Haunting Last Photos From The Darker Side Of Life

Haunting Last Photos From The Darker Side Of Life

number five is hula Oh Ian you see popularly known as dr. ourian you see was a notorious armed robber who terrorized the people of Lagos and other neighboring cities in the 1970s miss Halle Oh Ian ooh see and his gang of six were highly skilled in snatching cars robbing banks factories stores and killing people like chickens Oh Ian ooh see came into limelight after the Nigerian civil war ended in 1970 he robbed banks and people in both daylight and night and he never let any of his victims live to see another day this earned him the name dr. Rob and kill oh yeah nu C was so infamous that he was regarded by some people as the first celebrated armed robber in Nigeria on the 27th of March 1971 oh yeah nu C was nabbed by the police during one of his robbery operations in which he and his notorious gang killed a police constable and stole $28,000 as it then cloud of shame hovered over dr. Isola Iannuzzi as he was casted before the law and found guilty then sentenced to death by firing squad back then public execution was the order of the day so when all you knew C was ushered to the popular bar beach in lagos where he was to be executed over 30,000 Nigerians were happily and excitedly waiting to see the man who had terrorized them get riddled by hot bullets all you new C and other criminals were fastened to the stakes he was sweating profusely but managed to smile all the way to the stakes he kept smiling but could still not hide the agony and terror written boldly on his face few minutes before he was shot allyah news he told journalists that he would not have ventured into armed robbery if his parents were capable of sending him to secondary number four the faces of these young activists are full of hope as they pose for a selfie on board a bus taking them to a rally in southern Turkey but hours later the woman encircled twenty-year-old s geese addit would be dead blown up by a suspected Isis suicide bomber in the town of Surak in July 2015 the image was the last picture s geese added posted on her Instagram page before her tragic death when she perished along with more than 30 other activists who had gathered in the mostly Kurdish town near the border with Syria they had gathered to raise awareness of a campaign to rebuild the Syrian city of kobani which had been devastated during the country's brutal Civil War and was taken back from Isis by Kurdish YPG forces in January the majority of them were students affiliated with the federation of socialist youth associations number three this photo shows Romanian dictator of Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife as they were executed by soldiers after he was overthrown from power in 1989 Nikolay was shot around fifteen times while his despised wife was shot almost 40 times Nicolae Ceausescu was the president of communist Romania between 1967 and 1989 he was 49 when he came to office in 71 when he was executed his regime collapsed in 1989 when the couple tried to escape by helicopter they were however captured by army forces and kept in the targa fist military unit they were tried and convicted to death for mass murder after two our court session this is the wall where Nikolay and Elena so Siskiyou were executed on December 25th 1989 the white lines added in 2013 show where they fell number two this photo taken by then seventeen-year-old girl Slobodan kvass ik shows the final moments of 26 year olds to pon Filipovic before publicly hanged to death by a Nazi unit in a Serbian city of Al Jarreau his hands were raised in assigned a rebellion in defiance before being captured filipovic was a Yugoslav partisan in a member of the National Liberation Army which was fighting against the Axis forces before death he yelled death to fascism freedom to the people Stepan Filipovic was hanging ten minutes before the scheduled deadline on May 22nd 1942 whilst dragged through the central streets of Val Jaffa by the Nazis Filipovic shouted vigorously long live the liberators of the people down with the fascists and the Quisling collaborators long live communism with a tight noose around his head and arms held high Filipovic delivered his final words to the surrounding and forcibly gathered crowd what are you waiting for why are you allowing this grab those rusty rifles and free your country from the scum long live our liberating army and our allies one German soldier punched Filipovic with the stock of his rifle in order to silence him Filipovic tried to kick him lost his balance when the stool on which he stood fell apart the noose tightened even firmly under his weight in 1949 Filipovic was declared a national hero of yugoslavia number one you would never believe looking at this photo that it was going to be a woman on the Left who would be dead just a few minutes later rather than the bleeding man she is helping this photo is the hours during the horrors of 9/11 and Moira Smith was one of the first police women to report the attacks as well as the only female NYPD officer to be killed by them just moments later she rushed to the South Tower to save lives and the building collapsed on top of her you

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  1. Thank you for your time and effort towards producing your great documentary. Why so many negative comments about your pronunciation of an imbecile? As though he is so great.

  2. Lutch do a top 10 on moving parts machine fatalities. I seen a few horrible clips out there, was thinking you could put a few together for your fans!! Cheers!

  3. Let's hope AOC goes the same way as phillapovic,only yelling"The new green deeeeeal eeerrrrgggvhhhh"

  4. Nicolae "chow-chess-cu"….sorry to be that guy but I wasn't sure who you were talking about for a bit there.

  5. its not "SO- SES- Q" ffs, you "narrators" need to do some research, like how to pronounce words and names. its pronounced "CHOW- CHESS- KU" you need to get your shit together, because you sound like a fucking idiot

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