror and also Belarusian Anna satury
no Anderson thank you very much for following me today I hope you’ve enjoyed
today’s livestream from England this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of
English saying thank you very much for watching me see you on Friday
2:00 p.m. UK time and of course until the next time we meet right here on
YouTube happy new year and ta ta for now 😎

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  1. Sorry about the connection problem…
    Steve arrives at 10:26 on the video
    This is the main part of the lesson
    If you want to see the first part click here… https://youtu.be/U_k_j6C8_ZI

  2. Hello mr duncan, despite having problems you did it successfully.I really enjoy your facial expression whilst mr steve talks and I can understand every thing he says…by the way walking along railway track whilst wearing headphones claimed some valuable lives here so its not a new trend anymore.In new year I want to make myself better.happy New year to both of you from karachi, Pakistan

  3. You are good jokers. Steve is associated ( for me, at least) with
    "classical image of Englishman"(I dont know why) and English humor. Well done guys!

  4. Happy new year 2020. I have been learning English with you for more than ten years, I can’t believe how long it takes. I wish you a great happiness peace and joy all year long.

  5. This is my first video that i watch in this channel. Im kinda blur a little bit. Which video should i watch first to get rid this blurness?

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