How To Compete In A Saturated Market as a PHOTOGRAPHER

How To Compete In A Saturated Market as a PHOTOGRAPHER

– Do you feel like you are fighting for every single client that you get and you feel like you’re
in an oversaturated market? That may not be the case. In this video, I’m gonna
explain to you why, so let’s get to it. (uplifting music) Before I get into this
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on any of our content. Photographers are saying that it is getting harder
and harder to book clients, and they’re blaming an
oversaturated market. But we have three reasons why that may not necessarily be the case and three ways to overcome
the market that you’re facing. One of the first things that may indicate that you are not in an
oversaturated market is that there are new
customers all the time. Why do I say that? Here’s the thing. And this is directly from Investopedia. From a macro perspective,
market saturation occurs when an entire customer
base has been serviced, and there are no new customer
acquisition opportunities for any firm operating in that industry. So guys, here’s the thing. There are new customers
in the industry, period. So that is one of the key indicators that you are not operating
in a saturated market. So reason number two,
the industry is growing. According to IBISWorld, over
the past five years, guys, the photography industry in
the U.S. has grown by 1.6% to reach a revenue of
10 billion, not million, 10 billion in 2018. So what that means is that
the photographers around you are raising their prices,
they’re adding in associates, they’re growing their team. And that is a huge indicator
that you are not operating in an oversaturated market. Number three reason why
you may not be operating in an oversaturated market is
because there are new people opening photography
businesses every single year. In fact, at a rate of 3% growth in the industry this last year of new photographers
opening up businesses. On top of that, established
photographers were adding to their team at a rate of 2.4%. So that means that the
industry is growing. So now that we’ve talked about the fact that you’re really not
in a saturated market, what you’re actually in
is a competitive market. Now, there may be tiny little
pockets in the United States that are actually saturated, but the reality is most of them are not. It’s just people complaining about a market that they
don’t know how to deal with. So how can you handle a competitive market and stand out and get booked? Here are our three tips for standing out in a competitive market. The first tip is to be creative. Now, I know that sounds really simplistic, but honestly how many of
you have taken classes and then applied a cookie
cutter model to your photography to the point that your picture looks like your competitor’s picture, who looks like somebody
down the street as well? Guys, you’ve gotta get out of that rut. You’ve gotta shoot differently. You’ve gotta be creative. You have to use your skillset, your eye that nobody else has. That is the first step to standing out. The second tip to stand out in a competitive market is to innovate. I love the quote that
says innovate or die, because it’s true, guys. You need to look for those products, those things that nobody else has, whether that’s a really
cool press printed book or an amazing wrapped art canvas that no one else in your
market is offering at all. But when you innovate, you
offer something different. You offer something that stands out. But you have to make sure that you talk about that innovation, that
things that’s different, or nobody knows that it exists. And our last tip for standing
out in a competitive market is learning from outside your industry. Guys, that is one of the
biggest ways we’ve found to stand out in different
social media platforms is to stop doing what other
people in our industry are doing and to learn from experts
in the business arena, experts in the floral business, experts that are wedding planners, or even Fortuna 500 companies, because, again, that
goes back to innovation and being creative when you
learn outside your industry. All right, guys, so succeeding in a competitive market is hard. It’s absolutely hard if you
have to do it on your own. In fact, you’re probably gonna burn out. So in the show notes today, I
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