#htchelp HTC Desire 10 pro – Camera: Pro mode and Selfie Panorama

#htchelp HTC Desire 10 pro – Camera: Pro mode and Selfie Panorama

Check out the new awesome features that you
can use while taking photos. Optimized scenes similar to those on a digital
camera are readily available in Pro mode. To select a scene, tap here. Choose Sport when you need to freeze the action of a subject, Night for nightscape shots, or Macro when you’re taking a close up shot. If you want, you can tweak the camera settings
and save them for reuse. After adjusting, hit the plus icon, and then
choose where to save it. To reuse your custom setting, access them here. Take epic group selfies and have room to spare
for that backdrop. Switch to Selfie Panorama. Get everybody together and then hit the fingerprint
sensor or shutter button. Swivel the phone slowly to the left making
sure the phone stays level. After the phone takes the photo, swivel to
the right. Wait for the phone to stitch the photos together, and there you go, your panoramic selfie. If you have more friends or scenery to fit
in, switch to Widest. Tap the shutter button. For best results, follow this capture sequence
when composing the panoramic selfie. Also, instead of 3 shots, you’ll be taking 5. Armed with these new camera features, capturing
great scenes and group shots just got a lot easier.

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  1. Its been 5 month i using Htc 10pro. Irritated ,frustrated wana blow these handset. Batteryissue, Hardware issue . Fu#k off "Htc" in India. As here in Mumbai, thers no service centre of htc to repair.

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