Having faith in the composition | A landscape photography vlog

Having faith in the composition | A landscape photography vlog

I have to confess that I have no idea how the sky is going to look this sunset. During the whole afternoon there’s been small puffs of clouds drifting by and there’s been lots of them. But now it seems to have cleared up a little bit but there’s still this soft cloudy haze, laying a thin layer over the sky which could let up pretty nice during and after the sunset so I have kind of high hopes on this and it’s going to be interesting I think I’ve found a really awesome foreground here. Well, it’s basically a leading line straight into where the Sun is going to set so that’s going to be absolutely awesome. What I’m going to have to try to do here is just to frame it in the best way. First, way that I framed it which is just having it stick out in the middle of the image. Probably isn’t the best one I’m going to try to make it a little bit more dynamic try to get it to come from one of the sides and well incorporate the surroundings perhaps a little bit more so we’re going to see how I’m gonna be able to get get it into the way that really want it I’m not too sure about how it looks at the horizon there are some clouds lingering there and they look like they could be a little bit thicker so perhaps it won’t be that good sunset but as I said in the beginning it was a complete gamble this and well I’ve no idea if it’s gonna pay off or not just yet but before this composition is going to be any good the Sun really needs to go below the treeline else is just gonna create too much of a highlight in the water so I’m gonna keep working on the composition here and get it ready for the sunset I think I’ve found the best possible use of this foreground meaning the best composition here at least in my opinion what I did was moved the camera a little bit to the left just so that I could get the rock formation and leading line just in a little bit more of an angle really and that’s created well quite a lot more interest in in the whole image I think the only thing that the Sun is actually moving a bit further away than this foreground would have liked I’m actually quite uncertain about the sunset itself right now because it really seems to be quite a thick cloud coverage at the horizon from what I can see behind me nothing is really kicking anywhere it’s a little bit of colors out towards the left it’s the southeast something like that and well my only hope really now is that some colors is gonna to come when the sun goes low enough so that it gets under that cloud and hopefully can shine up something in these lighter clouds that above me now waiting game ok so the sun is setting properly now and it’s looking a little bit better than my worst fears but it could’ve looked better as well so it’s going so so at the moment we’re now having the absolute last light of the Sun Ray some nice purple in the clouds but it is really super visible and its really really small portion of the sky lighting up I’m thinking that perhaps I should actually wait a bit longer and see if something of the blue hour could perhaps add something more to this image because the sun’s it wasn’t really that good and perhaps some other type of light could create more interest in the image than what I’m currently having you can see behind me here it’s actually really beautiful but I’m set on the composition that I already have and I don’t want to change it to well somewhere over here even though it’s almost like an infinity see if over here you can see it’s almost like an infinity gradient there it is really really beautiful but as I said I’m set on the composition here I’m not going to change that because if i start to fool around with changing composition now it’s just I’m just going to ruin the one that I have and then it’s probably going to be something nice coming over here and then I won’t be able to get it there because I well lost the composition so I’m gonna stick with it that’s usually the best way to do these kinds of things in my opinion and hopefully it’s going to work out I guess my patients kind of got rewarded right now because the last really the last light is shining now I guess and would get I got some nice pink color even coming up above on these small clouds and that’s really a lot better than I actually hoped for for her because well it wasn’t looking like it was supposed to get well it didn’t look like I was going to get that kind of color but receiving it like this is just really nice it’s getting just blue really blue behind me now the last of the color is most certainly going away now and that nice gradation that I had won’t really be following around as a first thought because that can’t gradation I guess only happens when the water goes out all the way to the horizon because when the reflection and will the sky and the reflection of the sky in the water meet in a more natural way over here we have some land on the horizon so it really really destroys that kind of feature it really isn’t present when there’s a land mass at the horizon ok so now the color is gone real and I’m quite satisfied actually I think it turned out well I wont say better than expected I didn’t really have I didn’t really know when I went here or when I start to walk but I would say that it turned out better than I thought from well when I got to the location here so i’m actually quite satisfied with this it’s really calm just I wouldn’t like to say it’s the first real sensation that’s touching on well a summer sensation even though it’s really cold right now it was well extremely nice just being out here and standing by the water listening to the water I’m well there was a lot of seagulls nesting the that’s not really the most or the prettiest thing to listen to but hey it’s part of summer i guess anyway that’s all for me this time thank you all for watching I hope to see you all next week until then goodbye

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  1. Felix! for crying out loud!! Stop doubting yourself. All your images are excellent from composition to completion!

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