How To Upload Channel Art On YouTube – Easy!

How To Upload Channel Art On YouTube – Easy!

G’day its Doug from Doug
Hewson YouTube here, and today is episode
three in the series called YouTube for newbs. In the previous episode, we took that verfiying
your channel. That video went gangbusters
so thank you very much for all of you who searched or found
the channel through that video. Here’s the next one, how do you upload your channel
art to your brand new channel? Well today we’re gonna
talk about that so let’s get straight on over
to the computer discuss that and we’ll see
you back at the end. Welcome back
for another tutorial in the YouTubers
for Newbs series. In the last video we talked
all about verifying your channel and that video
went gangbusters because it’s a question a lot
of people have and people just start getting
about YouTube, they don’t even think about
verifying their channel and then they don’t get
the all the menus across the top here for the custom
channel layout and so forth. But today, we’ve still got a blank channel. The thing we want to look at
today is how will we put a channel banner
onto the channel? At the moment I’ve just got my
profile pic, I got my my DHYT Test Channel
channel name on there. I’ve got no content and I’ve
got no channel banner. So we’re gonna show you how
to upload a channel banner very simply to your channel. Now, it’s a whole nother video on how
to create a channel banner. And I’ve talked about
that in a couple of different ways on videos
that I’m going to link up in the card right now
in the top of the screen and the link also be
in the description of this video. But that being said, I’ve got some pre-made ones
I’m going to upload one of my random channel banners
that are already optimized for YouTube
and show how to upload it. We’re going to click
on Customised Channel. Takes us to the old
layout of course. Click on channel art and you get
this dialogue where we can select a photo
from our computer. So I’m just gonna navigate
and grab one of my channel art layouts. Okay, this is from a really
old tutorial — channel art I’ve grabbed from a
really old version of my my channel. You can see uh I think
it was the original one where I did it in GIMP. It looks like the GIMP one. So it’s a little bit all over
the shop, but it will do for the purposes
of my testing. And of course for the tutorials. So now we’ve loaded that up
you can see that it’s loaded in the image and then all
you have to do is click select and you can see it is saving
up here so save and there it is. Yeah, that’s a really old one there
but we’re just gonna use that for demonstration purposes. Update that one with a little
bit more of a snazzy test channel one a little bit later. There it is. We’ve uploaded the channel
so let’s get back to the other view. Get that to kick back on over
to the new layout. So there it is, in all it’s black
and white goodness. Now we have a channel banner, we have our profile picture. We don’t have any content. So in the next video we can
actually look at how to upload a video to YouTube. Yep, we’re getting into the nuts
and bolts now. So that will be in the next
episode of YouTube for Newbs, and I’ll see you then. There you go. You should now be able
to upload your channel art if you haven’t done so already
if you didn’t walk through with me, then you can go ahead and do
that when you’re ready. Feel free to go back and go
step by step through it. If you missed any of the steps. Make sure to stick around
for episode four, where we’re going to talk
about all things uploading your YouTube videos to YouTube. Well, make sure if you haven’t caught
the early episodes from the playlist, the link to the playlist
is in the description below and you also
should be able to find it on the end screen
of this video. So I hope you join us then. Make sure if you like this video
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it and you want to subscribe to the series and everything
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right now. Well this is Doug from Doug
Hewson YouTube and we’ll catch you later.

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  1. If At 2:02 That Dialogue Box Does Not Appear, Go To Google Account Settings And Then Go To Media! After That On The Cookies Option, Off The Cookies! Then Try Again!

  2. So I created my account but I cannot see my channel when I search it? Is this because I don’t have any content posted or is there something wrong

  3. I love it mate your smart and so cool I literally watch you all the time so often and at school sectitly on my iPhone and… I get caught but it's worth it though he so cool AND ALL OF YOU SUBCRIBE TO HIS CHANEEL AND LIKE AND COMMENT NOW it's free…. 👍🏽👇🏾 AND NOTIFICATION BELL ON PLEASE GUYS IS FREE

  4. This did not help at all – I am getting some Google storage message that would not allow me to navigate to my computer to pull the banner art that was created – not helpful at all.

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