Hong Kong Travel Photography: Sham Shui Po

Hong Kong Travel Photography: Sham Shui Po

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Hong Kong Travel Photography, and this time, Sham Shui Po, Sham Shui Po, Sham Shui Po, Sham Shui Po. (tranquil music) Of course you come here, by MTR Sham Shui Po Station,
obvious, too obvious. I’m in C2 exit, C2 exit brings you to (speaking Cantonese), to Apliu Street, or something like that, which is one of Kai’s flavourite spot. Probably his favourite as well, favourite of all the favourite spots. You must recognise this place. (upbeat music) Invader, up there. This place is just funny. This place is really, really Hong Kong. Everything about gadgets and
some random stuff as well. Just random stuff, just
basically these old guys collect rubbish, things
that people just throw away. But they’re still working,
they bring it here to resell. This is really a, look at that. I mean, shoes, the base
charger of a mobile phone, not mobile phone, I mean
wireless, wireless phone. Ever still, those looks
a little bit too random, but I do come here to look
for rechargeable batteries. Here, I always get my
eneloop batteries here, any kind of screwdriver, drills, I mean new one, new and actually good, all kind of things that
you have to do a little bit of maintenance at home, electric plugs, extension cord, I get them all from here. Because here you can get the,
you can get the cheapest, and you can get the best as well, both. You can get your remote control if you misplace yours, that
always happens, isn’t it? Wow, there’s some, wow. Viewcam! Just a, that’s probably the first handheld camcorder with a LCD display. Everything before that you
would have to use a viewfinder. What they call it in
English, I don’t know. (speaking Cantonese) Anybody need that, with
an electric wheelchair? You can get it here, in one package. (upbeat music) Little kids sell some old stuff. Laptop repair station. That guy, just basically sitting there waiting for a laptop to restart. I understand what is it like for repair. Repair a PC is just reinstall everything. So you come off of A2
exit, and then go this way, you will find this, basically
Amazon physical store. Kind of like they have all
sorts of camera accessories, not the best one though, they
always have those cheapest. The really the cheapest accessories, here. I mean you can try it out as well, that’s the good thing
about a physical store, not like on Amazon you
just look at some photos. DIY hi-fi, hi-fi parts. This one, Ying Kee, many more variety, got really actually good product,
and them some cheap stuff you can buy, find it here as well. I quite like shooting from inside instead of shooting from
the middle of the street. People are usually less aware of me, more natural look of life
going on around here. (upbeat music) Pick your lucky number for your new phone. Fake Dyson anyone? Well Sham Shui Po is another
old district in Hong Kong, and well, I keep going to old streets back in Hong Kong, Mong
Kok is a old district. Mong Kok, lots of places,
mostly kind of like trendy, for young teenagers. Here it’s just business for grassroots, but there’s still a lot of business, a lot of action going on here, there’s loads of things to take photos of. Some other old district,
maybe some of them are like forgotten, not really
many thing happens there, Street photography may be a
little bit more difficult there, but here, loads of things
happening every day, every hour. There’s one of those
traditional pawn shop, I’m always lost you how to pronounce it. Don’t laugh at me. Pawn, no pawn, pawn, no pawn, pawn, oh. Now this streets is all
fabric, part clothes, those kind of things, just, I have to say, Sham Shui Po to me is still like a maze. I have images in my
head about Sham Shui Po, but every time I come
here, I have to get out and then walk around, and find my way. I never actually know where to go to, like this street, or something like that. There are all kinds of fabrics, people come here, people
they are still, make clothes, and fashion design students come here for their projects, homework. (upbeat music) So Apliu Street is for
DIY, repair, home repair. Here, it’s still kind of, you can DIY, DIY perhaps, fix your
jacket, something like that. Of course some people come here, get fabric, and then take it to a tailor. (upbeat music) And this is the toy street. Look at that, this is
Toys R Us on the street. I have to say though, these
might be really tempting because they’re so cheap
and they look so good. But I have to say that a lot of them are lots of, questionable safety, questionable material, yeah,
so, you have been warned. Take your own risk. (upbeat music) And you can see there’s… hookers above, toy shop downstairs I mean those red fluorescent
light, those are hookers. I bet Scott come here to shop a lot. (upbeat music) You can see there are loads of
street store in Sham Shui Po. I don’t exactly know why,
there must be something about the history of this place that, all these street store still around. And here, I highly recommend this, tofu, tofu pudding. Yeah, I think it’s just tofu pudding. All kinds of tofu products,
see how full this is around. Look at that. I love this so much since I was small. You have to mix in this, sugar in it, or else there’s not much
taste, and mix it up. I usually mix it to a degree that I like, not to make too small
bits, but not too small. So great ’cause it is so, it’s so soft. You can taste the soybean,
and the sweetness. It kinda like jelly,
it kinda like pudding, but really soft, it don’t
stand up by its just own, it have to be in the bowl. Pretty easy, you just come in, want “dau fu fa”, and then
hot or cold, that’s it. At last, of course, you have to come to Golden Computer Centre, what? I almost want to say this is “wong yum” Golden Computer Centre… In Mong Kok I’ve mentioned
the Mong Kok Computer Centre, but this is like three times bigger. The lower deck for computers,
the upper deck are all games, TV game consoles, and you
can find a lot of second-hand game disc here for Xbox One,
360, something like that. So this is Sham Shui Po,
I hope you are convinced that this is, wow, this
is really, really loud. This is good for travel photography, and if you wonder where I got those shots, I try to get all those
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93 thoughts on “Hong Kong Travel Photography: Sham Shui Po”

  1. First 😀 always makes my day a lot happier when Lok uploads a new vid! keep going, cheers!!!

  2. one of my fav places in hk as well.. the market in there is really nice too.. and also enjoy buying leather goods there..

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    Its not a boy!
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  6. Not so much about street photography this time, Lok. It was an entertaining nod to why everyone should visit Hong Kong and also visit the 'not so tourist' spots. You'll never cover all that it has to offer the first time which is why you'll want to return again and again. It also feels like the safest place I've ever visited. Good job again, Look.

  7. I was down the road at Langham Place in Mong Kok yesterday. Golly it’s hot there at the moment. I visited Sham Shui Po last time though, and it was great fun watching all the comb-over uncles searching through boxes of prehistoric second hand electronics. Kowloon is every bit as good as Hong Kong island for photo opportunities, and for street photography it’s probably one of the best places in the world. Really enjoying these videos Lok, thanks.

  8. That reminds me so much of old DRTV Videos! I know so many places in HK just because I watched so many DRTV Videos. Lately, I was watching a music Video and I recognized so many places.

    After you all left DRTV I continued watching the new channels and really like the videos. When I was in School I had Photography in my major course, so I always watched on Youtube how to do this and that. Then somehow Photography became my favorite hobby. It's just nice how many opportunities we have these days. 🙂

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    Delicious! I missed it so much. I can't get it anymore in my part of the 'States. 🙁
    Great video. The old HK is still so iconic. Like a walk back in time. Or imagining the set of Blade Runner.

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