Hey everyone! welcome back to streaming
Nerds and I’m back with another video and in this video I’m gonna show you how
to install Showbox on your Firestick that’s right the best and the most loved
movies and TV shows application on your firestick and I’m gonna show you how to
install it right in this video and guys before I go ahead make sure that you
show some love of the channel by subscribing to the channel and also hit
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let’s get right into the tutorial and now I’m on the home screen of my fire
stick and the first step that you need to do is from the top menu go on to
settings and then within settings go on to my fire TV click on it and in here go
on to developer options and within developer options you need to make sure
ADB debugging and apps from unknown sources both of these options should be
on and if yours are not on just click on them once and they will be switched
on and now I’m gonna go back to the main home screen and now from the home screen
go on to your apps and once you are on apps click down once on your remote and
then you will see three options featured games and categories and go on to
categories and then within categories go on to utility and within utility you will
see the downloader app and I’m gonna click OK and now we get the download
option click OK and now it has been installed so we’re getting the open
option I’m gonna click OK on it and now the downloaded app has opened and it
gives us a pop-up window click OK and then it tells us to enter the URL of the
website that you want to load click OK and now in here we’re gonna delete this
and then we’re gonna enter so make sure you type in and then
hit the go option here and it’s gonna load the website we need to wait a
little while it has opened the website and if we go down a little bit we will
see download filelinked option here and I’m gonna click on that and now it is
downloading the file linked application and there you go we’re on the install
screen of filelinked and now we’re gonna hit on the install option so filelinked has
been installed and now we’re gonna go on to the open option here and then it
gives us this pop-up window click on dismiss and then you need to enter the
code 93080687 93080687 and then click on next then
hit on continue and then you get this pop a message subscribe to my YouTube
channel and I hope that everyone has done so already and we’re gonna click on
dismiss here and then I get this newsletter notification click on dismiss
here and now at the top you can see we have the Showbox application and we’re
gonna hit the download option here the download arrow key and the download has
started the download has completed and now we’re gonna click on the play button
that you see on the right side and now we’re on the install screen of showbox
go down a little bit and then go on to the install option it’s installing show
box right now Showbox has been installed and I’m gonna hit the done
option here and now we’re back into the filelinked store and now we’re gonna
install the mouse toggle for firestick this is very important when you’re using
an application like showbox because if you want to browse properly inside show
box you will need mouse toggle for it so I’m gonna download it and now we see the
play button to the right side click OK on it and now we get the install screen
for the mouse toggle application hit install and there you go Mouse toggle
has been installed and I’m gonna hit the done option here and now I’m gonna go
back to the home screen of my Firestick and now let me go into my apps your
absent channels and then go on to see all and then in here Showbox should be
somewhere here but before I open Showbox let’s open mouse toggle and start
it up and then we get this pop-up window Allow USB debugging click OK and then
hit the ok button on this window and there you can see the status at the
bottom it shows mouse toggle has started and now I’m
gonna go back and then I’m gonna open showbox clicking okay on show box and
guys in order to go onto the menu the top three lines that you see on the top
left corner if you want to click on it you will need to activate the mouse
toggle and in order to activate Mouse toggle you will need to press on play
pause button on your remote twice so I’m gonna do that now and there you can see
that my mouse toggle has just appeared up so I’m gonna bring it up and then to
the left side click on it and there we go now it shows us the menu and we can
go on to anything we want and it makes it pretty easy to navigate this is a
really really good application mouse toggle for Firestick so there you go guys
show box has been installed and now we can enjoy all the movies and TV shows
right on your Firestick and guys please make sure that you share this
video with your friends on social media so that other people can also benefit
from this video and guys I will be back with more amazing videos until next time
take care of yourself bye bye!


  1. Thank you so last I have got a link that works. Showbox is still top of my list and I had to reinstall it onto my firestick as could not install it on my LG smart TV due to Webos .

  2. I try downloading I did all the steps but when I get to the part of downloading and opening show box it says aptoide install instead of showbox..I installed it anyways and I can't find showbox install any where I tried the aptoide TV and showbox is not there either can you help me

  3. Thanks it works just that i cant play movies because it needs a lime player and it's not on the firestick

  4. It worked FINALLY!!! Thank you so much I kept trying other steps and they didn't work but I'm so glad i picked yours

  5. This works great. Thanks. I would add not to update because of new lime player required. I could not get the player to download for nothing.

  6. I messed up. It asked me to update showbox which I did and in order to play the movie is asking me to download lime player, mxplayer, or player? 🤷‍♀️ what should I do??

  7. Mouse Toggle is not turning on. it stuck on starting. when i select on and off nothing happens. also the ADB Settings do not open.. is there anything else i can do?

  8. You are the King! I literally tried five different videos; you were the ONLY one that worked!🙏🙏🙏

  9. Downloaded it like you said but when I click on the showbox icon on the home screen, it doesn’t take me into the app but just to the home screen of the FireStick again

  10. I just get the link broken or offline message….. Has anybody tried any of the other ones on here my wife uses BeeTV but it's also offline or broken 😭😭😭

  11. Need to update video because there's an! By Showbox which is the fourth one down not at the top like in this video and it's asking for an email just to download this complete waste of time

  12. Urgh it dont work! I've tried reinstalling it on my android and firestick and getting the same message file broken? Can someone come fix it for me…

  13. I did all this show box loads then says connection error check your Internet connection but my internet connection is very good and works how do I fix this

  14. Hey man wanted to drop a few lines on ur page and show u much live bc I got most of want was on that link u gave me and I love it!!! But I need a good vpn.

  15. Q? Did everything you said, open the app, and it said "Connection error" . The internet is working, what do I do?

  16. Showbox is still NOT working on my FireStick. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times already and it keeps saying CONNECTION ERROR.

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