How to Participate in the Red Rover Art Challenge ~ Join the Fun! ~ #RedRoverArtChallenge

How to Participate in the Red Rover Art Challenge ~ Join the Fun! ~ #RedRoverArtChallenge

hi art family it’s Dena Tollefson yay
I’m so excited it’s time to announce a new art challenge so I’m standing here
in my red dining room wearing red and holding my little dog Muffin and I’m
letting you know that the new art challenge is going to be called the Red
Rover Art Challenge so it’s super easy to participate all you’ll need to do is
create your artwork using the color red or create your artwork featuring a dog
like Muffin or any dog that you like any dog that you’re close to this is gonna
be so much fun I am so excited to see what you will create for this art
challenge and I’ll have all the information that you need to participate
in today’s video if you have any questions be sure to let me know in the
comments below and please let Muffin and I know that you’ll be
participating by leaving us a comment and we can talk a little bit more about
the challenge I am creating this challenge as a way for us as an art
family to all see what we’re all creating all the different ways and
interpretations that people might use red as an inspiration or use a dog as
their inspiration in their artwork and it is a these are challenges that we’ve
been doing is always just such a thrill to see all the variety and all of the
different ways that people will use the challenge prompt in their work so I’m
hosting this challenge on my on my channel Dena Tollefson channel if you come out later and take a look at my playlist I’ll be making a
playlist and every participant so when you participate I’ll be putting your
video into a playlist along with all the others here in our art family who are
participating in the fun so oh my gosh I’m so excited to see what you will
create for the Red Rover art challenge upload your Red Rover art challenge
artwork to your own channel January 31st 2020 any time of the day be sure to
include that hashtag Red Rover art challenge in the title of your artwork
so that others can see others can find you and also I’ll be creating a playlist
that includes all of the participants so the Red Rover art challenge is meant to
be inclusive so all art styles are welcome all art
mediums are welcome so whether you do everything from one done of abstraction
all the way to photo realism and everything in between is welcome whether
you create your artwork as sculpture you’re a painter you draw whether you do
pyrography whatever it is that you do digital art acrylic painting oil
painting drawing pen and ink fluid are fluid acrylics watercolor you know
whatever it is you know it is welcome here in this challenge and that’s part
of the fun is to see all the challenge all the variety of what everybody will come
up with so the key here is just that you are either featuring the color red or
you are featuring a dog in your artwork so let’s say that you choose the the
color red as the way you want to interpret the prompt if you go the route
the red you can include other colors as long as
red is featured and you also do not have to include a dog if you’re going just
the red route it could really be any subject that you like flowers
you know landscapes flowers you know you name it whatever whatever you can come
up with that features of color red is is good to go
now if you are doing the dog if you decide to use the dog part of the prompt
for the challenge then you do not have to include any color you could do the
entire thing in black and white or you can include other colors if you want to
put red in that’s fine but it’s not necessary only if you’re just
interpreting it as the red part of the challenge really any breed of dog would
qualify for that too so and you can include other things in there it could
be a landscape with a dog for example so so the video title now your video title
needs to include the hashtag Red Rover art challenge all one word in the title
and you can include other words as well no problem including other words and then also be sure to let me know if
you need to upload either earlier or later than Friday January 31st 2020
ideally and do it on the day but if you need to do it earlier or later you know
that’s okay no problem just let me know well Muffin and I are so excited to see
what you will create for the Red Rover Art Challenge so I can’t wait to see
your artwork and until next time this is Dena Tollefson and Muffin all our
best to you bye

37 thoughts on “How to Participate in the Red Rover Art Challenge ~ Join the Fun! ~ #RedRoverArtChallenge”

  1. Hi Art Family! I am so excited to see what you will create for the Red Rover Art Challenge. Please leave a comment to let me know you will be participating

  2. Hi Dena! Yes,Definitely! The red color is a royal color, a feminine color, so far I do not know what to do, until I find out more details! Honestly I'm just waiting! Congratulations on this new challenge, it's the first one this year, we hope more artists will participate! It's nice, you're curious to see what everyone has created! Have a nice day Dena, I hope your mom Helen will participate too! It is possible to use the new colors provided by you! I warmly embrace you and wish you a wonderful day!

  3. Since so much time as passed since the silver challenge was announced and i didn't post i thinkni missed it, but red…ohohooo

  4. Another awesome challenge idea Dena! Red is the colour I find trickiest to create with, so I might try to challenge myself with this one. I'll comment again if I can find the time!

  5. Hello Dena, yes, I will happily join you and your art family, which is mine, too since I am your bio mom. I will use my new art supplies that you gifted me, and were featured on my unboxing video. Red is such an intense color in itself and when mixed with the, "red rover [American name for dog]" should be a wonderful challenge. I think that I will use both the "red and red rover" in my entry. Thanks for putting out another challenge, so more people can join your art family.

  6. First of all, thank goodness your new challenge is here ! Now this red rover art challenge is going to be fun.
    I will have a long think about this one , i will create a painting for this i think. Time for coffee and a long think πŸ™‚

  7. Hi dena and muffin , I would absolutely love to be a part of this challenge , I’m going to create a rover artwork ! This is so exiting and such a fun idea , thankyou. 😍❀️🀩

  8. Beautiful red dining room, Muffin is so cute, wonderful channel Dena. Count me in πŸ¦‹ great video πŸ¦‹ Big thumbs up πŸ‘

  9. OH i cant wait to do this one.. Im excited and looking forward to it.. I am working on portraits for people, so I am probably going to choose to do the dog option.. thank you so much for hosting these challenges, they really help bring artists together x

  10. I'm defiantly going to paint for your art challenge red rover fantastic idea! I think I know already what I want to paint! πŸ™‚ Ty for these great art challenges! πŸ™‚

  11. Ooooh!! I love this challenge, Dena!! πŸ˜€ I already have ideas popping into my mind!! ^_^ (And I will have this one done on time, lol!!)

  12. Ooooh!! I love this challenge, Dena!! πŸ˜€ I already have ideas popping into my mind!! ^_^ (And I will have this one done on time, lol!!)

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